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Friday, June 26, 2020School Spotlights

Teach Abroad in Japan

Founded in 1988, Teikyo University Kani High School (Teikyo) has grown to be one of the largest and best-known schools in the region. This authentically Japanese high school has recently added the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme to its academic offerings. Unlike other IB schools in Japan, Teikyo intends to fully integrate English IB students with non-IB students. Most of the IB students and staff come from different countries to live and learn in Japan. English, the language of instruction, will be used throughout the day at school, but Teikyo cultural festivals, after-school cultural clubs and activities, school assemblies, and teacher and student duties will be carried out in the Japanese manner. IB teachers will be encouraged to influence the school community by sharing elements of their own cultures.

Teikyo is located in the beautiful Gifu countryside of the Chubu region, not far from the Japanese Alps, the famous city of Takayama—also referred to as Little Kyoto—and UNESCO World Heritage Sites Shirakawa-go and Gokayama. Nearby is the small and highly-accessible city of Kani, known for its flower festivals, Shinoyaki ceramics, guitar-making, and large parks. The school is also roughly one hour’s drive from Nagoya, one of Japan’s biggest cities, with nearly every amenity a city could offer. Some staff currently live in Nagoya and commute to school daily.

Teikyo’s campus rests in a quiet neighborhood with plenty of shops, restaurants, and services nearby. Parks, rivers, mountains, malls, and many golf courses are easily accessible. Tasty and reasonably-priced food is available in the school cafeteria or through the daily lunch box delivery service. Commuting by bicycle is a good option since many teacher residences are within a 15-minute ride. Furthermore, the temperature seldom goes below freezing, and it rarely snows. Commuting to Teikyo by train is also an option, but a bicycle is needed to get from the train station to the school.

Teikyo is connected to an elementary and junior high school. To help coordinate long-term education goals, IB teachers will have the chance to collaborate with the elementary and junior high teachers. Moreover, Teikyo may consider integrating the IB's Primary Years and Middle Years Programmes in the future.

With a great reputation for high academic standards and a strong sports program, Teikyo attracts many students, but avoids issues with crowded classrooms or resource limitations by hiring a significant number of teachers, both full- and part-time, and adding more class periods and lesson time than many other schools in the region. The Teikyo campus is modern and is continuously being updated. All classrooms are air-conditioned and equipped with digital whiteboard capabilities and online access. There are enough personal computers for each student to use individually.

Accredited by Japanese Ministry of Education, Teikyo currently enrolls 900 Japanese K–12 students. The school is pending authorization by the IB Organization. The teaching staff includes 60 Japanese educators and four from North America.

The school has some world-class sports and recreation facilities, such as a professional-grade soccer field with artificial grass, a baseball field, two gyms, rooftop tennis courts, a swim ing pool, and personal fitness training equipment. Students may train and compete in clubs for badminton, tennis and table tennis, soccer, baseball, swimming, basketball, cheerleading, and golf. The Teikyo Group of schools is known throughout Japan for its soccer and baseball teams.

Many traditional Japanese after-school clubs (bukatsu) focus on technology, exploration, cultural activities, and language study, and include the following: Science Department, Brass Band Club, General Arts Research Department, Cooking and Tea Ceremony Club, Broadcasting Department, PC Photography Department, Student Council, and ESS—an English language club in which participants compete by giving presentations in English. IB teachers can lead certain clubs, or even introduce a whole new club depending on their hobbies, skills, or interests. School festivals, camps, and volunteer opportunities are also available.

Trips and excursions are offered throughout the school year to famous and culturally significant places around Japan. Many of these trips will include both IB and non-IB staff and students together. Teikyo also organizes partnerships with other schools around the world as well as some student-exchange programs.

Teikyo is interested in hiring candidates of most profiles. While teachers lacking certification would be considered, Japanese law requires special teaching permits for expatriate staff to legally teach in Japan without supervision. It is much easier to acquire these special permits if candidates have an education degree or certification. Even though Teikyo does not require teachers to have an academic degree in the subject that they are teaching, it is preferred. Related work experience would also be taken into consideration. Candidates up to the age of 65 may obtain a work visa.

The benefits package includes a moving-in allowance. Teachers willing to live near to students and take on responsibilities as a housing assistant/manager are entitled to free housing. However, there are many apartments nearby, and housing prices in Kani are very reasonable compared to those in bigger cities. Tuition and school registration fees for dependents are discounted 50%, with no limit on the number of children. Opportunities to attend IB conferences, seminars, and workshops are fully compensated. The school pays for 50% of local health insurance, including dental. For their health, teachers are welcome to use fitness and recreation facilities around the school. There are local opportunities for non-teaching partners.

To gain access to Teikyo University Kani High School’s full profile on the Search Associates database, including a list of any vacancies, candidates can apply for membership by clicking here. Candidates already registered can easily access the school profile directly through their dashboards.

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Senior Associate Diana Kerry was an international educator and administrator for 25 years in various countries, including Iran, France, Thailand, and Indonesia.