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Thursday, August 23, 2018School Spotlights

Teach Abroad in Peru

Search Associates welcomes Markham College (Markham), founded in 1946 by a group of Anglo-Peruvians who were looking to send their children to a school following the British system. Today, the college has a reputation for its commitment to innovative education and high academic standards. Markham’s three campuses are situated in affluent districts on the outskirts of Lima, Miraflores, and Monterrico. Teachers and students alike benefit from Markham’s proximity to the ocean and access to the surrounding beaches. Life in Lima is comfortable, with modern conveniences, excellent restaurants, and high-end supermarkets offering international products.

Currently enrolled are 2,077 pre-K–12 students, mostly Peruvian, with 5% from North America and the U.K. The teaching staff of 206 includes 114 Peruvians, 74 from the U.K., and six from North America. The curriculum uses an inquiry-based learning approach and delivers a British curriculum, culminating with the International General Certificate of Secondary Education as well as the opportunity to earn the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma.

At both the primary and secondary levels, subjects such as Design & Technology, Drama, and Computer Studies form an integral part of the curriculum. Additionally, Markham’s teachers incorporate a range of multimedia strategies into the curriculum from Nursery (age 3) upwards. The Outdoor Education Programme as well as leadership opportunities on campus and abroad are also a major part of students’ experiences at the college. Markham has increased its commitment to and participation in social and community programs. As part of its association with Round Square International, the college has created opportunities for both national and international service projects.

Markham students who are passionate about athletics and/or art have a vast array of choices. In both the lower and upper levels, there are around a dozen sports teams, ranging from surfing and rugby to Peruvian dance and Tae kwon Do. The Art Department bustles with students studying drama, music, film, and the visual arts. On its website, the school exclaims,

“The Art Department is proud of the enthusiasm displayed by all pupils, many of whom can be found during the afternoons and the weekends working in the art studios. While it is not the tidiest department it is certainly one of the liveliest!”

Markham is interested in hiring certified singles and couples. The college will also consider exceptional, newly-certified teachers as well as outstanding candidates certified in a non-English speaking country. Teachers need not possess their academic degree in the subject they are teaching. The age limit to obtain a work visa in Peru is 65.

Markham offers a competitive salary, a settling-in and moving allowance, and airfare home every two years. Flights are provided for dependents; however, this benefit does not extend to non-married partners. Full tuition is provided for two children for the first six years. After that, 50% tuition is covered. Local health insurance, with the employee paying a percentage, includes dental insurance. After five years of employment, life insurance is automatically added. The Markham salary and benefits package allows for savings or the opportunity for a family of four to live on a single salary.

With regards to professional development, Markham is the hub for initial teacher training in Latin America, annually hosting the Face to Face PGCEi, a course delivered by Nottingham University's School of Education. The college has internal continuing professional development systems in place to support its teachers and annually receives training from internationally recognized and accredited external CPD providers. Furthermore, online and residential IB Organization training is offered to all secondary school teachers.

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