News: Teach at IBSCY: Taiwan's Premier Bilingual School Embracing Inclusivity & Innovation! - May 22, 2024
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Wednesday, May 22, 2024School Spotlights

Teach at IBSCY: Taiwan's Premier Bilingual School Embracing Inclusivity & Innovation!

Enjoy overseas teaching at the brand new International Bilingual School at Chiayi Science Park (IBSCY), where many of Taiwan's leading technology companies are located. IBSCY students and parents are friendly, and they warmly welcome international teachers to experience the diversity and richness of Taiwan. IBSCY is scheduled to open in September 2024.

IBSCY sits close to Mt. Ali, a mountain range in the central-southern region of Taiwan where international teachers can enjoy hiking and cycling in their leisure time, and the delights of a nearby harbor where restaurants offer fresh seafood. The National Palace Museum Southern Branch, the Drone Innovation and Research Base, and other attractions are also located close to the school and showcase the modern and cultural aspects of Taiwan.

Accredited by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education, IBSCY’s uses the U.S. Common Core and Advanced Placement courses to deliver its bilingual program to kindergarten through Grade 12 students. Currently enrolled are 60 students, 75% of whom are Taiwanese. The newly- established school takes pride in its passionate and professional teachers, strongly supportive of collaborative work and professional growth in curriculum and instruction. Sixty-seven percent of the teaching staff is from Taiwan.

The newly designed campus was awarded the first ''Diamond Green Building" in Taichung. Shadows of trees and stretches of meadows color this friendly ecological environment. With an ecological pond on the southern tip, the campus is abundant in natural resources and capable of flood control.

School buildings connected by winding skywalks provide the school community with a supportive and accessible learning environment. At IBSCY, interdisciplinary courses and projects prompt students to integrate knowledge by connecting different subject areas. As an advocate for intelligent education, the school utilizes technology and data to enhance learning and teaching effectiveness. Digital technology and artificial intelligence support personalized learning support and assessment methods to cultivate students' digital literacy and intelligent skills.

IBSCY hires certified international teachers of diverse profiles, including teachers with a non-teaching partner and newly certified candidates. They would also consider international teaching interns. Teachers must hold an academic degree in the subject they will be teaching. As per government regulations, those up to the age of 65 may obtain a work visa.

The benefits package for overseas teaching includes allowances for moving, monthly housing, and airfare for the teacher and two dependents each year. Full tuition is provided, excluding fees for lunch, after-school clubs, and activities. Each year, a stipend for professional development is provided to every foreign teacher who applies. Taiwan's National Health Insurance (NHI)—internationally recognized as a successful model—is a comprehensive healthcare system that covers nearly all residents; ensures convenient access to basic care, medications, and treatments; and minimizes healthcare burdens. Finally, for non-teaching partners, there are local employment opportunities.

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