News: Teaching Internationally in Ecuador at Liceo Campoverde - Oct 10, 2021
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Sunday, October 10, 2021School Spotlights

Teaching Internationally in Ecuador at Liceo Campoverde

Liceo Campoverde is a pre-K-12 school whose aim is to cultivate students’ pride in their national identity along with the skills required to be global citizens. Set on the outskirts of the Metropolitan District of Quito, the school is surrounded by nature, with a magnificent view of the Andes, and overlooking Cumbayá, the main suburban area. Teachers who are into outdoor activities—especially trekking, rock climbing, and mountaineering—will thoroughly enjoy living in Quito. Apart from that, Ecuadorian culture is extremely welcoming, so teachers will feel part a of a community.

Liceo Campoverde comprises four, two-story buildings and one special area with a one-story building for children ages two to five. The campus has been thoughtfully designed to include ample space and green areas for sports, recreation, socializing, artistic activities, circulation, and parking. The school says that 30% of the land constitutes an ecological protection area, easily seen from the classroom, that provides a warm welcome and privacy while dampening noise. The open classroom concept is reflected in flexible spaces that allow learning while in contact with nature. Until preschool, each classroom extends outside with a private patio. The design of squares reflects the spaces that promote free association and the principle of community that is born from informal communication. Groups of different ages converge in each square. The Plaza de las Artes is where students, through various artistic languages, may express themselves. Laboratories for general science, computer science, and language are also available to students from the age of seven and are used according to age-specific interests and requirements.

Accredited by the Ecuador Ministry of Education, Liceo Campoverde currently enrolls 650 students, most of whom are Ecuadorian, with 5% from North America. The teaching staff of 100 includes 80 educators from Ecuador. Inquiry-based learning, beginning with the youngest students, is guided by the Reggio Emilia and Montessori methods and followed by an assortment of U.S. Advanced Placement courses at the highest levels.

In addition to the diversity of nationalities among the schools’ teachers, international academic skills are achieved through the rigor required by in Liceo Campoverde’s AP classes. Teachers are encouraged to use techniques that support a creative use of knowledge. The school also focuses on supporting the emotional well-being of its students by working through positive discipline and encouraging physical wellness through sports and outdoor activities.

The development of emotional intelligence is a priority. Daily activities are designed with the following seven following aspects that lead to strength of character, individual well-being, and a more positive community: persistence, critical thinking, social intelligence, curiosity, gratitude, optimism, and self-control. Students routinely engage in reflection, regarding these character strengths as they work on projects and meet their goals.

School projects, of a sports or artistic nature, are considered part of Liceo Campoverde’s curriculum and last for an entire 10-month school year. Starting at the second year of Basic Education, students get to explore an interest or passion, while developing decision-making skills and acquiring responsibilities. Cultural and artistic offerings might be general art, chorus, guitar, piano, band, theater, modern or contemporary dance, and Flemish. Social and Practical life choices might include Thought Development and Carpentry. Those interested in science could take part in Robotics or general science. Choices for sport include general athletics, girls’ and boys’ soccer, capoeira, karate, basketball, skating, volleyball, and badminton. After school, however, Sports Training Schools are available for students who wish to reach their highest level of sports performance.

Liceo Campverde prefers to hire single teachers and interns and will consider teaching couples, newly-certified candidates and seasoned teachers lacking certification. Candidates must hold an academic degree in the subject they will be teaching. There is no age limit to obtain a work visa.

Benefits include a moving allowance and, upon arrival, the first two weeks at a hotel or Airbnb. After the first year of employment, the school covers annual roundtrip airfare home as well as a 70% tuition benefit for each dependent. Liceo Campoverde provides opportunities for professional development. Worldwide health insurance, with the employee paying a percentage, is covered and includes long-term disability. Combined with the low cost of living in Ecuador, this package could amount a bit savings or the chance for a thrifty family of four to live on one salary.

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