News: The Teaching Life in Cairo - Jan 17, 2017
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017General News

The Teaching Life in Cairo

From left: American International School Director Mark Lentz and Renne Gian with Bill TurnerSenior Associate Bill Turner, having just returned from some school visits in Cairo, is eager to report on conditions there. After all, one of the aims of Search Associates is to ensure the wellbeing of our candidates. Bill is quick to debunk some notions about life there:

"Public perceptions of a relative lack of safety following events in the past few years can be contrasted with the hard facts that this country is significantly safer than the U.S.A., based on most data sources you would consider. More realistic sources of frustration are likely to be bureaucracy and traffic."

Bill (R) with Superintendent Wayne Rutherford at Cairo American CollegeWithin the bustling and restless city, international schools are, on the whole, havens of lush greenery. Teachers praise the wonderful weather and the mix of the vibrant and modern with the rich and ancient culture. And they are thrilled they can take quick jaunts into Europe or Africa or the Middle East.

School leaders are extremely proud and optimistic about their schools, which enjoy strong enrollment. They not only love to show people around to share their story, but they also provide new staff induction and continuous professional development informed by the best of international practice and thinking. Schools are unique in that, with only a couple of notable exceptions, the student population is approximately 90% Egyptian while the teachers, curricula, and systems are western.

From Left: Fatma, Nevine Refaat, and Principal Esmat Lamei with Bill Turner at École Oasis InternationaleAt Search Associates schools in Egypt, Bill met many teachers who felt that their careers were being advanced and safeguarded by the high level of professional development provided. Teachers were pleased with the amount of money they could save from the salary and benefits packages. Finally, Bill heard time and time again about schools' highly supportive parents and the very well-behaved, friendly, and fun temperament of the students.

Cairo's international schools offer many benefits to international teachers! For those of you who seek adventure and a great culture with tremendous growth opportunities, in exchange for some traffic and bureaucracy, log in to your candidate dashboard to see all current vacancies in this region. What are you waiting for?

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Nick Kendell has worked in Asia, Australia, and Africa as an educator and administrator.