News: Top Teaching College At Columbia University Meets With Search Associates - Oct 23, 2013
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013General News

Top Teaching College At Columbia University Meets With Search Associates

Regardless of the fact that Senior Associate Ralph Jahr's region for teacher and administrator recruitment is the Northwest and Hawaii, the technology of Skype video conferencing has allowed him to meet possible overseas candidates in New York City at the Klingenstein Center Teachers College Columbia University on October 17th. Search Associates is excited about yet another way, as Ralph says,

"…of getting the word out about opportunities in international schools abroad."

Several years ago, when Ralph was vice president for International Schools Services (ISS), he visited New York City to meet with an entire class of teacher and administrator trainees. Most of them worked state side in independent schools and wished to continue doing so. Now, with the avenue of video conferencing, Ralph can meet with those exclusively interested in working internationally. One of the candidates in the Klingenstein program has even applied for the Superintendent position in The American International School of Abuja in Nigeria.

Ralph Jahr is a power house in the world of international education.  With an MS in Physics and an MA and Ph.D. in educational administration, he has brought his expertise as an educator and leader for schools in Japan, Belgium, Liberia, Manila, Kuwait, Pakistan, and the Dominican Republic. Moreover, his eleven years at ISS allowed him to facilitate more than 170 searches for school heads. He has given presentations at all the major international education conferences for heads of schools on topics, such as acquiring positions, recruiting, and making a 501(c)(3) foundation work. In addition to publishing many articles for overseas educators in "Newslinks," Ralph has written numerous resource documents for school boards and search committees.

Did You Know…?

Since 1990, Search Associates has assisted over 50,000 educators to find jobs in international schools around the world.