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Monday, April 10, 2023School Spotlights

Unique Overseas Teaching in Madrid

Missing adventure and provocation as an overseas teacher? Join a unique and innovative startup school in Madrid, Spain! Limitless Minds International College (LMI College) is on the hunt for charismatic, enthusiastic, and creative individuals. The organization behind LMI College was launched in 1997 by passionate teachers willing to take education to another level by developing the T.E.O. Algorithm, a process with a neuroscientific foundation that helps all parts of the student's brain to work.

LMI College is located close to the vibrant and flourishing city of Madrid, Spain’s central capital where comfortable housing and reliable transportation provide easy access. International teachers, faculty and students benefit from the city’s diverse cultural offerings as well as the ability to easily travel nationally and internationally from Madrid’s central hub.

LMI College is a small school with the mission of empowering students by focusing on their strengths, recognizing and optimizing their potential. Students come from diverse backgrounds and learning needs including professional athletes, gifted students, and learning difficulties and we provide a tailored approach to learning. LMI College provides a “home for unconventional minds.”

Accredited by the British Council of Madrid, LMI College’s main objective is to provide students, aged 12 to 18, with the skills and knowledge needed for the 21st century by giving them a "strong foundation for a brighter future." The day school delivers A Levels and the General Certificate of Secondary Schools to 60 students in (U.K.) Years 10-13, 45 of whom are Spanish. Currently, their teaching staff of 24 includes 12 from Spain.

LMI College can hire international teachers of almost every profile, including newly-certified teachers, veteran teachers lacking certification, couples with a non-teaching partner, and interns. Candidates need not hold an academic degree in the subject they will be teaching, and there is no age limit for those obtaining a work visa in Spain.

Overseas teaching benefits include a non-taxed salary in euros and an allowance for the first month of housing. The school contributes 33% to a retirement plan and provides opportunities for professional development. Worldwide health insurance, including dental, is fully paid. The greatest benefits of this overseas teaching package are “kind and welcoming people, well-behaved and respectful students eager to learn, a maximum of 10 students per class, and an exciting place to teach and experiment with new methods.”

To gain access to Limitless Minds International College’s full profile on the Search Associates database, including a list of any vacancies, candidates can apply for membership by clicking here. Candidates already registered can easily access the school profile directly through their dashboards.

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Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Bill Turner’s international teaching career has taken him to Sudan, Italy, Qatar and the UAE as well as his home country of England. His very first teaching position was in rural Sudan.