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Thursday, April 14, 2016School Spotlights

Welcome Riyadh Najed Schools

Search Associates' registry of superior schools now includes Riyadh Najed Schools (RNS). This relatively new international school has been U.S. accredited for past seven years. RNS's campus is surrounded by a great deal of open space within the city of Riyadh, 20 minutes from the airport. The K-12 school offers the American Diploma Program (based on U.S. Common Core standards) to nearly four thousand predominantly Saudi students. At RNS, boys and girls are separated according to Saudi regulations, and all subjects are taught in English, with the exception of Arabic language and Islamic education classes. High school students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses. The teaching faculty totals 490, 11 of whom are from the U.K. and North America. Company President Dhari l Alagil says,

"Three years ago, with an international student population of approximately 1,000 and growing, we began to hire western native-English speaking teachers. Our initial year of hiring did not produce good results. So we began our research. We desire to hire Western teachers with western degrees and a western teaching license. We researched several teacher recruitment agencies and felt Search Associates would be the most productive for our school. Membership fees were reasonable; the cost of each teacher we recruit was fair; the teacher database was extensive; the teacher job fairs were numerous, and the Search Associates overall administration was friendly, informative, and progressive. We are in Year 1 of membership and are enjoying our decision."

RNS is interested in hiring single teachers and married couples, both with or without dependents. The school will consider exceptional, newly-certificated teachers with limited experience, but it is not hiring interns. Work visas will be issued to certificated teachers up to the age of 50. According to their website,

"Riyadh Najed School's teachers are highly qualified with a number of years of experience in their field and understand the developmental needs and interests of children. They are caring and friendly and encourage students to be actively involved in learning and to strive for their personal best. They understand the importance of developing positive relationships with children and parents."

RNS strongly believes in their teaching methods and that learning is most effective in the following circumstances:

  1. Learners interact and participate fully in lessons through working together in games, stories, creative activities, rhymes, chants, and project work.
  2. Learners practice language through stimulating and challenging activities.
  3. Learners enjoy lessons and build confidence in a stress-free environment.
  4. Listening, speaking, reading, and writing are integrated with grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, to help learners develop the necessary communication skills.
  5. Teachers are positive, and mistakes are accepted as a natural part of learning.
  6. Lessons encourage the development of learner independence and self-reliance.
  7. A variety of media (visual, audio, computer-based) is used to enrich learning.
  8. Parents are involved and are partners in the learning process.

RNS provides its teachers with a generous one-time furniture allowance, an annual utilities payment, and a monthly housing stipend. The school covers airfare for a family of four, and the tuition benefit is 50% per child. The school provides local and dental health insurance. RNS also mentions that other benefits are negotiable.

To gain access to Riyadh Najed Schools' full profile on the Search Associates database, including a list of all open positions, candidates should apply for membership by clicking here. Candidates already registered can easily access the school profile directly through their dashboard.

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