News: Why Search Associates Attend Overseas Conferences - Jan 15, 2014
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014General News

Why Search Associates Attend Overseas Conferences

A common scenario: a Search Associate exits a session at an educational conference, such as the annual East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS) Leadership Conference in Bangkok. While reviewing the catalogue for another session beneficial for her candidates, she is greeted by a Head of School she had helped to place some years prior. The Head exclaims,

"My IB Coordinator is ill and will be out for the rest of the year. Do you have anyone who can fill that position on such short notice?!"

The Associate promises to review her files and put out an All Points Bulletin to the other 18 Associates. By the end of the day, the Associate has secured a handful of names and contact information of possible candidates to forward to the anxious Head of School.

This emergency staffing request is not infrequent and just one of the many reasons why Search Associates are visible at many educational and leadership conferences. Complicated or stressful situations, especially overseas, do arise now and again for teachers, administrators, or heads of school.

Search Associates attend conferences expressly to support candidates registered with them, whether they have already been placed or are just beginning their job hunt. Jim Ambrose, Past President and Search Consultant, emphasizes the importance of not only candidates, but also Search Associates attending conferences:

"These are a major means of communicating with recruiters, forming and cementing relationships, and finding out what's happening and where."

The convergence of like minds at a conference provides camaraderie, solutions, assistance, and opportunities for candidates. That is why you will find Search Associates represented at numerous overseas conferences.

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Gary MacPhie is based in Toronto, Canada where he started his teaching career, and then spent 26 years overseas as a teacher, principal and recruiter in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.