News: Wuhan Ulink College of China Optics Valley: A Bridge of Opportunity - Jan 31, 2017
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Tuesday, January 31, 2017School Spotlights

Wuhan Ulink College of China Optics Valley: A Bridge of Opportunity

In 2014, a new school was born in Wuhan, one of the fastest developing cities in China. Wuhan Ulink College of China Optics Valley is the result of collaboration between Ulink College (ULC) and No. 2 Senior Middle School of Optics Valley, which teamed up to open an experimental international high school that would provide an authentic Cambridge International High School curriculum. Now Search Associates counts Wuhan Ulink College of China Optics Valley (Ulink College WH) among its directory of exceptional schools. Ulink College WH aims to offer a top-tier education and to be the bridge that Wuhan middle school students cross on their way to the world's most prestigious universities.

Ulink College WH is a co-educational boarding school located on the outskirts of the city, where one can enjoy the quiet of the suburbs with the vibrancy of modern city life within close reach. The city of Wuhan combines the rich culture of an ancient history—historic relics excavated from ancient tombs in the area, dating back 3,500 years—and that of a thriving present. Wuhan is centrally located in China; a four to five-hour high-speed train ride allows access to major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu.

Ulink College WH is a Cambridge International Examinations authorized school, offering the IGCSE/A-Level curricula to Chinese students aged 14–19. The school, accredited by the Educational Bureau of the local government, is committed to supporting the holistic development of students while preparing them to be global citizens. Currently, there are 150 Grade 9–12 students enrolled. The teaching staff of 25 includes 14 teachers from China and eight from North America and the U.K.

Ulink College WH is interested in hiring interns and teachers, singles or couples, married or not—all without dependents, with the exception of non-teaching spouses. Also of interest to the school are teachers certified in a non-English speaking country as well as outstanding recently-certified teachers. A minimum of two years' experience is required, however. Candidates must be certified and hold their academic degree in the subject they will be teaching. China issues work visas to certified teachers up to the age of 60.

Benefits include a competitive salary and monthly housing allowance, not subject to tax, as well as one annual round-trip airfare for summer break. Local health insurance and long-term disability are fully covered by Ulink College WH. The school is committed to professional development (PD) for its staff and says, "PD days are scheduled in our school calendar, and we resort to a variety of resources to help develop our teachers, both online and offline, internal and external, domestic and international." Other benefits include holiday gifts, a sightseeing tour, and a free Chinese language course. With this package, even an intern could see some savings!

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