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Moreland University offers programs to help educators advance their careers with collaborative, asynchronous online learning experiences that provide flexible, affordable, and accelerated pathways to certification and master's degrees. Moreland University has served over 6,300 graduates from 165+ countries since it was founded in 2011 and is accredited by DEAC, CAEP, NC SARA, and HELC. We know you want to change the world. We'll help you change yours. Learn more at

Search Associates offers exclusive benefits to its registered candidates seeking teacher certification with Moreland University.*Please note that being a Search Associates candidate does not guarantee automatic acceptance into the Moreland University program, as candidates will be required to go through the Moreland University application and screening process. 

UWS is an international education charity working to ensure children living in the world’s most remote and marginalised communities have access to quality, inclusive education. The charity collaborates with local communities and governments to deliver schools, train teachers and strengthen education systems.

To date, UWS has opened a total of 311 new schools, trained over 1,500 teachers, and given educational opportunities to more than 63,000 previously out-of-school children across Cambodia, Myanmar, Madagascar, and Nepal. Learn more at

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  • Background Check Procedure
  • ZigZag EducationTeaching resources for secondary schools and colleges with photocopiable/digital site licences. ZigZag Education is a creative publisher actively working with thousands of teachers, examiners and educational specialists. Supporting the new specifications for GCSE, A Level and BTEC, as well as KS3.
  • International School Community: ISC provides a useful, informative and celebratory environment for educators to network and learn about different international schools from around the world. Comments submitted on our website highlight the ins and outs of the international school teaching profession and working at international schools (the benefits, the school itself, the city and travel information, etc.).
  • International Teacher Magazine: Teaching & Learning. Travel & Culture. ITM is a new online magazine for teachers around the world who want to take full advantage of their time working in international schools. ITM keeps you in touch with the latest news about jobs, ideas for the classroom and the inside story about what to do and where to go when teaching overseas.
  • WIDA is a research and development center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a global network of researchers and practitioners whose mission is to advance academic language development and academic achievement for ELLs. The WIDA International School Consortium supports teaching and learning in 200 international schools worldwide.
  • Tales from a Small Planet: Real Post Reports! While the USEMB has their post reports, this site has information for "the rest of us." Use it to check out potential places to live, from the perspective of people who are currently there. An excellent, non-profit website that needs our support.
  • Teaching Traveling: This site is for anyone who fits (or wants to fit) the title “Teacher-Traveler” in ANY sense of the word you can imagine.
  • The Lonely Planet: You've read their books, now visit their site to check out the countries for the schools you are interested in.
  • The CIA: Written by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), The World Factbook contains profiles on virtually any country you are considering. These profiles offer a brief, concise overview of a country's vital information.
  • Skype: One of the most popular internet tools used throughout the international education community.
  • Adobe Reader: The global standard for electronic document sharing.
  • Adobe Flash Player: Used to deliver a rich, engaging web experience.
  • Clements Worldwide: Clements Worldwide has been providing individuals travelling abroad, including teachers and diplomats, insurance since 1947 including Auto, Property, Health, Life & Disability.  Clements also provides schools the employee benefit solutions, including our best-in-class, Scholars Health Insurance, and business line insurances they need to protect their staff and assets.  Popular insurance lines for schools include Emergency Evacuation with Salary Continuation, Term Life for Staff, General Liability, and Property Insurance.

Did You Know…?

Search Associates has over 15 Senior Associates with offices around the globe, each bringing a wealth of experience in international education.