Harry Deelman

Harry Deelman

Senior Associate

PO Box 168
Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand
+66 53-244322


Region: Candidates previously registered with Harry Deelman and now returning; partners of past 'Harry Deelman candidates'; Adult teacher children of past 'Harry Deelman candidates'!!

Thanks for calling by! Your visit to this page and your interest in seeking information about the Harry Deelman office of Search Associates are appreciated. Like all Search offices, we work with all good international schools, worldwide; candidates registered with this office live all over the world, too - we are not in any way limited to Asia, let alone to Thailand. Please also have a look at this office's "Meet My Team" page.

Note that this office has a preference for email communication. Please feel free to contact us on hdeelman@searchassociates.com

To give you a little background on Harry, he joined the Search team in 1993 after working initially as a teacher in Argentina and in England, and then as Headmaster of British-system and international schools in each of Buenos Aires, Rome, Dubai and Bangkok (founding Head of NIST). Harry, and several previous generations, grew up in South Africa but Harry's parents (and the immediate family!) moved to England in 1955 to get away from the depressingly nasty apartheid system. Harry's B.A. and M.A. from Cambridge University are in Maths and Economics, and his Diploma of Education is from Oxford University (then Director: Alec Peterson, who was co-author during those mid-1960's years of the original — and continuing almost intact — IB Diploma programme).

During his career in schools, Harry was an active member of many International Schools organisations, elected by fellow-Heads to serve on the committees of ESSARP (the very active River Plate schools' organisation, Argentina/Uruguay), COBISEC (British schools in Europe) and ECIS, where for some years in the 1980's he was Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors. Membership of BSME (British Schools in the Middle East) and EARCOS (East Asia) came with later work, and for thirteen years he was an overseas member of Britain's HMC (Headmasters & Headmistresses Conference). Harry has participated in a very large number of IB regional and worldwide conferences.  He has for decades promoted diversity in schools and especially in the context of each school's teaching staff.

After a successful career in international education of her own, as a teacher and as a Project Director for new schools, then Head of School, Margaret Deelman joined Harry in full-time Search Associates work in 1996. Born and brought up in Peru, a 'Third Culture Kid' who attended a bilingual international school, Margaret has a B.A. and M.A. from Cambridge University and a PGCE from the University of Bristol. She worked in the same sequence of cities as Harry, and additionally in Chiang Mai as the founding Head of Lanna International School.

Harry and Margaret have each accumulated a very extensive knowledge base as regards overseas schools.  Both of us have first-hand knowledge of many of the schools, their locations, and their various educational systems; and both of us have enjoyed work as international teachers for many years, then as leaders of international schools for many later years. Harry has visited more than 400 international schools spread throughout the world.

Margaret Deelman, Partner in this Office

Deelman, Margaret

Harry and I have been a team for more than 50 years, and anyone who has registered with this office of Search Associates at any time, since we launched the "British and IB" side of Search in 1993, will probably know me already. That's especially true for anyone who has attended a Search Fair in London, where I've been one of the team advising the attending candidates and schools for a long time (going back to the years more than a decade ago when Search's lone U.K. Fair of the time was held not in London but in Oxford).

My principal responsibility now is on the payments and receipts side of things in this Search office – schools and candidates. I've also done plenty of helping of candidates and schools by email (and otherwise) in the past 25+ years, and there are times of the year when either one of the two of us might be in sole charge of the office and thus will be doing everything and dealing with everyone who contacts us. Until this office gave up the running of Job-Fairs, I used to be heavily involved in the months of preparation work for each of this office's Fairs, and I continue to take on a slice of the preparation work for each Search Fair in Bangkok.

Technical questions like solving an apparent database-access problem or getting a megabyte photo or résumé/CV down to a manageable kilobytes size might still be handled by me, and from 2021 it is normally me who communicates with each new candidate and each returning candidate, to help on the way to activating or re-activating that candidate's online file.  Harry does most of the communicating with candidates and schools (and others) on general matters.

And one of our two new-generation office cats tends to rely on me for loving attention and regular food (her brother has moved in with the chef at the classy hotel next door) and both of them rely on me for any home-vet or outside-vet medical attention they might need.

Email: mdeelman@searchassociates.com
Office: +66 53 244322
Mobile: +66 816038229
Skype: margaretdee

The Harry Deelman office is happy to hear from any international school at any time, and will try to answer questions and to give help, most likely in the area of questions about the suitability for a particular school of specific candidate/s registered with the Harry Deelman office of Search Associates.

Other than the above, the Harry Deelman office since 2010 has devoted its time almost exclusively to communications with candidates registered with the Harry Deelman office of Search, and past candidates of this office who re-register, plus teachers who are enquiring about registration or re-registration. Approximately a quarter of the background work for Search's Bangkok-January Fair, each year, is done in this office but any communications and questions needing answers from the organiser of these Fairs should be directed to the office of the principal Bangkok-January Fair organiser, Nick Kendell

Harry Deelman and a second member of this office's team will normally be present at each of the Search Associates Fairs in Bangkok, and at Search's London-Jamuary Fair, each year.  One or two of the team might also occasionally attend one of the other Search Fairs, but this office is no longer in full charge of the organisation of any Search Associates Job-Fair.

Did You Know…?

CEO of Search Associates, Jessica Magagna, was born in Morocco and attended the American Community School in Iran while her father was headmaster.