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Dubai - April

April 27, 2024


Fair Organizer: Bill Turner

This will be the final Search Associates fair run during this school year. It is organised by Bill Turner and Alison Turner, who have  leadership experience in 5 schools across the Middle and Far East, covering British, IB and American curricula. This is a one-day, global fair, accessible to all schools and all candidates. This is a late fair so will be a great chance for schools and candidates who have not yet found those perfect matches to spend plenty of meeting time to help them make that big decision.

The Dubai April job fair is intended to be the final big event of the fair season, and a great opportunity for schools and candidates who have not yet found the right fit to have plenty of meeting time in order to get that decision made.

Being a global fair, it will attract international schools of all kinds - including British, American and IB schools. It will be suitable for a wide range of teachers, in all subject fields and at all levels. 

The fair is organised by Bill and Alison Turner. Candidates registered with any Search Associate are very welcome to request an invitation to register for a place.

The Dubai April fair is held on a single day: Saturday. We anticipate that all business will be completed on the Saturday. Candidates should not need to take off time from school and can fit the fair into their work schedule.

Where will the fair be hosted?

Universal American School in Festival City, Dubai.

When are candidate registrations open?

1 Dec 2023. Candidates wanting to attend should request an invitation from their senior Search Associate. 

Who should attend?

Candidates and schools from anywhere in the world, and with any curriculum background

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Harry Deelman was at various times headmaster of schools in a fascinating foursome of global cities: Buenos Aires, Rome, Dubai, and Bangkok.