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Singapore Teaching and Leadership

November 17 - 19, 2023


Fair Organizers: Gez Hayden, Ray Sparks

The Search Associates is excited to announce the merging of the East Asia and Bangkok Leadership Fair to form the Singapore Teaching and Leadership Job Fair This fair is  exclusively for Teaching and Leadership candidates who have prior international school experience, beyond their home country. This is a global, in-person fair, for international schools and candidates worldwide.
Search Associates is excited to be hosting the first in person recruitment fair of the 2023-24 season Nov.17-19, 2023 in Singapore! This fair is the merging of the East Asia and Leadership fairs making it a fully inclusive candidate fair. The fair is co-organized by Gez Hayden and Ray Sparks. The Canadian International School Singapore, Lakeside Campus will be hosting this event.


Candidate registration for the 2023 Search Associates Singapore Teaching and Leadership Fair opens on August 16 2023. Search candidates wishing to attend should please request an invitation from their senior associate on or after that date. Invitation requests can be made from your Search dashboard.

Which Candidates Should Attend?

Top candidates with a minimum of two years in a teaching and/or leadership role in an international school, outside their home country, with any recognized international curriculum experience, including but not limited to IB, US, CDN, AUS and British curricula. Leadership candidates include experienced and first time principals, associate/vice principals, program coordinators (IB, MYP, PYP etc), IT, Curriculum Coordinators. Counselors, Librarians, Athletic Directors are welcome to attend.

Candidate Invitations

We will open requests for invitations to candidates on August 16 2023. Please request an invitation from your home Associate on or after that date, via your dashboard. Qualified candidates wishing to secure their fair place must complete their Search Associates profile and request an invitation to attend.


The Singapore Teaching and Leadership Fair is a global fair open to schools and candidates from anywhere in the World. Invitations will be sent to schools in June 2023. The list of attending schools will not be "mature" before mid-October 2023.


Recruiters attend seeking exclusively to hire teachers and school leaders whose experience is consistent with the fair's curriculum/experience broad focus (see above).


We plan on up to 50 schools attending, and anticipate limiting the number of candidates attending to approximately 200.

Candidate Support

Candidates attending the Singapore Teaching and Leadership Fair are supported by an experienced advisor from the team of Senior Associates attending, and their offices' colleagues. The advisors provide a listening ear to assist candidates in making decisions and providing advice.


The venue for the Search Associates Teaching and Leadership Fair is the Canadian International School, Lakeside Campus.

COVID regulations

All participants must conform to Singapore and CIS policies regarding vaccination and testing. As these may be subject to change, more specific information will be published, if necessary, nearer the start of the Fair

Gez Hayden and Ray Sparks (Fair Organizers)

Welcome to the Candidate Information Page for the Search Associates Singapore Teaching and Leadership Job Fair, Singapore, November 17-19 2023

Thanks for your interest in our Singapore Teaching and Leadership Fair. Candidates may request an invitation to this job fair from August 16, 2023 (read below). On this page, find information and updates (as they are posted). Please also read the Candidate Eligibility page (next tab) summarizing the fair's nature and candidate fit.  The fair is exclusively for top teacher and leadership candidates seeking mainly classroom and/or leadership posts, with minimum 2 years' international teaching outside their home country. Curriculum experience may include the various US, CDN, AUS ,British International and IB and other recognised international curricula. The Singapore Teaching and Leadership is a friendly event, on a human scale, hosted at Canadian International School, Lakeside Campus.

If you wish to attend the fair your Search candidate profile must be complete and fully referenced. Request an invitation from your home Associate from your dashboard in your Search account. The bullets below are important. Please read them.

  • The first attendance day of this fair for candidates is Saturday, November 18, 2023. Self-registration at the school is 07.30 to 08.30 that day.
  • You MUST arrive early to self-register.
  • Schools can set up interviews using the Search Associates Fair Portal, in the week prior to arrival.
  • Candidates can make early interview requests.
  • The short in-person interview sign-up session, at which interview times and rooms are fixed with recruiters, takes place in the morning of  Saturday November 18.
  • The venue for the Fair is Canadian International School, Lakeside Campus.
  • The Fair Schedule for Candidates will be available by August 16 2023.
  • Very near the date of the fair, we will open the fair portal, which acts like an app, to help you manage your experience of the fair, and pre-arrange interviews.
  • Communication will by via the Search Associates Fair Portal and email. There is no paper communication system.
  • You do need to have with you a laptop or tablet. Warning - if you have a tablet, you may be unable to open schools' own information for prospective candidates, which may be provided on an external drive or disk (but for most schools this is online already)
  • Recruiters will have secure access to your full Search file and confidential references during the job fair. It is prudent, however, to hand a résumé to recruiters at interview sign-up and at interviews themselves. This is both an aide-mémoire for recruiters, and a document on which they can make notes about you.
  • Bring with you:
    1. 25 2-side maximum A4 or Letter size résumés, and contacts for main current school referees who can be contacted by phone during the fair.
    2.  laptop or tablet computer for accessing digital information at the fair. Most information provided will be digital.


Canadian International School Lakeside Campus is conveniently located equidistant (750 metres) from Lakeside and Chinese Garden MRT Stations  meaning candidates can easily access the school from almost anywhere in Singapore.We therefore encourage candidates attending the fair, who are understandably concerned about costs, to explore accommodation possibilities near an MRT station. There is no requirement for candidates to stay in the hotel chosen for recruiters.

Some hotel suggestions are: Hotel Clover the Arts; Jayleen 1918 Hotel; Jayleen Clarke Quay Hotel; Hotel Clover 5 Hong Kong Street; YMCA. Please be aware Search Associates has no connection with any of the above hotels.

Candidates wishing to stay at the Recruiters'  Hotel are welcome to request a booking form from the office of Gez Hayden, in August 2023.

Please email any questions to Amelia Ren-Hayden on ahayden@searchassociates.com

Gez Hayden

The Search Associates Singapore Teaching and Leadership Fair is a global fair, attracting international schools worldwide, offering mainly US,CDN, AUS, IB and British (including IPC and IMYC) international curricula.

Singapore Teaching and Leadership Fair Candidate Invitation Criteria

  • Activated, fully completed and referenced Search Associates profile with minimum 4 references, of which 2 should be current school supervisor references
  • Minimum 2 completed years' experience in teaching and/or administration in an international school.
  • That experience must have been gained in an international school outside the candidate's home country
  • Be prepared to accept a new position for the following August 2024 school year.
  • Seeking a position as a Teacher (any grade level), Counselor, Librarian, Music, Art, PE,Tech Integrator, Instructional Coach, Tech Director, Head of Department/Department Chair, Programme Coordinator, Athletics Director, Vice Principal, Principal, Head of School and other leadership roles.

The Search Associates Singapore Teaching and Leadership Fair welcomes schools from all regions of the World, offering any international curriculum, seeking teaching candidates in all fields, and leadership candidates at all levels of school administration and leadership.

All attending candidates will have completed at least 2 years teaching in an international school outside their home country. They will be seeking Classroom Teaching positions and/or Leadership posts: Programme Coordinators, Grade Level Leaders, Counselors, HOD/department chair, IT, Athletic Directors, Vice Principal, Principal, Head of School,

Invitations will be sent to schools in June 2023. Schools wishing to learn more should please contact Gez Hayden, at ghayden@searchassociates.com

Hotel Booking Instructions to follow shortly.

Did You Know…?

Search Associates responds to Child Protection recommendations with substantial changes to their candidate application. These changes will help us gather the most complete candidate profile possible, making the evaluation/hiring process for international schools more efficient and effective.