Director at Pechersk School International in Ukraine
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Pechersk School International (Ukraine)

Appointed - Mr. Trae Holland
Aug 30, 2022
Sep 19, 2022


Introducing the PSI Director for School Year 2023-24 and onwards


It is with great pleasure and excitement that the PSI Board of Governors officially introduces Mr. Trae Holland as the PSI Director for School Year 2023-24 and onwards.

Trae is uniquely qualified to lead PSI during these uncertain times as he has dedicated his career to service through innovative education, community development, and leading programmes that nurture all aspects of student learning and social advancement. His professional experience is that of a steward of organisations that succeed in transforming the communities they serve, even in the face of adversity and acute uncertainty.

Trae comes to PSI having served the last 4 years as Executive Director and Head of School at Safe Passage, a school and outreach organisation serving the communities surrounding Guatemala City’s municipal garbage dump. With over 30 years as a teacher and leader in international education, he has also founded an international sustainability firm and led strategic planning, financial management and organisational reform initiatives for non-profits and municipalities in the US and Latin America and has taught and worked on four continents. Trae firmly believes that in the coming chapter of Ukraine’s history, it will be institutions like PSI that will drive the healing process and realisation of the nation’s higher aspirations. When peace comes, it will be the youth of this generation, growing into adulthood that will carry the mantle of leadership and restorative compassion so vital to mending the wounds of our time. During the interview process, Trae stressed that Pechersk School International possesses the power to help define and nurture that future through those that it serves, as well as its culture, programmes, and mission. It will be a realisation of Trae’s professional and personal aspirations to be a part of that greater endeavour alongside those at PSI already working for that future.

The Board would like to express their sincere appreciation and gratitude to all members of the community who participated in the various stages of the recruitment process. Community involvement was a critical component of the process, and we are incredibly grateful for your active participation and feedback.

The Board is looking forward to welcoming Mr. Trae to PSI’s community and to the mutual collaboration aimed at achieving new milestones in our school’s history.

Please join us in welcoming Trae to the PSI community. While he will officially begin his new role in July 2023, we are excited to have the opportunity to introduce him to the broader community during the next virtual Town Hall on December 8th.


PSI Board of Governors





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