Elementary School Principal at American International School, Vienna in Austria
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Elementary School Principal
American International School, Vienna (Austria)

Appointed - Christine Kelly
Oct 21, 2022
Nov 21, 2022

On behalf of Search Associates and AISV:

Christine Kelly is currently the Director of the Early Years PK-12 Learning at American International School of Lusaka, a non-profit school offering an American style standards based and international curriculum. Over her 8 years at AISL, she has previously held the roles of Elementary School Assistant Principal and International Baccalaureate Primary Years Coordinator. Christine comes to us with an advanced skill set from her leadership roles at AISL with many of the same responsibilities as our AISV Elementary School Principal role. Christine has also served as the Chairperson of the International School’s Association of Zambia, Teachers Training Teachers conference.

Christine’s previous international schools include NIST in Bangkok, Thailand; UNIS in Hanoi, Vietnam; QSI Yerevan, Armenia; St. Mark’s Episcopal in Upland, California, USA and Trinity Christian School, Canberra, Australia. Christine’s experience has provided her with a rich international school perspective, including a lifelong passion for community service. University degrees include a Masters of Education from the University of Newcastle, Australia, a Diploma of Education Studies, and a Bachelor’s in Primary Education.

The focus group feedback pinpointing the skills and character traits of our ideal candidate, together with the collective campus visit community feedback, and with the guidance of our mission, vision and strategic plan, Christine emerged as the best fit to assume leadership and inspire the next phase of the AISV Elementary School.

Community comments from the feedback surveys included:

·       Christine would be an amazing leader to bring about positive growth in teaching and learning. Her warmth and sincere love of education would be well-received by the teaching and parent community. Her vision for instruction is in alignment with strategic plans and current initiatives. She has a clear personal vision for her role as a leader, and a vision for promoting values aligned with AISV.

·       Christine presented a strong sense of responsibility and compassion for children and education. She sees herself as a relational leader and would be able to build relationships with many over time.

·       With knowledge about the American style curriculum with the best of inquiry learning, Christine could articulate how her values and experiences are aligned with AISV.

·       Christine is very knowledgeable about education, has a strong leadership style and a wonderful vision for how an elementary program can be and has the interpersonal skills for leading us forward.

·       As a warm leader who fully engages with children and learning, she made connections between the importance of all subjects and was able to convey a vision for moving forward while holding true to all our program strengths.

·       Able to approach difficult conversations with compassion, Christine’s interpersonal leadership style involves listening, support, and inclusion. She sees the big picture of a school community and she openly, overtly values all people.

Thrilled to be joining AISV, Christine shared:

The AISV Elementary School is a hive of activity. From the violin recital, the SAIL code breaking groups, gymnastics classes, small group reading, research groups about Ancient Egypt, and even a special visit by St Nikolaus, the exchanges in the corridors between teachers and students, students and students, leadership team members, staff and parents, were warm and engaging. The sound of laughter echoed through the corridors, lingered in the library, and out into the playground. I was captivated by the excitement that students had for learning, how welcoming teachers were to share their classroom communities, and how, unlike the weather outside, the school was warm and inviting.

I am absolutely delighted to be joining the AISV community next year. I look forward to working alongside teachers, parents and leadership team members to continue and strengthen the tradition of a strong, caring community that supports each student to strive for their own personal growth.

An international family holding a mix of Australian, German and American passports, Christine will be joined by her husband, Mark, who works remotely for a non-profit organization and is excited to explore Vienna. Her daughter is studying at university in Australia and her son is a senior graduating this year. Raised in a German-speaking household, Christine is excited to rekindle her language skills here.

Next steps will include developing a transition plan to prepare for a seamless, organized and planned transition at the start of the 2023-2024 school year.



Kathryn Miner, Director

The American International School Vienna




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