News: David Karayan: Following the Spark of Light        - Feb 6, 2021
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Saturday, February 6, 2021Candidate Stories

David Karayan: Following the Spark of Light

One month of teaching at a summer camp was enough to convince undergraduate David Karayan that math education was his calling. Twenty-four years later, he wouldn’t change a thing. He says,

The thing I love the most in education is seeing the spark of light in my students’ eyes when they learn a mathematical concept or skill. The smile of a student understanding a math idea or being able to solve a math problem gives me the gratitude of my effort.

David taught for 15 years in local schools Lebanon before he reached a point where the school environment and culture felt too limiting. A friend encouraged David to apply for a position at his own school abroad. Following this tip, David pursued and landed his first overseas position at an American international school in Kuwait. He knew it was the right choice once he and his family recovered from initial culture shock. Looking back, he says, that all the schools he has joined turned out to be “greatly satisfactory in many ways.”

David learned about Search Associates (SEARCH) from colleagues in Kuwait, and when it was time for a change, he registered. He explains how his “horizon widely opened” with SEARCH support:

I can ask my Associate about almost anything regarding a school I am invited to work in or a career choice I would like to make. Harry has been a great support in finding the right school and even when I needed advice while working with the school.

In his nine years in international schools offering the International Baccalaureate, David has taught at the Ecole Mondiale World School in Mumbai and at Fairgreen International School in Dubai, in addition to the American Creativity Academy in Kuwait. Use of the website, combined with Senior Associate Harry Deelman's personal attention has yielded great results for David. Nevertheless, attending a job fair is in his sights:

I can just imagine that unique experience of that many numbers of experienced educators, schools, and recruiters coming together; it’s worth going through it.

David, his wife Laurie, and their two sons have been enriched by unique and exciting opportunities embedded in international communities. Mher studied Hindi in Mumbai and ended up being first in Hindi class. Bedros is currently in a class of 14 students from 12 different countries. Exposure to different religions and cultures has inspired the boys to view the world from different perspectives. David says his children have “learned to accept what is different and face challenges by accepting those differences.” Teaching in international schools has given David a chance to collaborate with colleagues from different educational backgrounds and to learn not only different curricula but also different ways of teaching and learning. This thriving teacher—and dad—has but a few words for educators considering an overseas move:

Search Associates is trustworthy to join.

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Gez Hayden led the first international school authorized to offer all three IB programs in China.