News: Driving Change Together: Search Associates and UWS Forge Ahead in Their Education Partnership - Sep 24, 2023
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Sunday, September 24, 2023General News

Driving Change Together: Search Associates and UWS Forge Ahead in Their Education Partnership

Search Associates has been a proud supporter of United World Schools (UWS) since 2017, an organization committed to providing quality education in some of the world’s most remote and marginalized regions. Since its inception, UWS has built over 300 schools and reached approximately 58,000 children.

Each year, Search Associates conducts an annual fundraising campaign to support UWS’s mission. In June of 2023, thanks to company and individual donations, Search Associates contributed $14,354 US (£11,508) towards the valuable work being done by UWS. Using UWS’s £100-per-child-per-year estimate for a quality education, this year’s contributions will support 115 students for the year.

UWS continues to make impressive strides in honoring their mission. This can be seen through their continued work in Myanmar, Cambodia, and Nepal, and their more recent initiative to support the educational needs of children in Madagascar, the fourth country in which they have dedicated their efforts towards the local education system.

Nazgol Adili, Director of Candidate Relations at Search Associates, highlights one notable aspect of UWS’s work:

UWS shows their clear and unwavering commitment to building sustainable schools by transitioning each school to the national education system after five to seven years. During a school’s time with UWS, UWS’ local teams build local leadership capacity and secure government support so that schools are ultimately sustainably funded and independently run.

To date, UWS has transitioned 74 schools to the state education system.

UWS also believes firmly in quality of instruction and inclusion and demonstrated this commitment by developing a teacher training program. Delivered via regional workshops and school-based training sessions, the program covers everything from classroom management to student assessment, active (rather than rote-style) learning to child protection and safeguarding. The program is designed “to give teachers the tools they need to deliver a positive child-centred learning experience.”

With plans to continue its annual fundraising effort, Search Associates looks forward to exploring new opportunities to partner with UWS in the coming years.

To read our previous partnership update from February 2023, please click here.

Educators, schools, and individuals interested in joining this meaningful cause are encouraged to visit the UWS Global website or the United World Schools USA website, where they can learn more about their initiatives and how to contribute.

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Senior Associate Gez Hayden led the first international school authorized to offer all three IB programs in China.