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Tuesday, November 1, 2016School Spotlights

Ras Al Khaimah American Academy for Girls

"Aim high! Forward we go—backwards never!" This is the motto of Ras Al Khaimah American Academy for Girls (RAKAAG), which has joined the ranks of superior international schools registered with Search Associates. RAKAAG, founded in 2009, is a private school located in Ras Al Khaimah, one of the United Arab Emirates. The school serves approximately 556 pupils, 99% of whom are Emirati. While some parents are of the royal family, and others work in diplomatic missions, development agencies, international business, or local companies, they all have high expectations for the education and treatment of their children. At RAKAAG, Kindergarten through Grade 4 includes boys and girls, and Grades 5–12 are for girls only. The teaching staff of 48 includes 13 teachers from the U.K. and N. America.

RAKAAG, at all grade levels, offers an American curriculum aligned with the American Common Core Standards. The language of communication and instruction is English in all subjects, except for the following three: Arabic language, Islamic Education, and Arabic Social Studies. These are core subjects offered at RAKAAG, which use the Ministry of Education syllabus and textbooks. The school is accredited in the U.A.E as well as by AdvancEd Association.

The aims of RAKAAG include creating a learning environment that inspires creativity and fulfills students' emotional, cognitive, intellectual, physical, and creative needs. The school wishes to raise students to be forward thinking, capable of using advanced technology, and respectful of their culture and country. Teachers at RAKAAG also encourage the development of confidence and character, and they work to stimulate their students' desire for high achievement in their future careers.

The school has an induction program for newly-appointed teachers. During the first weeks of school, the administration provides intensive professional development sessions to familiarize the new staff with the school culture and help them integrate into the system. They also explain the local culture and traditions, in addition to providing practical information about the U.A.E., salaries, labor laws, and Ministry of Education regulations.

RAKAAG prefers to hire married teaching couples without dependents and singles with or without dependents. The school will consider outstanding newly-certified teachers with limited experience. Teachers with certification, up to the age of 53, will be issued a visa.

RAKAAG offers teachers a full benefits package, which includes a housing allowance, one annual round-trip airfare home, free tuition for dependents, and health insurance. The school says, "We have guest-housing for the new staff, or we book them into a hotel until they find their own accommodation. Of course, we support them to [find] one."

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