News: The Personal Touch: A World of Support - Nov 24, 2019
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Sunday, November 24, 2019Candidate Stories

The Personal Touch: A World of Support

Search Associates’ (SEARCH) personal touch extends beyond your placement at an international school. Your Associate cares about how you settle in, how you and your new school mesh, and how your career grows and develops. Your Associate wants to know if there are any bumps along the way. And it is our pleasure to help you find solutions.

With offices around the world, our Associates are mobilized to communicate quickly to respond to and take care of the needs of our candidates and international schools. When a solution does not quickly emerge from within our offices, we cast a wider net requesting support from candidates—experts in their fields—our friends and colleagues in regional educational organizations. Search can help our candidates learn more about schools of interest and assist our member schools with last minute vacancies as needed.

Often emails move through our offices around the world, seeking answers and assistance for our candidates and schools. Thirty years of experience and connections allows SEARCH to assist you quickly. This October, John reached out to all our SEARCH offices. His candidate Tim Corkran, who is seeking his first international school appointment, had requested materials "that could help a new leadership candidate learn more about the world of international schools." In a matter of hours, emails from Associates poured in, recommending books, articles, and the Teaching Overseas Handbook, written by Senior Associate Bob Barlas.  Since 1991, Bob’s handbook has sold more than five hundred copies per year to interested overseas teaching candidates!

This is a great example of Search Associates’ personal touch—where everybody pitches in. When you join SEARCH, you join a vast network of support. And it doesn’t end when you land a job. After decades in international education, we understand the challenges you face; we feel privileged to help you, and we are in a position to do so quickly. Administrative Candidate Tim Corkran’s response is what makes our work most gratifying:

What a helpful email. I am so appreciative of your colleagues’ willingness to send their ideas- and your organizing of them. Clearly, there is a powerful, supportive, and wise community amongst you long-time international educators.

With a deep and intimate knowledge of the international schools world, our global team provide a level of insight and support that is unparalleled. We believe passionately in our mission to partner with exceptional educators to serve student learning.  This is SEARCH’s Personal Touch.

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Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Gez Hayden led the first international school authorized to offer all three IB programs in China.