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John Ritter

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Welcome to Search Associates!

We are here to help you consider life and work at international schools. My wife Susan and I work together to assist teaching, counseling and leadership candidates who pursue positions at all types of schools in all regions of the world.

After first teaching in California, I served as a teacher at Escuela Americana in El Salvador; the middle school principal at Robert College of Istanbul; and the head of school at Lincoln School in Kathmandu, the International School of Beijing, the International School of Amsterdam, the American International School of Lusaka in Zambia, and Vientiane International School in Laos.

While working in international schools I also served on the Board of Directors of the Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA), The East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS) and The Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools (NESA).  I was also a Visiting Practitioner at the Principals Center at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and received a "National Distinguished Principal” award by the US Department of Education and the U.S. National Association of Elementary School Principals.

I joined Search Associates in 2006. In addition to advising many candidates since then, I have consulted on governance, strategic planning, and recruitment at many international schools in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.  Susan and I have also annually represented Search at several job fairs, and I have regularly attended regional international school conferences.  Currently, I am the “School Associate” for schools in Japan, Korea, and Mongolia, personally visiting and communicating with all Search schools in those countries. 

All of the above keeps us informed about Search-registered schools. In addition to our direct contacts with schools and the experiences of our candidates who are already working at many international schools worldwide, we collaborate with more than 25 other Senior Associates and Search Consultants.  They too are continually learning and sharing the latest at Search-affiliated schools through their contacts with candidates, their work with job fair participants, and their school visits. All of this combines to allow Susan and me to “tap into” a deep, credible fund of information which we use to objectively advise candidates.

Susan is a professional writer and editor who has lived and worked in international school communities for decades.  As a candidate, you will receive her expert advice on writing resumes and personal statements and other ways to complete your Search profile that will present your strengths most effectively.  For more information about Susan, please click on “Meet My Team” (above).

Susan and I look forward to getting to know you as you consider the world of possibilities among international schools.


Susan M Ritter, Executive Assistant

Ritter, Susan M

As a journalist, I worked for newspapers in New York and California before John and I moved overseas in 1973. Since then I’ve held various positions at American embassies in China, Zambia and Laos, from silverware stock-taker to Community Liaison Officer, run community libraries, volunteered in medical clinics and children centers and written extensively on life overseas. I worked as a freelance book editor for years, assisting authors in Laos, Mexico and the United States.

As you apply for registration as a Search candidate, you are likely to correspond with me about how to complete your Search profile in a way that best presents your personal and professional strengths and also meets Search Associates’ requirements and school recruiters’ expectations.  This includes coaching on writing resumes and personal statements (called “Bio” statements in the Search application).

With John, each year I assist at four Search job fairs, and I also accompany John on some of his work at individual schools and international schools conferences.

Again, John and I look forward to getting to know you as you pursue opportunities in the exciting world of international schools.

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