Jessica D. Magagna

Jessica D. Magagna

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

3 Cobblestone Lane
Shavertown, PA 18708, USA

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Region: New England, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Colorado

Fair Organizer: Cambridge, USA


Jessica Magagna is the daughter of Founding Director John Magagna who started Search Associates in 1990 after a long career as a teacher and administrator both overseas and in the US.  Jessica began working for Search Associates in 2002 as a Senior Associate with a focus on teacher recruitment. After working side by side with her father for seven years, in 2009, she moved into an executive role overseeing the day to day operations of Search Associates. In 2018, her father retired ending a 60 year career as an educator and administrator and Jessica was appointed as CEO, in part, to oversee and preserve the integrity and mission of the family business. In this role she is responsible for the creation, planning, implementation and strategic direction of the organization with the assistance of the Executive Team members comprised of Rajiv Bhat (Chief Operations Officer), David Cope (Director of School Relations) and Brent Mutsch (Former Director of Consulting Services) and George Entwhistle (Director of Consulting Services).


Jessica was born in Tangier while her father was Head of School at the American School of Tangier. After spending five years in Morocco her family headed back to the US where her father took a job as the Headmaster of a private school and her where her Mother taught Pre-k.  After spending seven years in the United States, her family went back overseas when her father accepted a position as HOS at the American Community school in Tehran, Iran where she attended school for several years.

She has had a wealth international experience, not only as a student in the international school community, but has visited extensively in Indonesia, while her father was Head of School at Jakarta International School, and has traveled to other countries in Asia, Europe and South America visiting as many international schools along the way. Her passion for education, recruiting and travel led her to begin her career with Search Associates in 2002.

After attending Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, where she earned her B.A. in Communication Studies and Interpersonal Communication, Jessica worked as an Education Outreach Coordinator for a local organization teaching specific life skills to children in grades K-5 and coordinating their community outreach program. She then changed careers and took a position as an Executive in the Retail Management industry concentrating on recruitment and training for upper level Management positions. After spending over a decade in this profession, she eventually decided to leave and join her father in managing Search Associates as a Senior Associate and later, as CEO of the organization.


Jessica comes from a  family whose life was, and continues to be, devoted to education. Her mother, Diane Magagna, was an Early Childhood Education teacher who dedicated her life to children and learning, and spent over seven years teaching abroad in Egypt, Mali, Beirut and Angola. Her father has been Head of School in several international and U.S schools devoting his time to finding the best teachers to enhance student learning around the  globe.

In her spare time she is a Mother of two children, Ethan (14 years old) and Rachel (11 years old), and wife to Rob Snyder who assists Search Associates with their technology presence and overall IT strategic planning.

Keri Dent, Executive Assistant

Dent, Keri

Keri Dent (formerly Crawford) has been working with Search Associates since 2008 as an Executive Assistant working alongside CEO, Jessica Magagna. Her primary role is offering support and guidance to candidates wishing to apply for membership with Search Associates or general questions about our organization.

Prior to her time with Search Associates, Keri had exetensive experience in office management roles working for various companies in her hometown of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Most recently, she spent several years working in the public school system as an Educator Co-op, in grades 1-6, for children with special needs. She has two daughters, one who is majoring in Education in college, and the second ready to graduate high school in two years.

Keri has several roles within Search Associates. She works with Jessica directly assisting with organizing the Cambridge job fair and offering support and guidance to all candidates and schools who are in attendance. Additionally, Keri works closely with our Director of School Relations and School Coordinator in the screening process of new schools wishing to apply for membership.

Her primary role in Jessica's office is assisting candidates with all questions pertaining to the application and pre-screening process and monitoring the status of a candidate's file. Candidate's who currently reside in Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota, should contact Keri with any questions about the application process, the status of their file or any other assistance they may need related to becoming a member with Search Associates. Candidates who are already members, and have an active job search, can also contact Keri or Jessica Magagna directly when they need guidance or support. 

Office: 1-570-204-7020

Gavin Hawk, Administrative Assistant

Hawk, Gavin

Gavin Hawk is the third generation of the Magagna family to join the family business. He is the nephew of Jessica Magagna, CEO and the grandson of Founding Director John Magagna and began his involvement with Search Associates back in 2010.

Gavin graduated, cum laude, from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies specializing in Organizational Communication. Gavin has been exposed to the family business for many years assisting in all aspects of the organization including markting, IT, project management, strategic planning and candidate management.He also asists Jessica with all aspects of managing the Cambridge fair including supporting all member candidate and schools in attendance.

Gavin has multiple roles within Search Associates to include working with candidates assigned to Jessica's office offering them support and guidance during the application process as well as advising candidates who are in an active job search. New candidates currently living in Pennsylvania, New York, New England (CT, NH, RI, MA, ME, VT) should contact Gavin if they have any questions about applying with Search Associates or need help with their current application and he would be happy to assist you.


Breanna Schmidt, Administrative Assistant

Schmidt, Breanna

Breanna Schmidt started her involvement with Search Associates in 2012 when she worked as a college Intern with CEO, Jessica Magagna, learning about international education, recruitment and candidate management. Her involvement with Search Associates has continued through these many years as part of the event staff supporting candidates at the Cambridge job fair in Massachusetts as well as working with Senior Associate, Sally Gordon (now retired), assisting and supporting candidates.

Breanna began her college career in New Jersey as an Education major and while in college, worked for many years during the summer months as a Pre-K Assistant teacher in her home town of Mount Laurel. She then transferred to Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and graduated with a B.A in Interpersonal Communication. After graduating, she spent almost two years as a Therapeutic Support staff working with both special needs children and those with severe behavioral issues both in the classroom and through home visits. She then took a different path when she moved to West Chester, Pennsylvania and began a career in software management.

Breanna continues to work with Search Associates, now with Jessica Magagna, assisting and helping manage candidates. New candidates currently residing in New Jersey, Maryland, District of Columbia or Delaware, and are in the process of applying for membership or would like information about the application process, please contact Breanna for support and guidance and she would be happy to assist you.



I was appointed as Vice President of Search Associates in 2009, and President in 2013 after working for the company for eleven years. I work with our Executive Management Committee (EMC) which is comprised of our COO, Rajiv Bhat and our Executive Vice President, David Cope.The EMC works extremely hard in continuing to find ways to improve our company's services to better meet the needs of all candidates and schools we serve.

In my role as  President  I am also responsible for the Search Associates web site to include development strategies, maintenance and future goals. Much of what you see on our web site comes from hundreds of suggestions from both candidates and schools who use our services.Therefore, if you have any suggestions for improvement or wish to share what you like about our web site, please feel free to contact me any time.

Did You Know…?

Director of School Relations David Cope's career has taken him to Europe, Africa, North and Central America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.