Xiaohang Sumner

Xiaohang Sumner

Senior Associate

Hong Kong/China/Canada

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Region: Candidates new to Search Associates, who live outside of Australia, New Zealand, UK and Ireland, Canada and the United States, and who wish to attend the Hong Kong Fair or the Beijing/Shanghai Fair.

Fair Organizer: Hong Kong, Shanghai Fair

Xiaohang has extensive and wide-ranging international K-12 education experience. With an early career in business and consulting, Xiaohang has spent more than 25 years as an IB student, teacher, examiner, teacher trainer and school leader in N. America, Europe and Asia. For the last 10 years, she has been the founding director of innovative international schools in China.  

She was the Principal Examiner for ToK in Chinese for the IBO and has contributed to the growing interest in critical thinking as a crucial element in education in Chinese international schools. In her capacity as a trainer for teachers and school board members since 2005, she has contributed to the development of many of the current leaders in the field of international education in Hong Kong and China today. She has been voted as one of the ten most influential school leaders in international education in China and is a frequent speaker at international educational conferences.

In addition to training teachers and founding schools, Xiaohang has also been instrumental in the founding of other not-for-profit educational institutions such as the Association of Chinese and Mongolian International Baccalaureate Schools (ACMIBS) and the Chinese International Educators Association (CIEA), both of which are based in Hong Kong but serve members all over Asia.

Steven Wang, Office Manager

Wang, Steven

Steven graduated from one of the top two universities in China (Tsinghua University) with a bachelor of science degree and has been working as a project manager for many years in a variety of industries. In education, he has worked as the Office Manager of the preparatory office of the United World College (UWC) in China, leading the administrative staff and working with multiple government and non-governmental partners across different industries (e.g. construction, marketing) to meet deadlines and help bring the establishment of a new school to fruition.

As the Office Manager of the Hong Kong office of Search Associates, Steven will utilize his administrative and organizational skills to help candidates and schools through the administrative side (paper work, invoicing, etc.) of the business. He will also play a crucial supportive role in the smooth running of the Hong Kong Fair in January. 

One of his greatest enjoyments comes from helping others. So, if you need help, call Steven ;-) !

Email: swang@searchassociates.com
Office: +86-135-1102-9487
Mobile: +86-135-1102-9487

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