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Hong Kong

January 15 - 17, 2021


Fair Organizer: Xiaohang Sumner


The Hong Kong Fair is held right at the peak of the recruiting season, on the campus of the Chinese International School in central Hong Kong, atop Braemar Hill and overlooking the beautiful harbor. The HK fair brings together candidates from a wide diversity of nationalities, whilst 20% of the candidates are ethnically Chinese.

Attending the Hong Kong Fair offers both candidates and school recruiters the opportunity to schedule interviews with each other to determine if a good "fit" exits. In addition, our fairs offer an excellent opportunity to network with other international teaching candidates (as well as recruiters) and get a good sense of the joys and challenges of working in international education. 


The Hong Kong Fair is attended by schools mostly from the Far East, the Near East and South Asia but also from the rest of the world looking for candidates from a wide range of nationalities all over the world who are either currently based in Asia or are committed to working in Asia.

Started over ten years ago, the Hong Kong Fair has expanded in line with the tremendous growth of international education in this region. The last fair in January 2019 saw it nearing its maximum capacity and further growth in demand for places is likely to see HK close its books early in the future recruiting seasons. In managing its growth the Hong Kong Fair will seek to emphasize a focus on quality and innovation in 2020. 

There has been impressive innovation in the world of international education across this region in the last few years to meet the needs of a new generation of "glocal" students in schools providing international education. Innovation has been occurring in these schools not only in curriculum designs (both inside and outside the classroom), but also in a variety of other educational initiatives. These schools are rich in resources, innovative in mission, and committed to international education in a cross-cultural context. The schools attending the Hong Kong Fair are leaders in these developments and are looking for high quality candidates who are flexible and committed to child-centered innovative learning in Asia.

Candidates interested in being on the cutting-edge of developments in international education in the 21st century are strongly encouraged to attend the Hong Kong Fair to learn about these new developments and to seek opportunities in our schools for personal growth.


Among the peak-season January fairs, the Hong Kong fair is mid-size, selective but still with many schools, so the proportion of candidates to schools is roughly the same at HK as it is at the other fairs. Attending the more focused Hong Kong fair will enable both schools and candidates to have more time for and attention to each other, allowing for better understanding and “fit”. The better “fit” between school and candidate, the higher chance of success not only at the fair, but more importantly, after arrival at the school.

The two Senior Associates at the Hong Kong fair, Dr. Barry Drake and Ms. Xiaohang Sumner, have outstanding knowledge and contacts in the schools in Asia, esp. Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China. Ms. Sumner also has outstanding knowledge of all practical matters related to working and living in China, having returned to China to set up three innovative schools in the last ten years. We will offer very personalized consultation to help candidates get placements at schools that are “good fits”. Part of the consultation is to advise candidates on the relative merits, qualities and challenges offered by particular schools. Other advice will be provided to registered candidates on

  • communication with Heads;
  • interview tips;
  • approaches to package comparisons;
  • and more!


The timing of the Hong Kong fair is quite advantageous, as it is neither too early or too late in the international recruiting cycle. School recruiters will be able to interview a large pool of excellent candidates and candidates will have access to a large number of positions available. In 2020, the fair will occur when many schools in the Far East are closing for the upcoming Chinese New Year, making it easy for many candidates to attend the fair without taking days off from work.

The fair is held over a three-day period of time which will consist of school presentations, informative workshops, interview sign up sessions and most importantly, the interviews!


The Hong Kong Fair will open its books for school registrations in early June and for candidate registrations in early July (UPDATE for 2021: Invitation will be sent out in August 2020). As we were virtually full last year and expect even more growth next year, we will ask schools and candidates to register as early as possible to reserve a place. 

RECRUITERS: Schools must attend the Registration and set-up by late Friday afternoon, attend the meetings on Saturday morning, and be available Saturday afternoon and Sunday for interviews. Please go to your school's dashboard and accept your invitation. If you do not have an invitation yet, please email me at xsumner@searchassociates.com.

TEACHING AND LEADERSHIP CANDIDATES: Candidates must attend the orientation meeting and the interview sign-up session early in the morning on Saturday, and be available Saturday afternoon and Sunday for possible interviews. (To avoid queues on Saturday morning, please try to come to the Early Bird Registration on Friday afternoon.)

  • If you are already registered with the Hong Kong office, please email me to request an invitation.
  • If you are not yet registered with Search, please contact me for information on joining Search Associates and attending the Hong Kong Fair.
  • If you are registered with another Senior Associate, please contact him/her to request an invitation to the Hong Kong Fair.

Xiaohang Sumner and the HK Team




The Hong Kong Fair has the largest number of schools from Hong Kong or mainland China attending any fair. As these two regions have a large percentage of the jobs available, this attracts candidates. But the fair also reserves 20% of the spaces for schools that are from other parts of Asia and the Middle East. Both schools and candidates benefit from this diversity.

In the last six years, over 150 schools from across Asia and the world have come to the Hong Kong Fair to recruit international school teachers and administrators. 

The following schools have come at least five times during the last six years:

  • Chinese International School, Hong Kong
  • Creative Secondary School, Hong Kong
  • HD Hurtwood House China
  • Hong Kong Academy
  • International School of Nanshan Shenzhen
  •  I-Shou International School, Kaohsiung
  • Ivy Collegiate Academy, Taichung
  • Shanghai Qibao Dwight High School
  • Shanghai United International School
  • Shen Wai International School, Shenzhen
  • Shenzhen College of International Education
  • The Independent Schools Foundation Academy, Hong Kong
  • United World College of Changshu China

Schools that have come three or four times during the last six years include:

  • Affiliated High School of South China Normal University
  • Alcanta International College, Guangzhou
  • American International School, Hong Kong
  • American School Hong Kong
  • Branksome Hall Asia
  • Bromsgrove School Mission Hills
  • Canadian International School Beijing
  • Canadian International School Guangzhou
  • Daystar Academy
  • Diocesan Boys' School
  • Haileybury International School Tianjin
  • Hong Kong International School
  • International Christian School
  • International School of Ulaanbaatar
  • Mount Kelly School, Hong Kong
  • Ningbo Huamao International School
  • Overseas Chinese Academy Suzhou
  • Shanghai Singapore International School
  • Shanghai United International School, Gubei Campus
  • Shanghai United International School, Pudong Campus
  • Shanghai Vanke Bilingual School
  • Shekou International School
  • Shenzhen (Nanshan) Concord College of Sino-Canada
  • The International School of Macao
  • ULink College Guangzhou
  • Victoria Shanghai Academy
  • Western International School of Shanghai
  • Wuhan Ulink College of China Optics Valley
  • Xi'an Hi-Tech International School
  • Yew Chung International School
  • Yew Chung International School of Beijing
  • Yew Chung International School of Chongqing
  • Yew Chung International School of Qingdao
  • Yew Chung International School of Shanghai
  •  YK Pao School, Shanghai
  • Yongsan International School of Seoul

Other schools that have come to Hong Kong from across Asia and the rest of the world include:

  • Aga Khan Academy, Maputo
  • American International School, Vietnam
  • Ayeyarwaddy International School
  • CfBT Education Trust (vacancies in Brunei)
  • GEMS World Academy, Singapore and Malaysia
  • Hanoi International School, Vietnam
  • Hiroshima International School
  • International School of Central Switzerland
  • International School of Ho Chi Minh City
  • Jakarta and Sinarmas World Academy, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Korea International School, Jeju   
  • Nagoya International School
  • Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Astana, Kazakstan
  • Orchlon School, Ulaanbaatar
  • QSI -- Quality Schools Int'l (37 schools in 30 Countries)
  • Saigon South International School, HCMC
  • Seoul Foreign School
  • Seoul International School
  • The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Boys
  • The Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for Girls, Abu Dhabi
  • Whittle School & Studios



  • The vast majority of candidates attending the HK Fair have international curriculum experience (e.g. IB) with over 50% having more than 10 years international school experience.
  • Around 60% of the candidates attending the fair came from outside Hong Kong.
  • Typically 25% of all hires made as a result of the Hong Kong fair are from schools based in Hong Kong, the rest are from mainland China, the other parts of Asia and the world.

How to attend the Hong Kong Fair:

Attendance at this fair is by invitation only.  Candidates need to have registered with Search Associates, well in advance of the Fair, and then requested an invitation to the fair. Please note that “Checking” interest in the Hong Kong-January Fair on the Search Associate online application does NOT constitute an invitation.  Your place at the Fair is only definite when you have received confirmation on your Search dashboard.

For more information, prospective and Registered Candidates are welcome to join us at one of our free job search seminars in six major cities in the greater China region in October – November. Click here to sign up.


"I attended the Hong Kong Job Fair and took the advice about being open-minded. This led to me speaking to a school that was a really great match in terms of personality and to a location that really fits what I am looking for. Job searching can be a really stressful process but Search Associates made the whole process easy and somewhat enjoyable! So thank you so much!" -- Michael Lattimore (2020)
"As a new teacher, I was very lost with how I could get my foot in the door. The fair was not only a great networking experience, but it was also an opportunity that opened many more doors for me. Especially as a new teacher, this fair helped provide me with contacts, resources, and memorable conversations. A simple conversation can go a long way, and I am very grateful to Search Associates for providing that platform!" — Kelly Chang (2020)
"We are really impressed with the quality of the people and schools attending the Search Associates Job Fair. We had many interviews and all went well. When we got home, we had an offer from a school we really loved and ended up accepting it a couple of days later. Thank you Search Associates for helping us connect to so many great educators in such a short time." — Andrew and Danielle Aversen (2016)
"Joining Search Associates has been one of the best professional decisions I have made and I look forward to being a candidate for years to come. I would like to wholeheartedly thank the entire Search team for their hard work and exceptional platform for international teachers." — Yaiza Morales (2018)
"Search Associates has proven to be an essential tool for upgrading my career." — Luigi Mondino (2017)
">"Thank you to Search Associates for the professional services and assistance with our job search. We are very happy with the opportunity to join Hangzhou International school, and very pleased that they were searching for 'veterans' who could add depth to their expanding school." — Marisa Confait (2017)
"Once again I would like to take the time to thank you for organizing the fair and offering your guidance. I have already signed my contract and just deactivated my account. I hope this will be an exciting experience for me professionally and a good choice for my family. It looks very promising!" — Emilija Simonovska Stojanovski (2017)
"I'd like to thank you for all the work you do in setting up these fair opportunities for us all. I'm glad I decided to come to the fair this weekend. It was fairly laid back and very positive. It was run efficiently and everyone I was in contact with was very professional, from associates to recruiters to candidates. I will surely recommend Search to other teachers and use you all if I'm job hunting again in the future. The hope is that it won't be for a long time! May Thanks." — Nick Staffa (2017)

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Diana Kerry was an international educator and administrator for 25 years in various countries, including Iran, France, Thailand, and Indonesia.