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Hong Kong, China

January 18 - 20, 2019

Drake, Dr. Barry

Fair Organizer:
Dr. Barry Drake

January 18 - 20, 2019


Fair Organizer: Dr. Barry Drake

The Hong Kong-January Fair is organized by Barry and Veronica Drake, both 30+ year international school 'veterans!' Hong Kong offers, both candidates and recruiters, a distinctly unique recruiting opportunity.



Whether you are a recruiter or a candidate you have an abundance of recruitment fair choices available to you. So what's different about the Hong Kong Fair?

The large Fairs have many advantages, but not everyone is comfortable with the prevailing competitiveness at such Fairs. The Hong Kong Fair aims to develop a more intimate sense of 'family' and connectivity than the larger Fairs. To this end, the Fair is held in a school in Hong Kong, rather than a large hotel; the number of schools attending the Fair will remain capped at 50-60 of the best institutions invited from the broader Asia region; ALL candidates who attend the Fair are fully focused on securing a job in Asia; and a significant number of Chinese teachers attend the Fair.

Moreover, the Hong Kong Fair is held over a weekend which means that for both recruiters and candidates very little, if any, time needs to be taken away from school (see the recruiter and candidate specific schedules on the HK Fairs page of the Search Associates Fairs web site).



Typical regional distribution of schools registered for the Hong Kong Fair as a percentage of the total.

The Hong Kong Fair was originally established primarily to help fill teaching vacancies in the China-Hong Kong-Taiwan region. However, in recent times increasing numbers of the schools registering for the Fair have been located in the broader Asian region.



Typical distribution of candidates by national origins attending the HK Fair.Around 20% of the registered teachers each year are of Chinese ethnicity making this THE fair to locate Mandarin teachers.



The vast majority of candidates attending the HK fair have previous IB or other international curriculum experience with over 50% normally having worked for more than 10 years in international schools.



Typical distribution of Hong Kong fair placements.

The evidence of our annual Fair placements does not support the commonly expressed view that the candidates at the Hong Kong Fair are not really interested in jobs outside of the city.

The factual evidence is that mainland China is usually the more popular destination for candidates at the Hong Kong fair with a growing interest in openings elsewhere in Asia.






contact Barry Drake for more information. Email:bdrake@searchassociates.com


L'hotel reservations:

Reservation Form 2019.pdf

Search Associates Hong Kong 2019 Job Fair 

18-20th January 2019


Organizers: Barry and Veronica Drake
Venue: Chinese International School

 1 Hau Yuen Path, Braemar Hill, Hong Kong:  Contact Barry Drake: bdrake@searchassociates.com

Fair HotelL’Hotel: 18 King’s Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Tel: (852) 3553 2898. Fax: (852) 2553 2888. Email: info@lhotelcausewaybayhv.com

Hotel Booking (please book only after you have received a confirmed invitation emailed to invited schools by Barry Drake). Bookings should be made using the reservation form on the top left of the HK fair page of the Search Associates/ Fairs web site.

Please note that the hotel could be fully booked by late December, so we strongly recommend that reservations be made EARLY, and no later than the 24thDecember 2018. Although bookings can be made after this date Search Associates and L’Hotel cannot guarantee the preferred rate if late bookings are made.

Your booking must be guaranteed by credit card. Book earlier than the final deadline noted above. Please note: Any no show or cancellation that occurs within 14 days prior to the arrival date is subject to the one night's room charge and will be billed and charged to the individual guest’s account or credit card guarantee.

Recruiter Schedule: the recruiter schedule for the 2019 Hong Kong Fair will shortly be published on this page of the Search Associates fairs web site. 

If your school is interested in recruiting at this Search-Hong Kong (January 2019) Recruitment Fair and your school has not received an invitation yet, please contact : Barry Drake at bdrake@searchassociates.com

Interview RoomsAll recruiters must interview at the facilities provided by the Chinese International School.


Make own arrangements early; flights in and out of Hong Kong in January can be very busy.

Visas: Most participants traveling from overseas will require no visa but, if in doubt, please check with your travel agent

Further information:

 1.Attendance at this fair is by invitation only. Once an invitation is extended, payment of the US $600.00 (+ $400.00 per additional interviewer) will secure the place.

2. Having booked, candidates will know your school is coming, so please do not withdraw.

3. Please update your school vacancies regularly for accuracy. Candidates are visiting the Schools Info/Openings section on a daily basis. This is vital once the fair portal is made active.

 4. All heads/interviewers must interview at the facilities provided by the Chinese International School.

5. The usual code of school and interview ethics applies. Please be entirely honest about the school, the post, if known, and all conditions. Uncertainty regarding whether or when a vacancy may emerge and delay in communicating with the candidates after the Fair are fully understandable and acceptable if stated and explained to candidates at interview. Please record the same information about uncertainties and expected timing of later decisions with Search Associates at the fair.

6. Candidates will be told firmly that their word is their bond, and the same applies to interviewers. Verbal offers are binding.

7. As a general guideline, whenever practical, no jobs should be offered until the recruiter has interviewed all candidates who have been firmly promised interviews for that job.

8. Employment Offers at Search Associates Recruitment Fairs should be consistent with best professional practice as outlined in our Code of Ethics which will be re-sent to all recruiters before the fair

9. By registration agreement with Search Associates, a school agrees to pay the placement candidate fee for any Search Associate intern, teacher, or administrator hired by the school. Should a candidate’s partner be hired at the fair or within one year of the fair, the school agrees to pay this candidate fee as well.

10. Please keep in touch with Search Associates to strengthen and speed up your appointments for future vacancies.


Before 31st December 2018. No charge.

From 1st January 2019 onwards: the full registration fee is charged.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Search Hong Kong-January 2019 Fair.

Barry and Veronica Drake






"Thank you to Search Associates for the professional services and assistance with our job search. We are very happy with the opportunity to join Hangzhou International school, and very pleased that they were searching for 'veterans' who could add depth to their expanding school." - Marisa Confait (2017)
"Search Associates has proven to be an essential tool for upgrading my career." - Luigi Mondino (2017)
"Just wanted to let you know I've accepted a job at OCAS. I had a great experience with Search Associates and the HK job fair was fantastic. I had eleven schools interview me and 5 offers." - Ryan Tannenbaum (2017)
"Once again I would like to take the time to thank you for organizing the fair and offering your guidance. I have already signed my contract and just deactivated my account.  I hope this will be an exciting experience for me professionally and a good choice for my family. It looks very promising!" - Emilija Simonovska Stojanovski (2017)
"I'd like to thank you for all the work you do in setting up these fair opportunities for us all. I'm glad I decided to come to the fair this weekend. It was fairly laid back and very positive. It was run efficiently and everyone I was in contact with was very professional, from associates to recruiters to candidates. I will surely recommend Search to other teachers and use you all if I'm job hunting again in the future. The hope is that it won't be for a long time! May Thanks." - Nick Staffa (2017)
"The school board were delighted with the service we received from Search Associates and particularly, the lead consultant, Barry Drake. Throughout the three months of the search for a new Head for UWC Thailand, out interactions were timely and extremely professional, aimed at providing the maximum possible support for the board Selection Committee. We would certainly use them again for a similar assignment." - Julian Whitely (2016)
"I would very much like to thank Search and Barry in particular for the support and guidance with the Search process. Placement via Search provides a level of confidence and assurance for both the applicant and school. I have really enjoyed the daily update emails and will rather miss them, seeing what the big wide world has to offer is a lovely way to start each day." - Ed Aldiss (2016)
"We are really impressed with the quality of the people and schools attending the Search Associates Job Fair. We had many interviews and all went well. When we got home, we had an offer from a school we really loved and ended up accepting it a couple of days later. Thank you Search Associates for helping us connect to so many great educators in such a short time." - Andrew and Danielle Aversen (2016)
"Thank you for organizing such a great job fair for everyone!  I am very excited for the opportunity to teach at Shanghai United!" - Adam Burgetz (2016)
"I found Barry extremely helpful and very easy to work with.  He made himself constantly available via email and skype and to visit Malta when needed.  His insights and wise council were invaluable." -Roy Crawford. Head Search for IS Verdala, Malta (2015)
"Having unexpectedly lost my job at the end of June, I came to terms with having to find an unsatisfactory one for a year and use that time to work on my Search Associates profile and prepare for a job fair in winter. However, I managed to get my profile activated in early August. Five days later I got a job that I have thoroughly enjoyed so far. Things happened when I least expected and life started to look up, thanks to my Barry’s prompt assistance and support." - Bojan Stevin (2014)
"Thanks to Dr. Drake for responding promptly to my emails. Using the Search Associates website has made the process of finding a new job less stressful. I appreciate that profiles are stored in the Search database, allowing for easy reactivation. I will be sure to sign up again the next time I am ready to search for a new position." - Ya Yun Su (2014)
"Thanks to Barry, as well as Nick, Paula, Michael, and the rest of the Search staff. Daniela and I are really excited about GEMS Singapore. It's going to be fabulous and we're deeply grateful for the placement. Thanks again for everything." - Chris Brandt (2014)
"I would like to offer a heartfelt and sincere word of thanks to Barry for his assistance in making the  move to my next position. I am relatively new to the world of international education and found Barry's words of support and encouragement to be invaluable. Barry's insight and knowledge of international schools spanned many continents, and with his guidance, I have been able to secure a position at one of the top schools in Hong Kong." - Mary Mallon (2013)
"I want to thank Barry for organizing the job fair and setting a constructive and positive environment at the fair. I feel there was a job balance between possible positions and candidates, and recruiters were fair, open and transparent with their interactions with candidates. Both candidates and recruiters were supportive and friendly with each other. I know job fairs can be a nerve racking and stressful experience, but I feel the way Barry and his team organized and managed the fair made for a more positive experience. Also, I want to thank Barry for his detailed and sage advice on the Hong Kong job market and living in Hong Kong. His advice was balanced, insightful, informed and realistic." - Michael Steele (2013)
"Barry was a patient and very well-informed mentor. No question was too trivial or too difficult. He made the process easy and seamless. His advice was always relevant, thoughtful and insightful. I can't thank him enough for his help and encouragement. I secured a wonderful job and Search, and in particular, Barry, provided a comprehensive, friendly and professional service. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again." - Marian Rossiter (2012)
"Having notified me of a suitable opening, Barry greatly supported my successful application to secure a position as a Secondary Vice-Principal for the 2012-13 academic year. The process was smooth, efficient and professional throughout and I sincerely appreciated Barry’s personal and genuine interest in my application. Barry’s long years of experience as a senior leader in international schools give him the insight to see a ‘good fit’ and I recommend him highly to candidates seeking help to further their careers. Thanks again for everything Barry!" - Tim Fryer (2012)
"I had such a positive experience with Search Associates right from the very beginning that I would highly recommend Search. I didn't really know what to expect since I haven't used any recruiting agencies in the past. My associate, Dr. Barry Drake was attentive to my concerns and questions. He always replied quickly to my emails. The Bangkok Spring Fair was organized, and the associates there were helpful as well. Barry Drake even mentioned my name to one of the school representatives at the fair. I ended up getting two job offers, and I exchanged emails with other teachers there who were supportive and friendly. A couple of teachers even recommended their schools. Since there were only 22 schools there, I can imagine it wasn't as cut-throat and super competitive as the bigger Bangkok fair. Overall, I'm really pleased with Search Associates. I would definitely use them again in the future. I'm especially impressed with my associate's personal attentiveness and prompt replies." - Kim Soriano (2012)
"I joined Search on a whim and didn't know what to expect. I have been more than satisfied with the results. With Barry's guidance, I was offered positions at two of HK's top schools. With his help I decided on one and love it. His personal attention to detail and getting to know me was key in matching me with particular schools." -Bonnie Lim (2011)
"I have been a successful applicant of Search Associates on three occasions. The application process provided an opportunity for prospective employers to fully see my potential on paper and in person at the search fairs. Search Associates then provided support and professional advice from the beginning through to the end of the process. A big thanks to Search Associates for helping me achieve my ambitions. " - Carla Nagel (2011)

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Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Harry Deelman was at various times headmaster of schools in a fascinating foursome of global cities: Buenos Aires, Rome, Dubai, and Bangkok.