Gary MacPhie

Gary MacPhie

Senior Associate

66 Braith Crescent
Stouffville, ON
L4A 0C1

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Region: Canada

Fair Organizer: December Global Virtual

Gary MacPhie is the organizer of the Virtual December Global Fair.  He brings over 30 years of teaching and administrative experience in international schools to his role as a Senior Associate. Gary started his teaching career in Toronto in 1982. He took several Additional Qualification courses at the University of Toronto and during an ESL evening class he recalls a classmate chiming in with stories of the time he taught in Colombia and Israel. This piqued his interest, one thing led to another and a few years later he embarked on his adventure in the world of international teaching.

Gary took his first international teaching position at the Singapore American School in 1988. From there he moved to the Taipei American School and then started his administrative career at International School Moshi, Tanzania in 1999 (now called UWC East Africa). This followed with principalships at Qatar Academy in Doha, Elmwood School in Ottawa and ten years as the elementary principal at the American International School of Guangzhou, China.

 Gary’s wife Barbara supports him in running the Search Canada office. She was Head of Admissions at the American International School of Guangzhou for 9 years, and with her background in business, marketing and customer service, she assists with the administrative duties at Search. Together, they make a strong team well suited to ensure the success of the Virtual Global Fair.

Gary and Barbara have two daughters, who were raised as Third Culture Kids. They were born in Taiwan and attended international schools in Tanzania, Doha, Ottawa and graduated from Guangzhou. One received a volleyball scholarship at DePaul University and now works in Toronto and the other is embarking on her Masters of Architecture at the University of Toronto. Gary’s family has certainly thrived overseas, and he is now sharing his passion for international teaching with other adventurous educators.

Gary joined Search Associates in 2017, and he and Barbara live in Stouffville, Ontario, just north of Toronto. After 29 years overseas, they are glad to be closer to their families and friends. Gary has joined a local pipe band, and enjoys the parades during the summer months. Gary looks forward to working with all candidates from Canada and around the world, building relationships and helping them achieve their dream of teaching internationally.

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Barbara MacPhie, Executive Assistant

MacPhie, Barbara

Barbara helps manage the day-to-day operations of the Search Associates Canada office. With her background in business, marketing and customer service, she is well suited to support Gary in organizing the December Global Virtual Fair.

Barbara is from Vancouver, and has a Commerce degree from UBC, a diploma in East-West Business Relations from the University of Copenhagen, and a graduate diploma in Asia Pacific Management from Capilano University. Her first overseas post was with the Canadian High Commission in Singapore (Trade Division), followed by a career with DHL as Business Development Coordinator for South East Asia. After taking time off to raise their daughters, Barbara returned to work  as a Management Accountant at Qatar Foundation. She worked in a merchant bank in Ottawa, and then 9 years as the Head of Admissions at the American International School of Guangzhou, China.

Together, Gary and Barbara's commitment to personalized service and their combined experiences in international schools make them an ideal team to ensure the success of the December Global Virtual Fair and of Search Associates in Canada. 


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