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February 8 - 9, 2025


Fair Organizer: Gary MacPhie

Note: you must be a fully registered Search candidate in order to attend this fair. Please contact gmacphie@searchassociates.com for more information.                              

We are excited to partner with Queen's University for the Toronto Fair. Queen's, renowned for its longstanding presence in international education through the Queen's Fair (TORF), has now joined Search Associates to make the Toronto Search Fair the premier international teacher recruiting event in Canada.

The Toronto Search Fair is a 2-day event and will take place Saturday February 8th and Sunday February 9th, 2025, at "ONE KING WEST" an iconic hotel in downtown Toronto.

This Fair is open to all certified teachers in all subjects and grade levels, including leadership candidates. Previous international teaching experience is an advantage but not required. Newly qualified teachers or soon-to-be certified teachers (B.Ed students graduating in 2025) are also welcome.

We anticipate most candidates will come from Canada or the bordering US states, but ALL candidates from ALL countries are welcome!

Registered schools will come from all regions of the world and are expecting to meet and interview with qualified Search candidates.

The Toronto Search Fair is:

  • Open to all Search schools worldwide, offering any curriculum, including Canadian, American, British, Australian or International Baccalaureate (IB) curricula.
  • Open to all candidates worldwide, in all subjects and all grade levels
  • Previous international experience not required
  • Leadership/Administrator candidates are welcome to attend.
  • New teaching graduates and teachers with limited years of experience are also encouraged to register.
  • Candidates must have an active Search profile to request an invitation and register for the Fair.
  • Note: Search Associates does not represent any schools in Canada, so candidates hoping to find a teaching position in Canada should not register for this fair.

Why Attend the Toronto Search Fair?

  • In-Person Interviews: Meet school recruiters face-to-face for impactful interviews
  • Efficiency: Condense your job search and secure multiple interviews over the weekend
  • Networking: Build a global network of like-minded educators and educational professionals
  • Real-Time Support: Get guidance and support from experienced Associates during the Fair

If you are already registered with Search, please contact your Senior Associate for an invitation to the Fair. If you are not yet registered with Search Associates, please email me for information on joining Search Associates and participating in the Toronto Search Fair.

Kind regards,

Gary MacPhie, Fair Organizer


Did You Know…?

Search Associates is a family-owned business founded by John Magagna, former international educator. After working with her father for ten years, daughter Jessica Magagna is now CEO.