Our Consulting Services Division is staffed with a team of Senior Consultants, all of whom have been successful school heads across the globe. They bring expertise in a range of international school operations, from board and governance, to strategic planning, to curriculum development, and much more! This combination of global perspective and personal attention that our Consultants provide sets us apart from any other recruiting firm.

For more information about the above-mentioned services, please contact our Director of Consulting Services, George Entwistle.

We understand the challenges that many schools face and can draw on our practical knowledge and skills to help your school meet a wide range of needs, including:


  • Developing Good Governance: Includes roles and responsibilities, effective practices, and implementation methods.
  • Board Structure and Composition: Provides ways to move to a more "hybrid" or self-perpetuating board by reviewing and revising constitutions and by-laws.
  • Policy and Procedure Reviews: Includes “slimming” policy manuals to shift procedures to operational handbooks. Also includes aligning policies and practices, evaluating and recommending policies.
  • Board and Head Evaluation Methods:
  • Transition Planning: Provides information designed for heads, boards, and board chairs.


  • Strategic Planning: Includes school mission and vision, strategic goal-setting, action-planning, evaluating, and updating.
  • Start-up School Planning and Assistance
  • Feasibility Studies: Includes school expansion, additional programs (such as a high school program), etc. 
  • Survey Design and Data Analysis: Provides professional support and advice in audience identification, survey design, data collection, and analysis. 

Administration / Personnel

  • School Institutional Assessments: Provides ideas from an external, objective, and professional perspective. 
  • Staff Communication, Decision-Making, and Team-Building: Includes cross-cultural methods, effective and efficient meetings, etc.
  • Community Involvement Strategies
  • Compensation Reviews
  • Teacher Recruitment and Retention Strategies


  • Guidance Services: Includes student advising, development, and leadership in areas re­lated to secondary guidance, life-skills, and col­lege counseling programs.
  • Curriculum Development: Includes introduction of IB, bilingual, experiential and service learning programs.  
  • Host Culture and Cross-Cultural Studies: Provides ways to integrate your host country into your regular curriculum. 

For more information about the above-mentioned services, please contact our Director of Consulting Services, George Entwistle.

Did You Know…?

Since 1990, Search Associates has assisted over 40,000 educators to find jobs in international schools around the world.