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Bangkok Asia Schools Fair (Virtual)

January 8 - 9, 2022


Fair Organizers: Nick Kendell, Harry Deelman

Thank you for visiting our Bangkok Asia Schools Job Fair page.


Search Associates is deeply committed to resuming our in-person fairs if we are able to do so safely, and effectively. At this time, there is still uncertainty regarding safety protocols, travel restrictions, border closures, visa issues, etc. related to the pandemic. Therefore, a decision has been made not to hold the 2022 Bangkok January fair as an in-person event. The 2022 Bangkok Asia fair will have a broad regional focus, and will be virtual in format. 


Domestic-only experienced candidates should please review the candidate details on the job fairs page of our website and request an invitation that is best suited for their experience. You can also reach out to your Associate for guidance on these matters.


We expect to attract a good number of schools from around the world as well as a large number of highly qualified educators. Our virtual fair platform has seen some improvements since last year, adding more personalized interactions between candidates and schools, improved messaging and scheduling tools.

Criteria For attendance

This Fair is for candidates who are certified to teach, with 2 completed years' international experience gained beyond the home country, and is strongly recommended for candidates with at least one year's full-time experience teaching one or more of the IB or UK curriculum programmes, seeking placement in the regions the Fair serves. 


This Fair is now closed and no further candidate registrations can be accepted


Country School
Australia Al Siraat College
Bangladesh International School Dhaka
Brunei CfBT Education Services
Cambodia Northbridge International School Cambodia
China Alcanta International College, Guangzhou
China Canadian International School Beijing
China Daystar Academy
China Dulwich College Beijing
China Green Oasis School
China Keystone Academy
China Nanjing International School
China Nansha College Preparatory Academy
China NAS Shenzhen
China Shenzhen Oasis International School
China Suzhou Singapore International School
China ULink College Guangzhou
China Vanke Meisha Academy
China Wellington College International Tianjin
China YK Pao School, Shanghai
China/Hong Kong American School Hong Kong
China/Hong Kong Canadian International School of Hong Kong
China/Hong Kong Chinese International School
China/Hong Kong Discovery College
China/Hong Kong Hong Kong Academy
China/Hong Kong Stamford American School Hong Kong
China/Hong Kong The Independent Schools Foundation Academy
China/Hong Kong Victoria Educational Organisation
China/Macao The International School of Macao
India American International School Chennai
India Dhirubhai Ambani International School
India Oberoi International School
India Pathways World School, Aravali
India The British School New Delhi
Indonesia Bali Island School, formerly Bali International School
Indonesia Global Jaya School
Indonesia Jakarta Intercultural School
Japan Nagoya International School
Japan Saint Maur International School
Korea Branksome Hall Asia
Korea Gyeonggi Suwon International School
Korea Seoul International School
Malaysia IGB International School
Malaysia Mont'Kiara International School, Kuala Lumpur
Mongolia International School of Ulaanbaatar
Philippines International School Manila
Singapore Chatsworth International School - Singapore
Singapore Stamford American International School
Singapore XCL World Academy
Taiwan Kaohsiung American School
Thailand Concordian International School, Bangkok
Thailand Panyaden International School
Thailand Prem Tinsulanonda International School, Chiang Mai
Thailand Ruamrudee International School, Bangkok
Thailand Thai-Chinese International School, Bangkok
Vietnam Renaissance International School Saigon
Vietnam Saigon South International School, HCMC
Worldwide QSI -- Quality Schools International (35 schools in 29 Countries)

Welcome to the Candidate Information Page for the Search Associates BANGKOK ASIA SCHOOLS VIRTUAL Job Fair 2022

On this page, candidates registered or interested to attend can obtain information and updates on the Search Associates Bangkok Asia Schools Virtual Job Fair. Please note the bullet points below. Candidates can request an invitation from their dashboard from September 01 2021. 

  • This Virtual Job Fair is suitable for candidates who have a strong interest in living and working in the regions of Asia.
  • The Fair's Time Zone is Indochina Time (UTC + 7:00).
  • Candidates must be prepared to be fully available for interview during Saturday January 8 and Sunday January 9 2022.
  • Interview times will be by mutual agreement between schools and candidates, taking into account each other's time zones.
  • The Search Associates Virtual Fair Portal underpins this fair. Functions include requesting interviews, responding to interview invitations, responding to school-initiated instant chats, scheduling appointments and participation.
  • We strongly recommend candidates make a (strictly) one-minute video to present themselves. Recruiters will be able to access this using the link which accompanies your details in the Fair Portal.
  • Your full Search account, including all contents, confidential references, résumé/CV, documents and background checks, is available to all recruiters through the Fair Portal.
  • Face to face live opportunities, in addition to interviews, are provided by attending live school Q&A sessions, where you can hear recruiters talk about their school, and ask them questions. Additionally, you may be invited to a short (5-minute) meet-and-greet session with a school considering your application.
  • Live features of the event, such as orientation and school Q&A sessions, will be recorded, so that they are available to candidates who missed them due to time zone difference.
  • The list of attending schools will be published once schools have been able to respond to their invitations.
Nick Kendell (Fair Organiser)



  1. You must be a fully activated Search candidate, invited to register for this job fair by your Senior Associate. (If unsure of your invitation status, contact your Senior Associate).

  2. You must have at least 4 references on your file, of which minimum 3 must be Teaching, Counselor/Librarian or Leadership references.
  3. All reference and contact information on the application must be complete.
  4. The Bio Notes section of your file must be complete.
  5. You MUST be available during the 2 full days of the Fair January 8 and 9.


This very competitive fair attracts schools from Asia. Recruiters are seeking experience as detailed below. Do you qualify for an invitation?

  • EXPERIENCE ... to qualify for an invitation to this event:
  1. Indicate interest in at least one of the geographical regions served by this fair.

  1. Candidates must be certified to teach.

  1. A minimum of two years international school experience beyond the candidate’s home country.

  1. Strongly recommended: at least one year’s full-time experience in teaching one of the IB or UK curriculum programmes.

Nick Kendell

Welcome to the Schools Information Page for the Search Associates BANGKOK ASIA SCHOOLS VIRTUAL Job Fair 2022

On this page, schools registered to attend, and those interested to attend, can obtain information and updates on the Search Associates BANGKOK ASIA Schools Virtual Job Fair.   


This regional Fair is intended mainly for our member schools in Asia. Attending candidates are internationally experienced. Preference is given to candidates with at least one year's full-time experience in teaching one or more of the IB and UK curriculum programmes. If you would like to recruit at this job fair, and have not received an invitation by September 01, please email Harry Deelman on hdeelman@searchassociates.com requesting an invitation.  Please note the bullet points below....

  • The Fair's Time Zone is Indochina Time (UTC+7:00).
  • Search Associates' improved Virtual Fair Portal underpins the operation of this Fair. Communication with candidates should be through the Virtual Fair Portal. This will open from your school's dashboard one week prior to the start of the fair, to enable you to research attending candidates before the 2-day fair begins.
  • Schools can screen candidates prior to inviting them to interview using the Virtual Fair Portal's instant chat function, and may also invite candidates to a 5-minute video conversation (using their own video platform), at any point during the Fair, for candidates you are considering for interview, but are not yet certain about.
  • We very strongly encourage attending schools to make a School Presentation video. These will be accessible to candidates through the Virtual Fair Portal. Schools choosing a live presentation slot during the scheduled Q&A periods can assume the candidate audience has already viewed your video, and has questions to ask you. This face-to-face opportunity is highly valued by candidates and recruiters alike. Your Q&A session will be recorded, so it can be available to candidates whose time zone makes it difficult to attend your live session.
  • All information on attending candidates is provided to you securely through the Virtual Fair Portal. Candidates have further been advised to make a one-minute self-presentation video, which schools can access through a link contained in the candidate's Search Associates account.
  Please email any questions to Harry Deelman on hdeelman@searchassociates.com.


Nick Kendell and Harry Deelman (Fair Organisers)

The organisers of the Bangkok Asia Schools Virtual Fair are Senior Associate Nick Kendell and Harry Deelman.

During the course of the event, live support for schools and for candidates will be provided both by the organising team, and by other Search colleagues, with the aim of covering all relevant time zones as fully as possible.

Nearer to the start date of the event, the organising team will provide candidates and schools with full orientation and instructions for the practical implementation of the event. We are of course ready to answer any questions participants may have, prior to and during the event itself.

For schools and candidates, a virtual fair requires careful and extensive preparation in order to derive optimum benefit from the experience. The need for managing your time, good communication, keeping on top of scheduled interactions, and making time for research is more accentuated in the context of a virtual fair, than is the case for a traditional physical job fair.

Our aim, therefore, is to fully support candidates and schools in achieving those goals through deploying our team of experienced Senior Associates.

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Harry Deelman was at various times headmaster of schools in a fascinating foursome of global cities: Buenos Aires, Rome, Dubai, and Bangkok.