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January 12 - 14, 2024


Fair Organizers: Nick Kendell, Harry Deelman

A major recruiting opportunity for internationally experienced teachers looking to work in exceptional schools.

Thank you for your interest in the Bangkok, 2024 Fair. Search Associates registered candidates wishing to recruit in Bangkok should request an invitation from their senior associate via their dashboard  on or after August 16, 2023.



As one of the most popular fairs, the Bangkok Fair favours strong teaching couples and singles without dependants. The numbers in attendance are expected to be about 400+ candidates and 100 schools.


The schools recruiting at this fair come from a wide variety of locations worldwide, with many attending from Asia. Search Associates-registered candidates, of all nationalities and all standard specialist fields in schools, are welcome to request an invitation to attend this fair. Please read the (FAQs) about Job Fairs if you have any questions.



If your school is interested in attending this fair, please contact Nick Kendell 

Because of the large number of schools regularly attending this fair, there may be a wait-list established.



Candidates must be registered with a Search Associates office if they wish to request an invitation to attend the Bangkok Fair.


Attendance at this fair is by invitation only. Candidates who are already registered with Search Associates should notify their Search sponsor of their interest in this fair to request an invitation.

NOTE: Checking "Interest in the Bangkok Fair" on the Search Associate online application does NOT constitute an invitation.




If you’d like to meet multiple schools and recruiters in the one place at the one time and possibly walk away with a job offer in hand, we’d love you to join us. Face to face interviews, networking and meeting people socially are great opportunities to make connections. Learn about the schools and get a feel for the people who work there.


Because this is a popular fair and attended by highly experienced international educators, this fair is quite competitive. Recruiters know that they have other fairs to attend at later dates, so they may be selective in this first round.  PLEASE ASK your sponsoring associate to determine if this fair is a good match for you or if another fair would be a better "fit".

Candidates will be invited to attend the Bangkok Fair if they are considered to match the needs of the recruiters who will be at the fair and stand a real chance of receiving offers. About 40-50% of the fair attendees are expected to accept contracts resulting from the fair.


Some schools will be looking to employ candidates who have IB experience. Check the list of registered schools and do your homework beforehand. You may stand out more at a smaller fair, (as these fairs traditionally attract local teachers who do not have international experience).


Candidates who are new to Search and wish to attend the Bangkok Fair, look first at the region in which you live and register with the associate responsible for the region. If you are international (living outside of the US, UK, Canada, Australia/New Zealand), you may register with either Nick Kendell or Harry Deelman.


When you register with Search Associates, an interview to a job fair is included in the registration fee. Please be aware that there is a US$75 charge for each subsequent fair attendance. A full refund will be given if you cancel prior to the cut-off date, generally 2 weeks before).


The  FAIR SCHEDULE  details pre-fair preparation and mandatory days to attend. Be on time to the sign-ups as that's when the majority of interviews will be scheduled.




Country School
Angola Luanda International School of Angola
Bangladesh American International School Dhaka
Bangladesh International School Dhaka
Bulgaria Anglo-American School of Sofia
China American International School of Guangzhou
China Beijing City International School
China Canadian International School of Guangzhou
China Concordia International School Shanghai
China Dulwich College Beijing
China Green Oasis School
China Hangzhou International School
China International School of Beijing
China International School of Tianjin
China Shanghai American School
China Shanghai Community International School
China Shen Wai International School
China Suzhou Singapore International School
China United World College Changshu China
China Xiamen International School
China YK Pao School, Shanghai
China/Hong Kong American School Hong Kong
China/Hong Kong Canadian International School of Hong Kong
China/Hong Kong Chinese International School
China/Hong Kong Christian Alliance International School
China/Hong Kong Hong Kong Academy
China/Hong Kong The Independent Schools Foundation Academy
China/Macao The International School of Macao
Egypt Cairo American College
Egypt Hayah International Academy, Cairo
Ethiopia International Community School of Addis Ababa
Germany International School of Dusseldorf
India Dhirubhai Ambani International School
Indonesia Bali Island School, formerly Bali International School
Indonesia British School-Jakarta
Indonesia Jakarta Intercultural School
Japan Canadian Academy, Kobe
Japan Fukuoka International School
Japan Nagoya International School
Kazakhstan Haileybury Almaty
Kazakhstan Haileybury Astana School
Korea Chadwick International
Korea Seoul International School
Korea St. Johnsbury Academy Jeju
Korea Yongsan International School of Seoul
Malaysia IGB International School
Mongolia International School of Ulaanbaatar
Myanmar Ayeyarwaddy International School
Myanmar Yangon International School
Nepal Lincoln School Kathmandu
Oman ABA Oman International School
Oman Al Batinah International School
Oman Al Sahwa Schools, Muscat
Pakistan Lahore American School
Philippines International School Manila
Saudi Arabia American International School - Riyadh
Saudi Arabia British International School Jeddah
Saudi Arabia International Schools Group - American School Dhahran
Saudi Arabia The KAUST School
Senegal International School of Dakar
Singapore Chatsworth International School - Singapore
Singapore Dulwich College (Singapore)
Singapore St. Joseph's Institution International School
Singapore XCL World Academy
Taiwan I-Shou International School, Kaohsiung
Taiwan Taipei American School
Tanzania International School of Tanganyika, Dar-es-Salaam
Thailand Concordian International School, Bangkok
Thailand KIS International School
Thailand KIS International School Reignwood Park
Thailand Panyaden International School, Chiang Mai
Thailand Ruamrudee International School, Bangkok
Thailand Thai-Chinese International School, Bangkok
United Arab Emirates Dubai American Academy (GEMS)
Vietnam Hanoi International School


Thanks for your interest in the Bangkok Fair. There's nothing like being able to meet face-to-face to make an impression!  


  • Arrive before 10 a.m. on the 12th of January if you would like to be available for schools that chose to run in-person 'Q and A' sessions.

  • These school Q and A's will take place BEFORE sign-ups so that candidates arrive at sign-ups fully informed about possible job opportunities

  • The interview sign-up session starts at 4:30 p.m. for all candidates. DO NOT BE LATE. The interviews arranged will determine your schedule for the rest of the fair.
  • Some schools are in contact with candidates before the fair and might pre-arrange some of their interviews. It is common practice for some schools to have early interviews at fairs.  


1.    Requesting a place from your associate well before 15 October is preferred as spaces fill quickly.

2.    If your place has been confirmed, schools may be informed that you are coming, so please do not withdraw. 

3.    Candidates who are well-prepared, stand a far better chance of placement.

4.    No guarantee can be given that any given Head will interview you, let alone that any job offer(s) might come your way, but part of our function is to help all candidates and all Heads to gain as much as possible from the Fair.

5.    Dress for the presentations and Interview sign-up session in business/interview attire.

6.    Your word is your bond, both in promising accuracy and honesty in all papers you submit and in all statements you make, and in your response to any job offer(s) made to you. The same applies to interviewers, who have also been asked not to put any candidates under pressure for an immediate answer if a job is offered at (or soon after) the Bangkok Fair. In particular, any candidate attending two fairs in rapid succession should honor his/her commitment to both fairs by meeting, at least, any/all schools with which the candidate has had pre-fair communications.

7.    Recruiters should give candidates adequate time to consider employment offers. This time should be sufficient for candidates both to reflect on the offer itself, and to complete interviews with other schools, during the job fair. If a candidate so wishes, he or she may accept at any point following an offer being made.

Search Associates expects that recruiters will observe the following guidelines, as a matter of professional ethics. When making an offer of employment to a candidate at a Search Associates Job Fair, the recruiter should explain the following:

a.    The candidate may be asked by the recruiter to respond to an offer by the published end date and time of the job fair, or 24 hours after the offer being made, whichever is later.

b.    Where the candidate intends to attend another job fair within 24 hours of an offer being made, the recruiter may require a decision by midnight of the day before the start of that second job fair.

8. This timing also makes it possible for recruiters to offer the same position, if necessary, at the same or next fair (or in a timely manner) to another candidate if you decline. Both candidates and recruiters should understand that agreement to these timing arrangements is a condition of participating in the fair. Candidates are encouraged to research schools in advance, whenever possible so that decisions can be made promptly. Recruiters are encouraged to have ample information available in print, including complete sample contracts, to give to candidates to expedite this decision-making.


9. Should you secure a job or decide that you cannot attend the Bangkok Fair, please notify us immediately so that we may invite a candidate on our waiting list. Cancel your registration from your candidate dashboard. The final date for cancelling the fair is 29th December. After this date, this will count as a fair attendance.

10. IMPORTANT: According to the Search Agreement, you must notify the fair organizers and your sponsoring associate WITHIN SEVEN DAYS or SOONER of accepting any verbal or written offer of employment, and will ALSO provide the name and location of the school which hired you THROUGH SEARCH ASSOCIATES or OTHERWISE. In this way, Search Associates will be immediately aware of the moment when you are no longer an actively searching candidate. In addition, please designate that you are not available on the Search website.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Search Bangkok Fair.

Nick Kendell and Harry Deelman, Senior Associates


How to get to the hotel

Suvarnabhumi (Sah-var-nah-boom) International Airport handles international flights. 




Change money at the airport bank stalls; be sure to get a few Baht 20 and Baht 50 bills. 


The public taxi stand is located on Level 1 (ground level) near entrances 3, 4, 7 and 8. There is a taxi counter with personnel to ensure the driver understands your destination. Have the hotel and its address written on a piece of paper for ease of understanding. It is best to get a metered taxi to your hotel. You will be asked to pay the toll charges on top of the taxi fare, as well as a 50 baht fee to the driver (only applicable to taxis from the airports). Tipping is not expected, but appreciated. 

If you only have 1000 baht notes, it is suggested that you use one to pay the toll.  That way, you will get change in smaller notes.

Estimated taxi fare: 600 THB (one way)

Tell the taxi:  Marriott Marquis hotel, Sukhumvit Soi 22.


5:00 a.m. to midnight. http://www.bangkokairportonline.com/node/55 


The Marriott Hotel is located just 40 kilometers from the Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Alternate transportation: Bangkok Marriott Marquis Limo Service; fee: 2500 THB (one way); reservation required


Bangkok traffic can be challenging. Be sure to add extra time if you are scheduled to travel between 7am - 9 am and from 4 pm onwards. Friday and Saturday nights are particularly busy.


Metered taxi is an easy way to get around Bangkok, though traffic jams are legendary. The hotel doormen will assist making sure the driver understands your destination and uses his meter.


SkyTrain, (BTS) is half of Bangkok's rapid transit system. The nearest SkyTrain stop is at Phrom Phong BTS Station (although the Asok BTS station is not that much further in the other direction if walking along the street - Soi 22 is about half way between the 2 stations).

You can buy single trip tickets for the BTS using the machines at the station (having a supply of coins is recommended for this).  Alternately, you could purchase a Rabbit Card (for 100 baht) and then put some ‘credit’ on it, and use the turnstiles at any of the stations (tap on - tap off). This is often quicker as the queues at the ticket machines can be long at times.

There is also a subway (MRT). Get a BTS/MRT map from the hotel concierge. The nearest MRT stop is at Sukhumvit Station - see below (right next to the Asok BTS station). 


The close proximity to BTS Sky train Station Phrom Phong, as well as the EM District lifestyle malls, enable easy access to some of the city’s most talked about hotspots. Only 400 meters or approximate 5 minutes walk from BTS to hotel via Park. Please note that the gate is now open every day from 06.00-20.00 hrs.


The longest road in Thailand, both it and its many adjoining 'sois' (sub-streets) are poor on traditional tourist attractions but rich in of-the-minute shopping, eating and nightlife. The many fashionable restaurants, bars, air-conditioned malls, luxury hotels and hip clubs give the area a distinctly modern, cosmopolitan flavour. And little, stress-busting pockets of calm can be found in the sweet cafes, atmospheric restaurants and lush day spas that hide down many of its sois. Making exploring its staggering length incredibly easy is the Skytrain (BTS) that runs through most of its downtown stretch.

What's On Sukhumvit

First time in Sukhumvit

The best of Sukhumvit 


Tourist Police / Emergency hotline: Tel: 1155

Bumrungrad Hospital Emergency (Sukhumvit Soi 3): Tel: 02 667 29999

Embassy Telephone Address Email
Australia Embassy 02 344 6300 37 South Sathorn Road austembassy.bangkok@dfat.gov.au
Canada Embassy 02 237 4126 or 02 663 0540 Abdulrahim Place, 15th Floor, 990 Rama IV Road enqserv@dfait-maeci.gc.ca
New Zealand Embassy 02 254 2530 14th Floor, All Seasons Place
United Kingdom 02 253 0191 1031 Wireless Road Info.Bangkok@fco.gov.uk
United States of America 02 205 4000 95 Wireless Road mailto:acsbkk@state.gov


Buy a phone card at 7/11 or other shops. Use specially marked gold street phone booths, or use Skype at Internet cafes.

Information correct at time of writing.


Candidates may stay at any hotel of their choosing but please make arrangements early if intending to book a room at the Marriott Marquis, Queen's Park. A limited number of rooms have been blocked for this event. Search Associates and the Marriott cannot guarantee the preferred rate once sold out.

Recruiters need to reserve a room at the Marriott Marquis Queens Park using the hotel's online reservation system. 

To access our discounted group rate please click here (the link is also provided in the invitation). 

Candidates are NOT required to stay at the hotel, but there is a distinct advantage in terms of availability for interviews and "exposure" to the recruiters, all of whom stay at the Marriott Marquis. Bangkok has many inexpensive hotels which are a short taxi ride or walk away.

Search Associates fair room reservations made via the accommodation link will be grouped together, in the same tower of the Marriott, wherever possible

All hotel accommodation is the responsibility of the attendee.

Please note that the hotel could be fully booked by December, so we strongly recommend that reservations be made EARLY (Sept/Oct) and no later than 16 December to receive the preferred rate. Bookings made after 16 December are at the Hotel's discretion and the preferred rate cannot be guaranteed. 

Guest-room rates are subject to 10% service charge and applicable government tax on room rate and service charge, effectively a total of 17.7% in effect at the time of check-out. Rates will be available 3 days prior and 3 days after the fair dates, subject to availability of guest rooms at the time of reservation.

All hotel accommodation is the responsibility of the attendee.

Group name: Search Associates      Contact person: Nick Kendell

Marriott Marquis Queens Park, 199 Sukhumvit Soi 22, Klong Ton, Klong Toey, Bangkok  10110 Thailand

Phone: +66 2 059 5555      Fax: +66 2 059 5888


•    Buffet breakfast, for both single and double-occupied rooms. Breakfast will be available in the "Goji Kitchen",

High-speed internet access in guest rooms, and complimentary use of gym facilities. We anticipate that breakfast will be busy, so we advise an early breakfast. Peak time is around 7 am, so please allow for this in your schedule. The hotel is providing lunches courtesy of Tygate Insurance and Search Associates. The hotel menu will include vegetarian options, salads, soup and fruit each day. If you have other dietary restrictions, please supplement this with your own food if necessary.

•    Complimentary parking

Guests should be able to use the WIFI throughout all public areas without disruptions, except in the elevators which do not yet have WIFI coverage. Apart from the lifts, you should be able to move around and have your device hop from one internet access point to another automatically and seamlessly.


Hotel cancellations are the responsibility of the attendee.Cancel 21 Days prior to the start of the fair with no penalty. Any cancellations after this date will incur 100% room charge.

Any no-show or cancellation that occurs after this date is subject to a penalty of total room night charges and will be charged to the individual credit card given upon making a reservation. NO EXCEPTIONS.

We are encouraging a centralised sign-up and interview location on the 2nd floor this year, for schools that are interested.

For recruiters choosing to interview in their hotel room - 

  • There is limited availability of early morning room cleaning. Please request this if required, when making your booking or when checking in. 
  • Two chairs come standard in each room. Request 2 extra chairs are added when checking in. (Only applies to rooms with King beds, not twins due to size constraints).
  • If you are sending any materials to the hotel, it is important to send packages via D.D.P (delivery duty paid in Thailand).





Search Associates Job Fair

Recruiter name - XXXXX

Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen's Park

199 Sukhumvit Soi22, KlongTon, Klong Toey

Bangkok 10110, Thailand

T: +66 (0)2 059 5555


Alternatively, the following rooms are available to hire with the hotel directly. Please check with the hotel for availability.



Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Gez Hayden led the first international school authorized to offer all three IB programs in China.