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March 14 - 15, 2020

Sumner, Xiaohang

Fair Organizer:
Xiaohang Sumner

Drake, Dr. Barry

Fair Organizer:
Dr. Barry Drake

March 14 - 15, 2020


Fair Organizers: Xiaohang Sumner, Dr. Barry Drake

The Shanghai Fair is now OPEN for school and candidate registrations.


The Shanghai fair will be held towards the end of our recruiting fair schedule. The timing is quite advantageous, as it is in the middle of March, towards the end of the recruiting cycle but not too late for getting visas for teachers for the new school year. School recruiters will be able to interview a large pool of quality candidates and candidates will have access to a large number of vacancies.


Outside China:

For many years, the Bangkok Spring fair has provided a valuable opportunity for schools in Asia to source candidates that can fill positions still available from earlier in the year, or fill new vacancies that arise from late resignations or expansion-driven staffing needs. Now that the Spring Bangkok fair is no longer being offered, we hope that our Shanghai fair will help bridge that gap in the market.

Inside China:

China is the fastest growing region for international education in the world. Currently 158 schools are registered with Search Associates from China (including HK and Macau). Within this cohort many of the newer, and fast-growing, schools often find themselves with additional positions to fill after February and our new fair will provide a valuable option for such schools to recruit teachers at this stage of the ‘season’.


Inside China:

The Chinese market currently has close to 1,000 international education schools and they employ tens of thousands of talented teachers from all over the world. Many of these teachers do not enter the job market until quite late in the year.  Some will be looking for opportunities to change schools / locations within China, whilst others will be looking to move out of China for a new challenge. The Shanghai fair is designed to meet the needs of these candidates and present them with opportunities for employment in schools recruiting from both outside and within China.

Outside China:

We also expect a substantial number of candidates currently employed outside China to register with this late fair in the hope of either securing a position within China or in other parts of Asia.


The job fair will be held over a two-day period, which will comprise school presentations, informative workshops, interview sign-up sessions and most importantly, candidate interviews!

On Monday, there will be two optional additional features for school recruiters: Workshops focused on the professional development for HR Directors and Managers in Chinese international schools; Tour of selective schools in Shanghai, esp. interesting to those Heads of School coming from outside China to learn about the recent developments in this dynamic area of international education.


The Shanghai fair is now open for school and candidate registrations.

School recruiters and candidates must attend the Registration and Set-up between 10.00-12:00 on Saturday, attend the meetings on Saturday afternoon, and be available Saturday afternoon and Sunday all day until 17:30 for interviews.

For schools and candidates that must travel from afar, you should arrive by Friday evening and complete Early-Bird Registration on Friday.

For schools that want to participate in the optional events on Monday, please indicate your interest when accepting your fair invitation.


Please go to your school's dashboard and accept your invitation. If you do not have an invitation yet, please email us. 


  • If you are already registered with the Hong Kong office, please email xsumner@searchassociates.com to request an invitation.
  • If you are not yet registered with Search, please contact xsumner@searchassociates.com for information on joining Search Associates and attending the Shanghai Fair.
  • If you are registered with another Senior Associate, please contact him/her to request an invitation to the Shanghai Fair.


If a school or a candidate is not yet a Registered Member but would like to attend the Shanghai Fair, please click here.

(Note: For candidates who are not yet registered, please have your current CV ready.)

Xiaohang Sumner and Dr. Barry Drake




(Except otherwise noted, all events occur at the Fair Venue)

Friday Evening:

Early Bird Registration (at the Fair Hotel)


10:00-12:00       Registration (at the Fair Hotel)

13:00-17:30       Briefing, Interview Sign-Up, School Presentation, and Interviews

17:30-19:00       Reception for Candidates and Recruiters


08:30-17:30       Interviews

Evening             Reception and Tour for Recruiters and Partners (Optional)


Shanghai School Visit Tour (Optional)

HR Workshops (Optional)


Western International School of Shanghai, No. 555 Lian Min Road, Xujing Town, Qing Pu District, Shanghai

Interview Rooms: All interviews must be conducted at the allocated facilities inside the school.

The Shanghai fair is held at the Western International School of Shanghai, where recruiters will have access to all the familiar amenities a school campus may offer and can conduct interviews in the comfort of private meeting rooms and classrooms.

The school is 15 min away from the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport and High Speed Train Station and 60 min away from the Shanghai Pudong International Airport.


Holiday Inn West Shanghai, which is 800 meters away from the Fair Venue, is a full-service hotel built to 5-star standards (according to the hotel). Click here for more information. We have obtained significantly discounted rates for the Fair Hotel for recruiters and candidates attend the Shanghai Fair.

Hotels in the area near to the Fair Venue are usually booked by December for stays in mid-March. So you must book as soon as possible to make sure that the rooms are available. Note: You can cancel your hotel booking up to 7 days in advance of your stay.

Room bookings MUST be made via the special booking form. Click here:

Hotel Booking Form for Search Associates Shanghai Job Fair 2020.03.pdf

Please note that if you stay at the Fair Hotel, there will be a shuttle bus and guides to take you to the school, through campus security, to the registration room to help ensure that you arrive on time in the morning. If you do not stay at the Fair Hotel, you will need to make your own way to the school and need to make extra time to check in with campus security at the school entrance.


Make own arrangements early; flights in and out of Shanghai in March can be very busy and fares will go up very quickly leading to the spring convention season for Shanghai.

Recruiters: Arrive in the Fair Hotel by Saturday morning. Mandatory to register by 10:00-12:00 on Saturday (Early Bird Registration on Friday evening). Leave after 4:30 pm and before 5:30 pm on Sunday. Optional school visits and HR workshops on Monday.

Candidates: Arrive in the Fair Hotel by Saturday morning. Mandatory to register by 10:00-12:00 on Saturday (Early Bird Registration on Friday evening). Leave after 4:30: pm and before 5:30 pm on Sunday.


Schools and candidates located outside China should consult your travel agency or nearest Chinese consulate to obtain the necessary visa to travel to Shanghai.

For schools and teachers located within China, this fair will be a very convenient option as recruiters or candidates (especially bilingual Chinese teachers) do not have to deal with cross-border visa and travel hassles.


Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Robert Barlas is the author of the Teaching Overseas Handbook.