News: Exploring Global Education Opportunities: The Search Associates Cambridge Fair - Feb 26, 2024
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Monday, February 26, 2024General News

Exploring Global Education Opportunities: The Search Associates Cambridge Fair

Some of the Search Cambridge team

In the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Cambridge Regency Hyatt has been the longstanding venue for a remarkable event that bridges continents, cultures, and classrooms. The Search Associates Cambridge Fair, a beacon for those passionate about international teaching and education, has once again marked its presence in the academic calendar. This fair isn't just an event; it's a tradition, steeped in the rich history of its inception by the founding director, John Magagna, over three decades ago in 1991. At the venerable age of 90, Magagna's dedication shines brightly as he continues to attend each year, embodying the fair's enduring spirit and commitment to education.

This fair stands out not only for its historical significance but also for the unique family legacy that underpins its operation. Managed by John's daughter and CEO Jessica Magagna, alongside her nephew Gavin Magagna Hawk, the event is infused with a familial warmth and friendly atmosphere that is palpable to all who attend. This generational stewardship adds a special flare, enhancing the event's reputation as a nurturing ground for educators and school recruiters alike.

The Cambridge Fair has long been a pivotal meeting point for educators seeking to teach abroad and international schools in search of top talent. This year, it attracted around 200 recruiters representing over 100 schools from across the globe, alongside more than 200 candidates eager to explore new horizons in teaching. The event's success is further amplified by the unparalleled service of the Cambridge Regency Hyatt staff, who, with nearly 30 years of association, contribute significantly to the event's smooth execution and the positive experiences of its participants.

School Coordinator Mei-Lyn (middle) is all smiles with IBSP, Science Park recruiters

A hallmark of the fair is its comprehensive workshop offerings, tailored to equip candidates and recruiters with essential skills and insights. The workshops included "Interviewing for Success: Practical Tips and Tricks" facilitated by Search Director of School Relations, Sheena Nabholz, and "Evaluating Job Offers: Your Path to a Confident Yes" facilitated by Director of Candidate Relations, Nazgol Adili. Additionally, the "Next Steps in Leadership: A Workshop for Aspiring and Current Heads" was led by Senior Consultants Brent Mutsch and Lana Al-Aghbar, offering guidance for those aiming to ascend in educational leadership roles. For school recruiters, the DEI workshop "Anti-Bias in Hiring: Practices and Approaches" was led by DEI specialists Jacinta Williams and Shelley Paul, underscoring Search Associates' commitment to leadership development and diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) in education.

Feedback from candidates and school recruiters alike highlights the irreplaceable value of face-to-face interactions that the fair fosters, underscoring the sentiment that in-person fairs are indispensable for genuine connection and understanding. The fair's success is evident in the numbers, with approximately 60% of candidates receiving offers and nearly 40% accepting positions to date—a testament to the fair's effectiveness in facilitating meaningful career opportunities in international education.

Reflecting on the essence of the Cambridge Fair, Jessica Magagna shares her personal insight:

As CEO, I am driven by many responsibilities, but the joy I experience in managing and attending the Cambridge Fair is unparalleled. It's a privilege to witness the connections between our candidates and schools, the shared excitement over accepted job offers, and the vibrant networking and conversations. This is the heart of what Search Associates stands for—connecting exceptional educators with top schools to enhance student learning worldwide.

Interviews and meaningful connections Search Office setup and ready to assistAs we reflect on this year's event, held from January 26-29, 2024, the Search Associates Cambridge Fair stands as a beacon for those looking to make a difference in the world of education. It's not just about finding a job; it's about finding a calling, a place where one can contribute to shaping the global citizens of tomorrow. With its rich legacy, warm atmosphere, and impactful workshops, the fair continues to be a cornerstone for educators and schools worldwide, proving that the journey to teach abroad is as inspiring as it is essential.

Did You Know…?

CEO of Search Associates, Jessica Magagna, was born in Morocco and attended the American Community School in Iran while her father was headmaster.