News: Latin America Heads Conference - Apr 25, 2018
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Wednesday, April 25, 2018General News

Latin America Heads Conference

From left: David, Jen, and BobSearch Associates recently attended the Latin American Heads Conference (LAHC) in Bogota, Colombia from April 17 to 21st. Jennifer and Bob Imholt and David Cope were in attendance with the goals of building positive relationships with the British schools in the Latin American region as well as promoting our upcoming Latin American Fair to be held in Panama City, Panama in November 2018! (Stay tuned for more details.)

Although LAHC has been around since 1996, this was the first time that Search Associates has attended an LAHC conference! We enjoyed meeting many international school administrators, and we hope to continue to build upon this opportunity with the positive experience and connections made at the conference.

LAHC has 43 member schools in nine countries across Latin America. Of those 43 schools, currently seven schools are also members of Search Associates. Our Associates maximized this time in Bogota to get to know the heads of those schools and to look into how we can continue to serve their unique recruiting needs, while offering them the option of a new fair in their region.

The mission of the LAHC is to “bring together centers of educational excellence reflecting the best of British and international educational practice in order to share expertise for school improvement in a spirit of reciprocal altruism that benefits all parties.” They meet annually at locations around the region and feel it is important to develop and nurture a professional learning community within the region by sharing experiences within and beyond the association. There were many activities happening throughout the conference for administrators, teachers, and students as well.

A couple of unexpected highlights: Jennifer, Bob and David enjoyed reuniting with Search Associates candidates whom they had placed in schools around the region, and they took a trip to nearby Colegio Nueva Granada, another Search (non-British) member school located near the conference venue in Bogota.

Did You Know…?

During the past year, Search Associates has assisted over 3,000 teachers, counselors, librarians, and administrators find jobs.