News: Search Hong Kong Job Fair - Jan 26, 2015
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Monday, January 26, 2015General News

Search Hong Kong Job Fair

Demonstrating a 53% jump in attendance from last year, 48 schools attended the 7th annual Search Hong Kong Job Fair during January 16th - 18th. However, Fair Organizer Senior Associate Dr. Barry Drake dubbed it "a fair for candidates" for its 3:1 candidate-to-school ratio. Indeed, 147 candidates found ample opportunity among the 353 job openings. Recruiters conducted a total of 513 interviews and made over 80 offers with many more to come this week.
One candidate exclaimed,

"…it's incredible [!] I have had 4 offers this weekend compared to nothing last week."

while one satisfied recruiter commented,

"…great candidate base; we have been interviewing flat out for the two days."

The Search Associates Hong Kong Fair is appealing for its size and focus. Since its inception 7 years ago, the aim of the Fair has been to provide a setting of connectivity and family by capping the number of overseas schools invited to around 50 and holding the event at a local school. Candidates who attend are clearly concentrated on securing a job in the broader Asia region. The Fair is also recognized as being attended by a high proportion, over 50%, of professionals with 10 or more years of experience in international schools. Moreover, around 20% of the teachers who attend are of Chinese ethnicity, making Search Hong Kong the fair for recruiters to locate Mandarin teachers. Finally, Search Hong Kong takes place over a weekend only, so attendees need not miss work days from their current positions.

This year Senior Associate Ray Sparks, and his wife Mary, assisted Barry and Veronica Drake at the Fair held at the Chinese International School. Attendees praised the well-organized event, grateful for its relaxed atmosphere.

Did You Know…?

Senior associate Harry Deelman was a student under Alec Peterson ("father of the IB") in the 1960's, and was shown the DP hexagon very soon after its creation.