Dr. Barry Drake

Dr. Barry Drake

Senior Associate

Mijas Malaga, Spain

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Barry Drake joined Search Associates in 2010 following 40 years teaching and leadership in international schools in Africa, the Middle East, South East and East Asia, including periods in with the United World Colleges in Wales and Hong Kong. Barry was responsible for setting up the Fair in Hong Kong, where he spent the last 18 years of his school-based career. In 2009, Barry was presented with the ECIS Award for the Promotion of International Education. Barry's commitment to international education has been shaped by 26 years of involvement with the IB programmes incorporating over 20 years as an IB History examiner and moderator. Barry also has considerable experience with bilingual, bi-cultural education in the Middle East and China, and has shared his research on culture and education both in workshops and in his published papers. He has a BA in Economics and Modern History, and an MA in Economic History. His Ph.D in Education was awarded by the University of Bath (UK) for his research on pastoral care programmes in international schools. Barry was instrumental in developing comprehensive personal and social education programmes, including University and Careers Guidance, for students in his last two schools. Barry's other major areas of interest lie in the fields of teacher improvement/appraisal policies and in the opportunities for transformational educational offered through service learning. Outside of Search Associates, Barry has recently helped set up the new United World College in China as a senior consultant and Interim Founding Head.  

Contact: bdrake@searchassociates.com

Veronica Drake, Executive Assistant

Drake, Veronica

Veronica Drake helps Barry advise his candidates. She has considerable experience with international education having taught Biology, General Science and Mathematics in Brunei, Bahrain, Dubai, Sri Lanka and Japan as well as Hong Kong. Veronica ended her teaching career at the French International School in Hong Kong where she spent 16 years, much of that time as a very successful IB1 Head of Year and CAS coordinator. Veronica and Barry have six children and numerous grandchildren to keep them busy. Their children are typically 'third-culture' kids now located in Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and UK. Five of them involved in international education.

Email: barryd47@gmail.com
Mobile: (34) 65492348
Skype: bvdrake

Did You Know…?

Search Associates responds to Child Protection recommendations with substantial changes to their candidate application. These changes will help us gather the most complete candidate profile possible, making the evaluation/hiring process for international schools more efficient and effective.