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Latin America (Virtual)

April 6 - 7, 2024


Fair Organizers: Jennifer Imholt, Robert Imholt

Search Associates Latin America Job fair will be a virtual fair coming in April 2024. This region specific event is exclusively for qualified educators with a passion and interest in working in the region of Latin America. It is designed to help meet the recruiting needs of schools in North and South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

For the upcoming recruiting cycle, we have decided to move the fair later in the year. We will maintain our fair on a VIRTUAL platform which we hope will provide a practical way for both recruiters and candidates to meet and interview for positions in the region.

The event takes place on April 6 to April 7, 2024. Please note the following:

  • Open to Search schools from around Latin America offering any curriculum.
  • Domestic and International school-experienced teachers who have taught any major international curriculum may request an invitation.
  • Only candidates strongly interested in working in Latin America should request invitations to our Latin America Fair.
  • Candidates must have an active Search profile to request an invitation.

The Latin America Fair (Virtual) is for an invited list of quality international schools from the Americas. Around 150 candidates and close to 30 schools are expected. This fair is intended for candidates with a passion for working in this colorful and exciting part of the world.

Criteria for Attendance:

SCHOOLS: This is a regional  fair, open to all Search Associates member schools recruiting  from around Latin America: Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean.


CANDIDATES: Search Associates-registered candidates of all nationalities, with domestic and/or international teaching experience in all subjects, curriculums and specialist fields are welcome to request an invitation to attend the Latin America Fair. Most importantly, candidates must have a strong desire to work in this region!

Interested recruiters/schools may request an invitation from your school dashboard or contact Jennifer Imholt. Invitations for active candidates will be issued from January 1, 2024.

Email: jimholt@searchassociates.com

Interested candidates must be registered with a branch of Search Associates if they wish to attend the Latin America Fair (Virtual).

  • Candidates who are already registered with Search Associates should notify their Search sponsor of their interest in this fair and request an invitation.
  • Candidates who have been registered with Search Associates in the past should re-register with the same associate and request an invitation to this fair.
  • Candidates who are new to Search and wish to attend the Latin America Fair: Please look first at the region in which you live and register with the associate responsible for the region; If you are international (living outside of the US, UK, Canada, Australia/New Zealand), you may register with Jennifer Imholt.

Search Associates job fairs are issued by invitation only to candidates who have been fully accepted as members, and are in active status. This process assures our candidates they are getting to the right fair with the guidance of their Senior Associate and team members. 


Please note this is the only virtual fair remaining in the Search line-up for the 2023 -24 recruiting cycle. Many schools from the region will be present at IN-PERSON fairs, and if at all possible, candidates should take advantage of the wonderful opportunity to meet recruiters face-to-face at one of our fairs such as San Francisco, Toronto or Cambridge where these schools recruit.


In order to better manage our fairs, we are capping the number of attendees so that we can provide better support to both our member schools and candidates in attendance. To that end, we expect that this virtual fair may fill up quickly, and possibly with little warning. 

Did You Know…?

During the past year, Search Associates has assisted over 3,000 teachers, counselors, librarians, and administrators find jobs.