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October Global Virtual Fair

October 30 - November 2, 2020


Fair Organizers: Gez Hayden, Ray Sparks, Bill Turner

Search Associates Leadership, East Asia and Dubai Job Fairs 2020 are combining into a single virtual job fair. This global fair is exclusively for educators with international school experience gained beyond their home country, in an international school (Leadership, Middle Management including Coordinators, Counselors, Librarians and Athletic Directors, and Teachers in all fields/grade levels).

It takes place on October 31 to November 01. Please note the following:

  • Open to all schools worldwide, offering any curriculum, however, we anticipate largely schools from Central, East and South East Asia, and the Middle East will request an invitation.
  • International school-experienced teachers who have taught any major international curriculum may request an invitation.
  • Internationally experienced and aspiring Leadership, Administrator and Coordinator candidates from any region of the world may request an invitation.
  • The October Global Virtual Fair is not appropriate for candidates holding domestic experience only. Domestic-only experienced candidates should please request invitations to our November Latin America and/or December Global Virtual Fairs

The Search Associates October Global Virtual Fair is intended for Search member schools from all regions. Schools offering any major international school curriculum are welcome to attend.

Attending schools will find that candidates at this Fair must have prior international school experience in order to qualify for an invitation. We welcome both teaching and leadership candidates, who are fully activated Search candidates with complete profiles and confidential references. Schools should know candidates are advised that they should be open to opportunities in as wide a range of locations as possible, in order to benefit fully from the Fair.

Experience has shown us that for a virtual fair, schools need to deploy a team of recruiters in order to efficiently manage the range of tasks involved - researching, reference-checking, evaluating and interviewing applicants, and due to the need to schedule interactions across different time zones. For this reason, we have introduced a single per school registration fee for this event.

Schools can request invitations to attend the Fair from your dashboard in your Search Associates account, from August 16 2020. We very much hope to welcome you to our October Global Virtual Fair.

Please email any questions to Bill Turner on bturner@searchassociates.com.

The Search Associates October Virtual Fair 2020 welcomes member schools from all over the world. Attending candidates should therefore be open to opportunities in a wide range of locations, in order to gain the most benefit from attending the event.

Please note that in order to be invited to the Fair, candidates must have prior international school teaching experience gained beyond their home country. However, there is no restriction on curriculum experience - attending schools will be seeking candidates with experience in any of the major international school curricula. Both leadership and teaching candidates are welcome to attend.

This Fair combines the Dubai UAE November, East Asia and Leadership physical fairs into a virtual format, due to pandemic conditions making a physical conference-style job fair currently impractical and unsafe. This is our way of maintaining the flow of international teaching opportunities for our candidates, and of enabling our member schools to continue to interact directly with qualified and experienced educators.

Candidates who are fully activated Search Associates members may request an invitation to this fair from their dashboard in their Search account, via their own Senior Associate. Your Search account should be complete with the required configuration of confidential references, resume/CV and other documents uploaded, and biographical notes. Candidate invitations can be requested from August 16 2020.

As this is a virtual fair, candidates need to be available, with due regard to candidate and school time zones, over the full course of the event. Interviews may possibly be scheduled by schools during the days that follow the published fair dates also.

As part of the interview sign-up process, candidates will be able to directly request interviews with the attending schools for their open positions, appropriate to their experience and qualifications.

We look forward to welcoming appropriately qualified and experienced Search Associates candidates to our October Global Virtual Fair.  Please email any questions to Ray Sparks on rsparks@searchassociates.com

The organisers of the October Global Virtual Fair are Senior Associates Gez Hayden, Ray Sparks and Bill Turner.

During the course of the event, live support for schools and for candidates will be provided both by the organising team, and by other Search colleagues, in the aim of covering all relevant time zones as fully as possible.

Nearer to the start date of the event, the organising team will provide candidates and schools with full orientation and instructions for the practical implementation of the event. We are of course ready to answer any questions participants may have, prior to and during the event itself. For schools and candidates, a virtual fair requires careful and extensive preparation in order to derive optimum benefit from the experience. The need for managing your time, good communication, keeping on top of scheduled interactions, and making time for research is more accentuated in the context of a virtual fair, than is the case for a traditional physical job fair. Our aim, therefore, is to fully support candidates and schools in achieving those goals through deploying our team of experienced Senior Associates.

Did You Know…?

Since 1990, Search Associates has assisted over 40,000 educators to find jobs in international schools around the world.