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Sally Gordon

Senior Associate

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West Chester PA 19380, USA
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Region: Michigan, Maryland, South East Pennsylvania, Delaware, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, District of Columbia, New Jersey, Kansas, Missouri


A warm welcome to the West Chester Office (WCO) of Search Associates! As the WCO begins our tenth year with Search, we are so pleased to begin the academic year welcoming you with our exciting new and improved web site. We are proud to add this upgrade to the myriad of services we already offer to our candidates and schools. As with anything new, please let us know if you have any questions about the new site. We’re here to help you!

A graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, I hold a BA in Music and an MA in Education. I have worked in International Schools in Iran, Tanzania and Peru as well as in the states. My diverse background ranges from being Middle School Principal in Dar es Salaam to teaching music at the preschool level. I also have experience in both Middle and Elementary classroom teaching and theatrical production as well as personal,

academic,college and career counseling. I embrace change and enjoy working with candidates as they explore options for the next leg of their journey.

Involved in many aspects of counseling throughout my career as an educator, I have held positions as Director of a Career Center at a four year college in Pennsylvania and just prior to joining Search Associates, served as Guidance and College Counselor at Colegio Roosevelt in Lima.

Joining Search Associates presented itself as a perfect opportunity to combine my interpersonal strengths and experiences as an educator while staying actively involved in International Education. In addition to my work in teaching, administration and counseling, I have also spent time in the business world where I served as Director of a Sylvan Learning Center.

On a lighter note, I had the opportunity to take a sabbatical from my working life to enjoy 3 years aboard a sailing catamaran exploring the seas of the world with my husband Robert Harnwell, who is also a seasoned educator as well as a sailor. Bob is the other half of our team at the WCO of Search Associates. More about Bob in "meet my team".

I consider myself a strong counselor and facilitator. Equally at home working with groups of young children, adolescents and adults, I am a skilled workshop coordinator in the areas of Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills. Perhaps the greatest skill I continue to share as a Senior Associate is my enthusiasm to work together with teachers and administrators in helping them to make the perfect match of educator to school.

I have been a member of the Search Associates Family since August of 2002 and look forward to many more years of welcoming candidates to the West Chester Office!

Robert Harnwell, Executive Assistant

Robert Harnwell aka Bob. Yours with the local news in the West Chester Office!

Here's my team, my colleague, my husband my Executive Assistant, and YOUR go to guy in the West Chester Office. If you're looking for news of your file, he's your man! If I'm not available to help you, Bob is!

Robert Harnwell, math teacher and furniture builder and sailor extraordinaire is standing by to be of assistance to you a the WCO.

A math teacher for many moons, at Friends Select School in Philadelphia, at the International School of Tanganyika in Tanzania, and at Colegio Roosevelt in Lima, Bob is a terrific guy to call and chat with. Check up on your file. What do you still need, he'll tell you. What if you're feeling frustrated, he'll listen to you and give you some ideas to get you psyched up about your search again.

We do our best to make sure one of us is in the office to take your calls, but if you get the voice mail, PLEASE leave a detailed message and be sure to include a convenient number and time for us to get back to you, and get back to you we will.

Our goal, as that of every other office at Search Associates, is to support you through the job search process. We begin our tenth year with renewed enthusiasm and are eager to welcoming you back if you're a returning candidate and warmly welcoming you to the fold if you're new.

Wherever you are in your search, let us know how we can help you.

Office: 484-356-0971

Breanna Schmidt, Administrative Assistant

Hello! My name is Breanna Schmidt, and I have been given the opportunity to intern with Search Associates for the Fall Semester of 2013. I am originally from South Jersey where I began my education at a community college with a degree in Elementary Education. I transferred to Bloomsburg University in 2010, and changed my major to Communication Studies. I will be graduating in December of 2013 and am looking forward to the journey I have ahead of me!

During my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I grew up in a small family; therefore, I enjoy spending time with different people as much as possible. I am very excited for my experience I have with Search Associates and look forward to becoming more familiar with the company as well!

Skype: bschmidt8990


Please come back and visit this page on a regular basis for updated articles on topics to help you in your job search.

I will try to cover the following areas of interest throughout the year.

If there's something you'd like addressed that you feel would be helpful to other candidates, please let me know and I'll do my best to post an article.


  • Résumé Writing
  • Cover Letters - Keeping it Short and Sweet
  • Keeping an Open Mind
  • Tips of the Trade for your SKYPE Interviews
  • Fear Factor - Requesting References from your Present Supervisors
  • What Makes YOU Stand out in a Crowd (the good things!)
  • Alphabet Soup of International Schools

Look forward to seeing you back here soon!


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Did You Know…?

President of Search Associates, Jessica Magagna, was born in Morocco and attended the American Community School in Iran while her father was headmaster.