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My international schools consulting work is active and ongoing. Please feel free to use the contact information below and on these pages to address the college and university counseling needs at your school. Here is a short bio of my long career.

Jack Murphy has enjoyed a distinctive career in international education.

For more than thirty years Mr. Murphy taught, coached soccer, and counseled students throughout the world. In addition, Jack served as a Director of College Counseling at eight international schools and two independent schools in the United States. During his career Jack lived in twelve countries on five continents. During that time he  advised more than 2,000 expatriate American students and foreign students to search, discover, apply and find placement in a wide varity of appropriate colleges and universities. 

From 1989 to 2009 Mr. Murphy served as the Director of College and University Counseling at international and American Schools in Spain, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Kenya, Germany, Indonesia, Taiwan and Abu Dhabi. He returned to the Boston area in 2010 and moved into the world of independent college advising while also providing short-term consulting and training to schools abroad. Over the past nine years Mr. Murphy found time to bring his expertise to a number of locations. Those locations ranged widely from training Chinese college counselors new to the field to starting a new college counseling program in Korea.

From 2012 to the present Jack actively provided short-term interim college advising and consulting services for American and International Schools located in mainland China, South and Central America, Hong Kong, Egypt, Europe, Korea, India and Singapore.

Jack looks forward to applying his specialist skills and extensive knowledge in starting new, or developing and/or improving college and university advising programs. He is available for interim positions or shorter visitations in 2020. If an unexpected situation should arise or develop please feel free to contact Jack via email or by phone. I will be present at the Search Fair in Boston if you wish to discuss your current or future school needs at that time.


VOCA or the 'VISITING OVERSEAS COLLEGE ADVISING' program is a college counseling and consulting service provided through SEARCH ASSOCIATES. The purpose of the program is to provide an alternative approach to seeking or hiring a full-time college, university or careers counselor/advisor for newer, smaller, changing, or growing international schools.

Mr. Murphy can also serve in a short “interim capacity” when circumstances necessitate that solution. Moreover, mr. murphy can visit your school and perform an in-house assessment with recommendations to change or improve your college and university advising program.

Jack has over thirty years of experience in international education as a teacher, soccer coach and Director of College and University Counseling. In total, Jack served as a Director of College Counseling and University Placement at eight international and overseas American schools on five continents.

Since 2012, Mr. Murphy has provided VOCA college counseling consulting services, in one form or another, to international schools in Argentina, Hong Kong, Egypt, China, Panama, Spain, Singapore, Korea and in India.

VOCA can provide any or all of the following services:

  • Enable a highly experienced college counselor to physically visit your school once, twice or several times a semester.

  • Counsel and advise students on their higher education options and application to universities in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia or elsewhere.

  • Hold Individual counseling ses­sions for students and parents on your campus.

  • Present to students, parents, faculty and administration on a broad range of topics.

  • Provide full support, training and/or mentoring to a selected person and/or faculty member.

  • Organize each visit to meet the specific and expressed needs of school and population.

  • Provide an ongoing and seamless support to students, parents and teachers.

  • Manage continued ad­vising and communication for students via email, Skype calls, on­line conferencing.

  • Advocate for the stu­dents and your school at many of their selected and best suited universities and colleges.

To discuss details, fees or to plan a possible VOCA consulting visit to your school please email Jack Murphy, Subject line: VOCA

Consultant, Search Associates at or call 617 202 5678, or 617 866 0092 (cell) in Boston, to leave a message.

Call soon if you wish to plan for 2020, Thank You!

VOCA Cost and Fees

VOCA is a college counseling consulting program based on school visits and additional support. A "visit" may consist of a week or several weeks at a time. All visits are based on the specific needs of the school and the expressed purpose of the visit. A longer term visitation or "interim" program can be arranged for a school quarter or semester.

What occurs during a VOCA visit? A visit can be designed to initiate and begin a college and career program in a new school or provide an assessment or audit of the current configuration and services in college and university advising. Or, it can be designed to train school personnel in college counseling. In addition, it may simply enable an overview of the program and suggestions for improvement prior to an accreditation process.

Over the past eight years Mr. Murphy provided such visits on eleven different occasions and was asked to work directly with students; train and mentor in-school personnel; present information to parent groups; create, or "start-up," a new college and university guidance program for new or young international schools. He has also been hired to develop a long-range plan for the improvement of a counseling department; or analyze and change the emphasis or direction of a program that was not meeting the needs or expectations of the students and school community.

The average fee for a week-long trip may range from $3000 to $4500. In addition, all flight, transportation, hotel and living expenses expenses are covered by the school. A "week" consists of five professional work days plus two travel days. Compensation for monthly or longer interim-type visits would be based on the needs, location, and budgetary considerations of the school.

Mr. Murphy is glad to discuss a specific, individual school plan, fee structure and cost with a head of school or an authorized school administrator. Please call his home number in Boston at 617 202 5678, or email Jack directly at

I look forward to working with you, your students, your parent community and your school in 2020.

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Robert Barlas is the author of the Teaching Overseas Handbook.