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Colegio Alberto Einstein, Quito (Ecuador)

Nov 14, 18
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Colegio Alberto Einstein, Quito, Ecuador


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effective August 2019

The Colegio Einstein Mission

We are a not-for-profit, bilingual, secular educational community founded by the Jewish Community of Ecuador, based on universal principles of Jewish culture and centered on students’ holistic education. Our contribution to society is educating well-rounded, analytical, and critical students endowed with ethical values and the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a changing world.

Our Vision

To be a leader in educating students, providing a world-class academic level, ensuring a professional staff and introducing innovations, all this in a warm, welcoming and motivating environment.

What We Believe In

  1.  We believe in the worth of people without distinction of ethnicity, culture, gender, religion, economic situation, or level of education.
  2.  We believe that an individual’s rights are inviolable, that every right implies responsibilities, and at the same time that the common good should take precedence over individual interests.
  3. We believe in the humanistic values of the Jewish culture.
  4. We believe in education as a contribution to the existence of a better society.
  5. We believe that every educational institution should instil awareness about healthy living without the consumption of harmful substances.
  6. We believe in a holistic education that encompasses languages, mathematics, experimental sciences, social sciences, arts, sports, community service, research, and thinking skills.
  7. We believe in the ongoing renewal of teaching and its methods.
  8. We believe that all people can optimize their potential and are capable of achieving their goals and that the institution should provide the attention, support and means necessary for them to achieve those goals.
  9. We believe that all people should contribute to improving the society in which they live.
  10. We believe that all people feel realized when dedicated to whatever motivates them most.


In May 1973, a group of members of the Israeli Charitable Association of Quito, now the Jewish Community of Ecuador, resolved to found a school with education based on the ongoing pursuit of academic excellence, a school that would open its doors to children and young people without distinctions of nationality, race or religious creed, and that, within the framework of a secular educational concept, would offer studies of Hebrew and the History of Israel geared to creating a better understanding of the millenarian Jewish culture.

The school was defined from its beginnings as an Ecuadorian-Hebrew Educational Institute, whose principal aim was to educate and shape children and young people to act as responsible citizens, respectful of human dignity and cultural and social diversity, and armed with knowledge and character to face life.

The name of Albert Einstein was chosen thinking about everything that he represented for humanity and for the Jewish people. This citizen of the world had thoughts and a field of action with global outreach, and at the same time he managed to maintain his Jewish identity, even in circumstances that were difficult not only for him but also for his people.

Since 1996 Colegio Einstein has been an IB World School, authorized to offer the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (PYP), the Middle Years Program (MYP), and culminating in the Diploma Program. Since 2008, the school has been a member of AASSA (Association of American Schools in South America). In 2010 it received the accreditation that AdvancED awards to quality educational institutions.

The Colegio Einstein Community

The school is a well-established, bilingual (Spanish and English) K-12 IB World School offering the PYP, MYP and IB Diploma. We have approximately 670 students. Students, parents and staff describe us as welcoming, supportive and professional. We are very proud of our achievements in the delivery of our programs, satisfaction ratings from students, parents and staff, and in the excellent feedback we receive from AdvancED, our accreditation body, and from the IB.

We are recognized as one of the best schools in Ecuador because of our excellent academic credentials. About half of our recent graduates attend universities in the USA, with the remainder opting for Canada, Ecuador and elsewhere in South America, as well as Europe and the Middle East.

We expect a great deal of our students, both academically and personally; and they are enthusiastically committed to the projects they are given in science, the arts, humanities or social sciences because these correspond to the variety of their interests and capabilities. This education takes place within a framework of values education and the development of the personal autonomy and skills necessary for life-long learning. We implemented the Character Counts! values program across the school in 2017.

Jewish Studies enrich our students by providing them with the framework of values that Judaism has contributed to all humankind.

All of these elements mark a significant difference in the education of our students and enable them to gain access to top universities in Ecuador and abroad, and later to take leadership positions in their professional activities.

We are protagonists of important initiatives in the national educational community, and we collaborate with many local institutions. We do this working from the perspective of the Jewish concept of Tzedaka´, which is based on the premise of social justice and views others as people deserving respect and personal, family and collective wellbeing.

One of the school’s greatest strengths lies in our teaching, administrative and service staff, made up of a group of highly qualified people with personal warmth and commitment.

School Governance and Administrative Structure

The school Board is composed of a President, a Vice-president and eleven other members. The Board is responsible for making decisions related to school governance. An Executive Committee composed of the Board President, the Director and the Executive Director (Business Manager) serves as a link between the school and the board, so that the latter can make informed decisions when fulfilling its responsibilities. The Director is responsible for the day-to-day running of the school. The School is divided in three sections with a separate Principal for Preschool, Primary and Secondary.


We have a dedicated space for children in the Preschool section, including ample green areas and recreational spaces, a vegetable garden and a collection of small animals, a sandbox, a customized kitchen, classrooms and work spaces for Hebrew, art, music, and theater.

Both the Preschool and Primary School areas have playgrounds that offer a variety of age-appropriate equipment. Each section of the school has recreational areas, basketball courts and soccer fields. We also have a gymnasium with a capacity for 600 people, as well as a soccer field and track facility with covered bleachers.

Our classrooms are suited to the needs of students in the different sections of the school and are all equipped with computers and projectors. There are also academic support rooms and a multipurpose room with a capacity of 200 people. We have science laboratories connected to a central prep and store room. The architectural complex known as the JAI (Hebrew for “life”) includes a 330-seat theater and specialized classrooms for the arts.

The modern library houses a collection of 35,000 volumes and includes ample space offering materials organized by subjects, reading rooms, an area for young readers, the reading center, an archaeological exhibit, a Jewish collection, a computer lab and the Primary School Resource Center.

Last year saw the first phase of the implementation of a Technology and Learning Plan which equips Preschool and early Primary students with iPads, provides Chromebooks for Upper Primary and which makes Bring your Own Device compulsory in Secondary.

In addition, there is a spacious self-service cafeteria with microwaves for use by students and staff, as well as a separate snack bar for Secondary.

The Medical Department includes an examining room, a waiting room and two rest areas, in addition to an infirmary in the Preschool section. There is a full-time doctor and nurse.

The Faculty

We have a total of 112 teachers, of whom around 70% are Ecuadorian, 15% are from the USA and 5% are from Cuba. Faculty members are also from the following countries: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, France, Hungary, Israel, the UK, Uruguay and Venezuela. We have a large Psychology/Student Support Department, and each Preschool and Primary class has a teacher assistant. Ample professional development opportunities are available.


Colegio Einstein is an IB World School offering the Primary Years Program, the Middle Years Program and the Diploma Program. We also satisfy the requirements of the Ecuadorian national program. Preschool has three grade levels and a total of 140 children.  Primary contains Grades 1 to 5 with around 45 students per grade. There are approximately 300 students in the Secondary School, most of whom have been attending Colegio Einstein since Preschool. The average MYP class has 15.9 students, with 15.7 in Diploma classes.

Most students complete the full IB Diploma, but a few are advised to follow IB Diploma courses. The average total score for the Diploma over the past few years is 30 points, and the average top score is 39 points. There are 40-50 candidates each year. Our graduates enter colleges and universities throughout the world, mainly in the USA and in Ecuador.

The school has no special provision for children with significant learning differences, but we are able to offer support for those with mild learning needs.

Candidate Profile

The school is seeking to appoint an experienced and energetic Director who can lead the next phase of the school’s development.

Candidates should ideally be able to demonstrate the following:

  •  Extensive successful experience in a senior leadership position at a comparable school;
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of IB programmes;
  • A record of excellence in instructional and curricular leadership;
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Ability to further links across all areas of the school;
  • Ability to foster collaboration and partnership between staff, Board, parents and the wider community;
  • Experience in systems and practices of continuous improvement;
  • Commitment to international education and knowledge of international school trends;
  • Experience in the recruitment, mentoring and evaluation of faculty;
  • Sensitivity towards, and familiarity with, a diverse range of student learning needs;
  • Cross-cultural openness and understanding;
  • Proficiency in Spanish and English.

Salary & Benefits

The successful candidate will be appointed on an initial three-year term. The remuneration package is regionally competitive. Further details will be given to interviewees.

Particulars of the Search

All candidates wishing to apply should send a full CV with photograph, letter of application (no longer than two pages) explaining your strengths as a candidate and how your qualifications and experience align with the candidate profile, to the current Director, Mr. John Gillespie. Names, addresses, emails and day-time telephone numbers of at least three persons who may be contacted for references must be given; these should be direct supervisors or persons in senior positions of responsibility who can validate the applicant’s performance and should include the current employer.

All the above must be copied into A SINGLE PDF ATTACHMENT or a shared Google Doc and sent by email to as soon as possible but no later than Friday, 14 December. Please write “Director Application” in the message subject header. It is expected that an appointment will be made by the end of February. Any enquires should be directed to the email address given above.

Deadline for receipt of applications: Friday, 14 December



Attention: If you apply for this position, please inform the school and us ( that you saw the notice on the Search Associates website.

Please note this school is not a registered member of Search Associates.

Did You Know…?

Executive Vice President David Cope's career has taken him to Europe, Africa, North and Central America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.