Director of Teaching and Learning at American Embassy School, New Delhi in India
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Director of Teaching and Learning
American Embassy School, New Delhi (India)

Nov 8, 22
Feb 28, 23


School Details

The American Embassy School (AES) Delhi is a private, not-for-profit, day school for expatriate families based in India with diplomatic missions and aid agencies. The school is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and is sponsored in India by the US State Department. We have over 1000 students from 70 countries.

At the American Embassy School (AES), we strive to provide authentic and relevant academic and co-curricular programs that meet the needs of each student. We embrace collaboration, innovation, and professionalism as we provide a joyful, balanced learning environment for our students. We have a solid commitment to professional development that aligns with school-wide and personal learning objectives.

Position Summary

The Director of Teaching and Learning, shall provide leadership and coordination in the development and implementation of our curriculum and programming in PK–12. Responsibilities will include leading the AES professional learning program, working with staff on strategies for curriculum articulation, assessment, enrichment, and pedagogy, and serving as the school’s accreditation co-coordinator. The Director of Teaching and Learning will have senior level strategic decision-making authority within the realm of curriculum, teaching, and learning.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Advanced degree in education and/or educational administration, minimum of a Master’s Degree, preferably a Doctorate in Education.
  • Successful senior level school leadership experience in a PK– 12 setting and in related areas of professional development for faculty and staff, group facilitation, strategic planning, and recruitment.
  • Experience with the Accreditation process in an International School.

Application process

The American Embassy School offers competitive compensation and a generous benefits package. To apply, please include a letter of application in which you thoughtfully explain why you believe that this role at AES would be an excellent match for your experience, skills, and passions, and send it to the HR Director, Alfons Madoc, at

Position Summary


  • Conduct new teacher orientation for the school’s instructional, curricular, and assessment programs.
  • Embed and foster the Understanding by Design curriculum planning process within all curricular areas.
  • Collaborate with administration and PK–12 vertical curriculum teams to ensure the coordination, impact, and articulation of the PK–12 program.
  • Support lead teachers, subject area coordinators, and grade level representatives to ensure alignment and coordination.
  • Facilitate the regular review of curriculum through the Curriculum Review Cycle.
  • Collaborate with the Director of Technology to ensure the natural integration of technology into the curriculum.
  • Collaborate with Divisional Principals to ensure assessment data is utilized to continue to improve the school’s overall teaching and learning programs.
  • Make and share decisions in accordance with researched best practices.

Professional Learning

  • Oversee the professional development program collaborating with principals, staff in curriculum related positions, and lead teachers on the vertical teams; work together to identify most needed professional learning needs and opportunities.
  • Create, plan, and manage a professional development budget.
  • Identify the most appropriate model for professional learning (bring in consultants, send out teachers, use existing professional learning funds) to support the goals for professional learning.
  • Identify needed professional learning opportunities; identify and secure appropriate experts to support professional learning.
  • Facilitate collaboration with experts before and while they are on campus.
  • Evaluate impact of the professional learning experience for all stakeholder groups involved, paying close attention to whole-school professional learning that supports strategic initiatives.
  • Collaborate with staff in curriculum related positions to ensure high quality professional learning experiences.
  • Conduct in-house professional learning sessions, both small-scale and large-scale that employ best practices for professional learning, that exhibit a wide-range of strategies and modes, and that model and incorporate technology integration when appropriate,
  • Evaluate impact of the professional learning experiences for all stakeholder groups involved.

Resources and Materials

  • Secure resources (human, materials, time) to support the curriculum.
  • Develop and maintain K–12 professional libraries.
  • Respond to individual and group resource and material needs in support of implementation and monitoring of the curriculum.


  • Serve as a co-coordinator for accreditation activities with the Director.
  • Be responsible for the selection of accrediting agencies; make arrangements for visiting teams of accreditors; prepare interim reports and self-studies.
  • Co-facilitate with the Director regular reviews of recommendations related to accreditation reports.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervise the ES/MS/HS Teaching and Learning Coordinator.
  • Develop and manage a comprehensive budget for the Curriculum Office.
  • Educate the parent community as needed regarding the curriculum program at AES.
  • Collaborate with the Director regarding the status of curriculum and professional learning aspects of the strategic plan.
  • Other duties as assigned.

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