Elementary School Deputy Principal at Singapore American School in Singapore
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Elementary School Deputy Principal
Singapore American School (Singapore)

Appointed - No longer accepting applications
Oct 24, 13
Nov 10, 13

Singapore American School-Elementary School Deputy Principal


We thank you for your interest in possible opportunities at Singapore American School (SAS).

SAS is committed to providing each student with an exemplary American education.  Central to that work are our six "Institutional Commitments".  We are seeking faculty and staff who subscribe to these ideals and who wish to collaborate, innovate, and make a positive difference within the SAS community.  Our Institutional Commitments are:

1) Professional Learning Communities- Overarching Commitment

2) Common, Guaranteed, Viable Curriculum

  • Develop and refine quality UbD units in Atlas to clarify intended teaching and learning

3) Evidence of Learning 

  • Implement Assessment Guidelines (in 2013-14 include Grading Guidelines, in 2014-15 include Reporting Guidelines) to establish clarity, consistency, and coherence
  • Use data or evidence to inform decision-making

4) Great Teaching and Learning- Every Student, Every Day

  • Use appropriate instructional practices to support mastery of desired learning outcomes

5) Integration of Technology

  • Utilize technology integration to extend and enrich student learning

6) Healthy Organizational Culture

  • Exhibit the SAS Core Values of honesty, compassion, fairness, responsibility, and respect to support a positive and learning-focused culture

The Singapore American School is seeking an inspirational, visionary, and collaborative leader who will help the Elementary Administrative Team move the school forward with a vision for the future.

The Elementary Deputy Principal should be broadly knowledgeable about academic matters and instructional quality, committed to excellence, and possess a dynamic educational vision.  He or she will be required to be a presence in the elementary school, interacting with students, faculty, and parents in both formal settings and informally in the halls and at school functions.  The new Deputy Principal will be expected to serve as an ambassador to a wide-range of outside constituencies.

The exciting challenges and opportunities for this new leader will require sound judgment, imagination, energy and a thorough understanding of the educational needs of this international community. This person should enthusiastically support the mission, vision and the Six Institutional Commitments of SAS: Professional Learning Communities; Common Guaranteed Viable Curriculum; Great Teaching to Enhance Learning - Every Student, Every Day; Evidence of Learning; Integration of Technology; Healthy Organizational Culture.

Strengths of the Elementary School

  • Tradition of trusted, caring and involved leadership
  • Nurturing, hardworking teachers who are committed to the extraordinary care of their students and families
  • Clearly articulated curriculum and units of study
  • Pedagogy grounded in best practices and research
  • Well resourced, both in finances and in personnel
  • Strong Professional Learning Communities
  • Happy, engaged students
  • Strong parental  and community-wide support
  • Good relationship with the Middle School and High School

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Articulate and help to realize a future vision for the Elementary School based on the Elementary Research and Development Team’s findings
  • Continue to maintain a “small school” feel within the current elementary model by enhancing “extraordinary care” to each and every child
  • Continue to advance the curriculum and ensure a program for the future
  • Recognize and work with transition issues after merging the Primary School and the Intermediate School
  • Inspire and bolster mutual trust among faculty, staff, administrators and parents
  • Improve communication among divisions and with families

Terms of Employment

  • The Elementary School Deputy Principal is accountable to the Elementary School Principal and Superintendent of Schools. 
  • Salary and benefits shall be paid consistent with the SAS approved compensation plan for leadership positions.

Qualities and Characteristics Sought

  • Has a vision and philosophy for an elementary school that aligns with the SAS mission and vision
  • Passionate and inspiring educator who will be involved in the life of the division
  • Personal energy and excitement for the position and the school
  • Embraces diversity and values cultures from around the world
  • Effective communicator, good spokesperson
  • Will be visible and engaged
  • Open-minded, flexible decision-maker who can balance the needs of various constituencies and bring positive change
  • Strong instructional leader
  • Effective management style, collaborative leader who recognizes talent and develops future leaders
  • Ability to provide direct, useful feedback on teachers’ instructional practices
  • Relates well to children and will get to know the students
  • Caring and compassionate, good listener

Experiences Sought

  • Well-respected, trusted leader with administrative and teaching experience
  • Demonstrated collaborative leader, values relationships with faculty and staff
  • Current with research-based, cutting edge pedagogy
  • Participation on an effective Professional Learning Community
  • Experienced in project based learning
  • Demonstrated successful integration of technology for learning purposes
  • Prior experience or knowledge of modern language program models
  • Hold administrative certification degree
  • International experience ideal, though not required


Interested and qualified candidates should complete our on-line application via the following link.

http://www.sas.edu.sg/page.cfm?p=376 (“Working at SAS”)



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