Chief Operating and Financial Officer COO/CFO at International School of Beijing in China
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Chief Operating and Financial Officer COO/CFO
International School of Beijing (China)

Jan 17, 23
Apr 30, 23


Chief Operating and Financial Officer (COO/CFO) - JULY 2023

International School of Beijing is an extraordinary, non-profit school, with a history of excellence spanning more than 40 years. Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values are fulfilled by passionate, highly qualified educators who all want the best for every student, Early Years through grade 12.

Of utmost importance is the school's strong sense of community and vibrant, culturally diverse campus, where learning is engaging for our roughly 1,700 students representing around 50 countries. Research-based programs, high-quality teaching, and outstanding and ever-improving facilities mean students at ISB are being prepared for success in a world that keeps changing at a breathtaking pace.

ISB enjoys a proven track record of excellent learning outcomes, with students attending colleges around the world which are most appropriate for them. Our commitment to realizing students' potential is built around nurturing the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of each child. ISB programs equip students to be productive, healthy, and fulfilled young adults, whatever future they choose.


We care about students' growth as learners and as individuals who contribute to their community. We believe that young people are naturally curious, and we recognize each student as a unique individual with the potential to achieve. Our students are empowered to solve problems, question the world around them, and develop and test hypotheses in a collaborative, supportive environment.

ISB’s whole child approach gives the same priority to our young learners’ health and character as it does to their academic performance. Our students’ well-being is a cornerstone to their success and happiness. As they learn to work together, they grow to understand different perspectives and strengthen their social skills. We nurture children who develop independence and the ability to make positive, healthy choices. Importantly, we partner with parents to ensure that school is fun, motivating, and a place where every child can turn to a trusted adult for help and support.


ISB is conveniently located among one of Beijing's most popular expat neighborhoods in the city's northeast Shunyi District. Parks, international medical clinics, and supermarkets stocked with imported groceries are all just a short stroll away. While the local area has developed considerably since ISB established its campus in Shunyi more than a decade ago, it still retains its quaint charm that makes it a great place to live for singles, couples, and families.  

ISB has state of the art, sustainable,  award winning facilities. Our 32-acre campus, close to popular expat residential compounds, plays host to superior facilities:

  • 2 purpose-built sports domes providing over 8,500 m2 of space
  • A pharmaceutical-grade (H-14) air filtration system ensures exceptionally high air quality in all our indoor areas, averaging an AQI level of 1 throughout the school
  • 665-seat sports stadium, including running track and rugby pitch
  • 12 state-of-the-art science labs
  • 4 fully equipped gyms (one with a climbing wall)
  • Flexible learning spaces, including design labs and 'collaboratories'
  • 2 library-media centers with more than 82,000 volumes and over 160 magazine subscriptions
  • Our performing arts wing consists of a 600-seat theater, an elementary school theater, Black Box theater, rehearsal spaces, recording studio, dance studios, and studio stage



ISB is a progressive, dynamic workplace where students come first and where teachers and support staff are highly valued for the gifts and talents they bring to these young learners. The school offers many opportunities for professional growth, both on campus and with access to workshops and conferences across the globe.

Faculty and support staff (totaling more than 360) represent numerous nationalities, including many from Australia, Canada, China, France, India, the Philippines, the U.K., and the U.S.

At ISB, you will be part of a great team of professionals providing a learning culture which enhances the students’ academic abilities through serving their social-emotional needs and physical health. We have an unwavering commitment to safeguarding children, providing a safe place to learn and play, surrounded by a team of adults who want only the best for each child. Working at ISB is rewarding (in both a professional and financial sense) and because we are all working towards a common goal – to make ISB the best international school in the world.

Beijing is undergoing an economic, cultural, and artistic renaissance. Only by living in arguably the world’s most important city and serving in this remarkable school will you fully understand and appreciate the gifts that Beijing and China can give.

The principles of trust, empathy, and professionalism allow everyone to thrive in their own way at ISB.





The COO/CFO has full responsibility and accountability for all school business operations. This includes responsibility for short- and long-term planning for school operations as well as supporting the efficient operation of Human Resources, Facilities, ICT, Government Affairs, Safety and Security, and the Business departments.  The COO/CFO is expected to effectively direct the goal setting and supervise and evaluate the performance of these departments and department leaders.  The COO/CFO has full responsibility of all personnel functions within their departments. 


The position is specifically responsible for the school’s financial planning and business operations.  This responsibility includes budget formulation and control, producing financial analysis summaries, and ensuring compliance with tax regulations, tax audits and filings.  In addition, the position will coordinate external audits and conduct/coordinate risk management assessments and implement the necessary risk mitigation actions. Successful school finance operations require the development and maintenance of good relationships with banks and tax bureaus, and strong communication and coordination with the Board of Trustees, the Board of Trustee’s Resource Committee and the ISBEF Limited Board. 


The COO/CFO will oversee all legal issues including contract administration, and perform any other duties as assigned by the Head of School. 




Professional Qualifications 

  • A degree in management, finance, or equivalent relevant area. 
  • Proven success in leading a comparable organization at an executive level.
  • Demonstrable budget and finance expertise.
  • Proven experience as a planner and implementer. 
  • Ability to make and implement decisions while building a team.
  • Strong management, negotiations, and communication skills.
  • Experience working in China is an advantage 
  • International school experience preferred 

Personal Qualifications

  • A strong leader who solves problems and is committed to the ownership of problems or issues. 
  • A mature person who takes the lead and delegates responsibility.
  • A supportive leader who actively engages in the continued growth and development of leaders and teams.   
  • Possesses strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to communicate and to listen.
  • Proven ability to build a team, to work across cultures, and to be fair and consistent. 


Candidates should submit the following to ISB Human Resources Director, Jenny Whitaker, at :

  • Brief letter of application stating reason for interest in the position.
  • A current CV/ resume not to exceed two pages.
  • One page statement of leadership.
  • List of four referees, including one from a current supervisor.

Candidates wishing to learn more about ISB may visit .


Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Dr. Barry Drake has over 40 years' experience in administration and teaching in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South East and East Asia.