Deputy Head of School (Curriculum and Instruction) at Canadian International School, Singapore in Singapore
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Deputy Head of School (Curriculum and Instruction)
Canadian International School, Singapore (Singapore)

Aug 17, 21
Sep 30, 21


The Canadian International School of Singapore seeks a

Deputy Head of School (Curriculum and Instruction)

For the 2021-2021 school year

Closing Date for Applications:  September 30, 2021

Starting Date: August 1, 2022


Diversity of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives strengthen us as a learning community.  We welcome applications from all who believe they have something of value to build a positive, supportive and inclusive school culture.

Our Vision

To unleash the potential of all individuals so they can own their future

Our Mission

Engage                         Enlighten                      Empower

Our Values

Collaboration                Curiosity                       Creativity

Generosity                    Respect              

We seek a visionary, collaborative educational leader who has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the teaching and learning principles articulated in our vision, mission and values throughout their career.   

You bring a relentless focus to improving teaching and learning and are an expert in using data to analyze student achievement and develop appropriate programs, strategies and interventions.

 About Our School

The Canadian International School (CIS) is an authorized International Baccalaureate (IB) World School, one of the few schools in Singapore to offer the IB continuum, PYP, MYP and DP. 

CIS has a student population of 3,000+ and a professional staff of 315.  The school offers students an opportunity to develop through a diverse and rigorous curriculum and a wide range of activities. 


Two campuses in Singapore

The Lakeside Campus (Nursery to Grade 12) adopts a school-within-a-school design, creating unique and distinct communities in a school that houses students from Nursery through to Grade 12. The school combines state-of-the-art classrooms, learning pods, and other learning spaces to support the inquiry-based approach and encourages a strong sense of community. 

The school is currently constructing a new wing that has been designed to meet the Nursery to Grade 1 students’ needs and includes Singapore’s largest outdoor discovery center.

The Tanjong Katong Campus (Nursery to Grade 6) caters to the needs of pre-kindergarten to grade 6 learners. CIS’ Tanjong Katong (TK) Campus is located in Singapore’s East Coast and features a mix of intimate indoor learning spaces and generous, leafy outdoor activity and sporting areas. Grade levels are clustered together to allow easy collaboration and sharing between grade levels. 


About the Position

In partnership with the Head of School, the Deputy Head shares responsibility for the continuous development and improvement of the school’s academic strategy and learning methods and ensuring excellent student outcomes.  

Responsibilities include executing school policies, the official observance of regulations by all academic employees, administration, supervision, leadership in school programmes, and all other educational, social and recreational activities connected with the school.


Key Responsibilities

  • Direct the continuous improvement of the Nursery to Grade 12 curriculum and its documentation 
  • Support and promote the school in the implementation of best practices in teaching and learning 
  • Direct the review and development of academic policies
  • Ensure compliance with IB authorization, WASC accreditation, and CPE certification requirements
  • Drive school improvement and quality assurance via the use of qualitative and quantitative data
  • Serve as the Chief Child Protection Officer.

Educational Responsibilities 

  • Oversee the curriculum and the administration of the campuses to ensure that these are delivered to meet the needs of all students. 
  • Demand ambitious standards for all, advancing equity, diversity and inclusion, instilling a strong sense of accountability in staff for the impact of their work on student outcomes.
  • Secure rich learning opportunities monitor the curriculum for quality and impact while ensuring student well-being.
  • Utilize various technology platforms, play-based, inquiry-based learning to enhance and support students’ development.
  • Provide continuous curriculum development, evaluation and supervision of all academic programmes at the school.
  • Keep up-to-date on modern educational practices through advanced study, visiting other schools, attending academic conferences, and other appropriate avenues.
  • Provide educational leadership to ensure implementation of key teaching and learning strategies across the curriculum to enhance students’ English proficiency and strengthen successes for students whose first language is not English.


  • Direct the Nursery to Grade 12 annual Curriculum Review Process (CRP) within the contexts of the IB Standards and Practices and CPE EduTrust requirements
  • Analyze and summarize the results of the annual CRP and provide a report to the Academic Board and Management Team
  • Coordinate the development of new curriculum and revisions of existing curriculum based on the results of the annual curriculum review. 
  • Coordinate curriculum committees and provide guidance on the setting of goals and means of achieving them
  • Establish and oversee the development process for the addition of new courses and/or programs

Teaching and Learning 

  • Provide leadership in aligning curriculum to the IB Standards and Practices, the academic criteria of the EduTrust Certification Guidance Document, WASC accreditation requirements, and the continual improvement of the school in alignment with these standards and criteria 
  • In collaboration with the principals and IB Coordinators, oversee the development and implementation of school-wide external professional development (i.e., consultants, conferences, etc.) 
  • Supervise the Academic division budget for select program resources and professional development 
  • Challenge students and staff to achieve high academic standards through the promotion of a standards-based curriculum

Academic Policies 

  • Lead the review of academic policies, the practices contained therein, and accompanying forms: 
  • Assist in the creation of new academic policies 
  • Ensure the availability of academic policies and their accompanying forms

Compliance with External Agencies 

  • Work with Principals and programme coordinators to ensure compliance with all IB programme authorization and evaluation requirements. 
  • Support the self-study process (when applicable) 
  • Ensure the development and submission of final copies of all reports required for this compliance 
  • In collaboration with the principals and coordinators, oversee the implementation of the Action Plans developed due to the Self-Study process. 
  • Ensure compliance with authorization and accreditation authorities 
  • Complete the annual internal review as requested by the Quality Assurance Manager 
  •  In collaboration with the Secondary School Principal, ensure compliance with WASC accreditation requirement


  • Develop and monitor the relevant sections of the Strategic Plan 
  • Serve as a member of the Senior Administration Team, Academic Board and Examination Board
  • Lead the work around how to increasingly use technology to improve the learning experience and student outcomes. 
  • Hold bi-weekly meetings with each campus Academic Team (Principal[s], Head of Innovative Learning, Head of English Language Learning and Head of Student Support & Well-being)
  • Oversee Student Support Services Team concerning writing policies, establishing procedures and implementing best practices 
  • Collaborate with the IB PYP, MYP, and DP Coordinators as they carry out their responsibilities

Additional Duties

  • Create an annual Individual Work Plan in consultation with the Head of School 
  • In collaboration with the Secondary Principal and Academic Board, complete analysis of the Student Pulse and relevant Staff and Parent surveys sections. 
  • Liaise with the Head of Communications on matters of communicating academic information to the parent and wider community 
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Head of School

Pivotal Experience & Expertise

  • A global thinker with at least five years of highly successful IB leadership experience across the three programmes in a well-regarded international school.  
  • A track record of accomplishments leading large education institutions and handling a large campus of ideally 1,500+ students.
  • A thorough understanding of the WASC and IB school improvement process
  • Experience in a for-profit school environment and understanding the need to balance academic and commercial aspects will be preferred.
  • Well-versed with all aspects of school operations and management, including; staffing, recruitment, employee management and programme development and evaluation and budgeting and planning.
  • Experience working in Asia and understanding the cultural diversity in an international school within Asia will be preferred.  
  • Experience in Bilingual language programmes is a bonus. 
  • Familiar with technology and values its fitting in educational practice, data analysis and administrative efficiency

Leadership Skills

Strategic Leadership 

  • A visionary who can articulate a clear, compelling and viable direction and purpose.
  • A strategic planner who can develop and implement clear, action-oriented, innovative growth strategies that differentiate the school.
  • An ethical leader who demonstrates high standards of integrity
  • A leader motivated by continuous improvement goals
  • A leader who seeks data and is making informed decisions based on facts and figures.

Team Building 

  • Create a high-performance culture through the effective recruitment, development and coaching of team members who are driven to exceed agreed objectives. 
  • Develop a culture characterized by individual and collective accountability, a shared focus and a collaborative approach to problem-solving.
  • Nurture a team of teachers and administrators motivated by continuous improvement goals.
  • Skilled in teacher and staff assessments and collegially developing effective personal growth plans.

Authentic leadership

  • An empathetic leader, able to listen, connect, teach, inspire and motivate.
  • Embrace diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Excellent Communicator 

  • Listens intently, thinks clearly and responds effectively to inquiries or challenges on a range of subjects. 
  • Makes effective and persuasive presentations on topics of importance to both internal and external stakeholders with complete transparency. 
  • Adept at gleaning and synthesizing information and at making clear and considered recommendations.

Personal Characteristics

  • A life-long learner with a deep knowledge of best practices related to teaching and learning within the IB framework and beyond.
  • A facilitator who can create and sustain a strong school culture by building relationships with students, parents, teachers and the community.
  • A results-oriented leader with a strong sense of accountability around building instructional capacity that improves student achievement.
  • A character builder who models the school’s values of collaboration, curiosity, creativity, generosity, respect
  • A contributor whose priority is making contributions to the success of others.

How to Apply 

Interested candidates are requested to send the information listed below as one single pdf file attachment to both:

Pete Corcoran Eunice Leung

Head of School Head of Human Resources

The application package must include:

  • A one-page letter of application explaining your strengths as a candidate and why you are interested in applying for this position.
  • A current resume not to exceed two pages.
  • A one-page statement outlining your educational philosophy and leadership style
  • A one-page list of references with the business, home phone numbers and e-mail addresses of three school administrators with whom you have worked
  • A maximum of three letters of reference (waived for candidates currently registered with Search Associates)

Additional information about our school can be found on the school’s website at

Initial closing date for applications – September 30, 2021 

CIS reserves the right to appoint a candidate before the application deadline should this prove desirable.  For this reason, it would be important for interested applicants to submit an expression of interest in the position at the earliest possible opportunity. 

Safeguarding Statement

The Canadian International School of Singapore is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all who work and learn with us.  All applicants to the school must be willing to undergo rigorous child protection screening, including checks with past employers and Disclosure and barring service checks.  

We reserve the right to contact past employers not listed in the candidate’s application.




Did You Know…?

Director of School Relations David Cope's career has taken him to Europe, Africa, North and Central America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.