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American School of Doha (Qatar)

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Feb 12, 14
Mar 14, 14


The American School of Doha, Qatar

Seeks a new Director

Commencing July, 2015


The American School of Doha

The American School of Doha (ASD) is an English-language day school offering an American curriculum, pre-kindergarten to grade 12, for expatriate families and Qatari nationals who seek a strong college preparatory program. ASD is an independent, non-profit, coeducational day school operating under the policies and by-laws of a twelve-member Board of Directors and a nine-member Board of Trustees, which is chaired by the U.S. Ambassador.

The American School of Doha was founded in 1988 and opened in a small villa to serve a small number of expatriate families. With increasing demand for high quality education in Qatar, a new campus was opened to house six hundred students in 1998-99, and with the explosive growth of Qatar in 2005, a new expansion project was undertaken that resulted in a new middle and high school on adjoining land and a complete renovation and expansion of the old campus for the elementary school. This project has increased the enrollment PK-12 to 2,100 students.

The surge of growth in ASD has resulted in the creation of a progressive school with an impressive and varied program that serves students from over 75 countries, including approximately 50% from North America and 10% from the host country of Qatar. The academic program has been a forerunner in professional learning and curriculum development and now enjoys a worldwide reputation for excellence. High school students have the opportunity to choose from either the Advanced Placement program or the IB Diploma program as part of their American high school diploma. ASD is fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Vision, Mission, and Core Values

The ASD community is constantly renewing and challenging itself through an active strategic planning process, which establishes the vision, mission, and core values of the school. This is a community-wide process and involves parents, students, teachers, administrators, and board members.

  • ASD is a vibrant learning community...
  • Where learning is fun
  • Where learning is creative
  • Where learning is authentic
  • Where learning is innovative
  • Where learning is collaborative
  • Where learning is data-informed
  • Where learning is technology infused.
  • ASD is where learning extends beyond walls...


The American School of Doha is committed to the intellectual and personal development of our students, inspiring and empowering them to become positive, active global citizens.

Identity Statement:

The American School of Doha is an independent, U.S. accredited, college preparatory school, committed to providing the highest standard of educational excellence a standards-based internationally enriched American curriculum, serving a multicultural student body.

Core Values:         

The core values of ASD set the guidelines for how we live and work together to create an ethos at ASD where everyone is valued. All of our disciplinary procedures are based on learning and helping students understand the importance of our core values in the life of the school. These values are; honesty, respect, responsibility and compassion.

School Overview:

The American School of Doha is characterized by a shared vision of learning that is supported by a strong practice of collaboration and a genuine commitment to professional growth and learning. This framework for student learning is supported by three key elements: instructional strategies that are developed through research, collaboration, and evidence of student success; skills in analysis of evidence of learning to ensure that we are achieving our learning targets and implementing differentiation where needed; and a strong emphasis on developing positive, active global citizens through community service and learning social and environmental responsibility

Our students:

 Although over fifty percent of our students are North Americans (38% U.S. citizens & 13% Canadians), diversity is viewed as a strength of the school and is one of the experiences that our students refer to most when reflecting on their education at ASD. The majority of our students also attend colleges and universities in North America, but we are seeing a greater and greater range of matriculations in recent years. Many of our Qatari students are opting to attend an American university at Education City in Doha where six prestigious universities and colleges have established campuses. Ninety-eight percent of our students continue their education after high school.


The Community:

Qatar is a leading center for the development and production of LNG (liquefied natural gas). The expatriate community has grown rapidly over the past several years as a result of the many projects associated with the gas and oil industry in Qatar. However, other initiatives by the Qatar government, especially in the areas of education, sports, and health services have widened the array of expatriates moving to Qatar. This, along with ancillary services in banking and construction, has made Qatar one of the great stories of the early part of the 21st century. In recent years, Qatar has taken on a multitude of impressive construction projects, including a new skyline in the city as large-scale buildings are erected. The new Pei-designed Museum of Islamic Art has opened on the Corniche, a new airport is almost finished, and the sporting facilities erected for the Asian Games in 2006 are some of the best in the world. Qatar also continues to play an active role in the region by hosting the Brooking Institute and by staging the Doha Debates for the BBC. Safe and modern, Doha is both an exciting and an easy place to live and work.  In 2022, Qatar will host the Fifa World Cup.

The Faculty:

The ASD faculty consists of 230 teachers who are primarily from North America. In recent years, the staff has become more diverse, with the addition of teachers from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, as well as a number of native Arabic speakers from the Middle East in the k-12 Arabic language program. Over sixty percent of the faculty has advanced degrees. The lower and upper elementary are two separate divisions, each with a principal, associate principal, three counselors, two librarians, full-time coordinators for math, science & social studies, and literacy. The middle school has a principal and associate principal, two counselors and one librarian. The high school has a principal, associate principal, four counselors and one librarian. In addition, the leadership team has a Deputy Head for Finance and Operations, an IT Director, a Director of Teaching and Learning, a Director of Human Resources, Director of Development, Director of Activities and Athletics and a Director of Admissions.

The Facility:

The ASD facilities are exemplary. The new middle and high school complex opened in the fall of 2007, the new upper elementary wing opened in the fall of 2008, and one section of new classrooms and a new multi-purpose room opened in the lower elementary in December, 2008. The campus of twenty acres includes two gyms (one is a double gym), two swimming pools (one outdoor and one indoor), a full-sized soccer pitch, a smaller soccer field for elementary, a baseball diamond, a 400 meter track, an indoor climbing wall, a theater for 630 people, five music rooms, eight art rooms, three computer labs, two cafeterias, one elementary library and one middle/high school library, three presentation rooms, ten science labs, a central office complex, a drama room, two tennis courts, a beach volleyball court, three covered playgrounds, and a fitness center. There are also large common areas for students in grades 6-12. The contemporary design with glass and geometric canopies has already been recognized as a leading designed school by “Metropolis” magazine for architecture and design.  A campus improvement project will break ground soon that will add an additional section in the middle school/high school, adding 150 students.  Other campus enhancements will include two gymnasiums, an enlarged elementary library, learner pool, middle and high school science labs, greenhouse and internal courtyards.


The Position:

The Director of the school provides vision, leadership, and serves as the face of the school within both the local Qatar community and the international community. Responsibilities of the Director include the following:

  • Create and maintain an ethos based on student learning, collaboration, and professional growth.
  • Serve as the Chief Executive Officer of The American School of Doha and work with the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees to develop and implement the strategic goals of the school in order to realize ASD’s vision and mission.
  • Develop and nurture relationships with the parent community, the international business community, local institutions, and the Qatari government.
  • Hire and oversee evaluation process of all faculty and administrative positions.
  • In collaboration with the Director of Teaching and Learning and Leadership Team, coordinate the development and implementation of curriculum and instructional programs.
  • Coordinate human resource needs and demands with the Director of Human Resource Services.
  • Develop and manage the school’s annual budget through collaboration with the school’s Deputy Director for Finance and Operations.
  • Model and ensure a standard of excellence throughout the school.
  • Promote the school’s vision, mission, and values.
Required Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated success as a teacher, principal, and school administrator.
  • Evidence of a passion for learning, a deep abiding respect for the profession of teaching, a genuine caring for students, and the ability to collaborate with a wide array of individuals and constituency groups.
  • A track record of successful recruitment of outstanding teachers.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • International experience.
  • A strong background in curriculum and instruction.
  • Experience with the integration of technology.
  • A background with large and complex schools with great diversity among the student body     and parent community.
  • Experience with the use of fiscal policy design and strategic implementation.
  • A good communicator who is a good public speaker and who writes well.
  • A decision-maker who knows how to delegate responsibilities and how to include others in the decision-making process.
  • Someone who knows, understands, and uses data in decision-making.
  • Earned doctoral degree from an accredited university

Personal Characteristics:

  • A strong work ethic.
  • A good sense of humor.
  • A forward thinker who is constantly looking for ways to improve the school in its quest for excellence.
  • Someone who is personable and approachable at all times.
  • Ability to foster a positive, collaborative school culture.
  • Demonstrates an authentic appreciation of diversity.

Salary and Benefits:

Salary will be highly competitive. Benefits include furnished housing, worldwide health insurance, use of a school car, annual home leave allowance, shipping allowance, retirement benefits, payment of utilities, and a tuition waiver for all children eligible to attend ASD.

Application Process:

Interested candidates should send an application AT THE EARLIEST POSSIBLE TIME but no later than March 14, 2014. The review of files will begin as soon as applications are received and forwarded to the Search Committee. Candidates should send the information requested below. It must be submitted EXACTLY in the form and manner requested. Please DO NOT send any information other than that which is specifically requested:

  • A letter of application, no longer than two pages, explaining your strengths as a candidate and why you are interested in this particular position
  • A current résumé not to exceed two pages
  • A one-page statement outlining educational beliefs and leadership style
  • A one-page list of references with phone numbers and E-mail addresses
  • A maximum of four letters of reference which may already be in your possession

Please note that ALL the above materials must be scanned into a SINGLE PDF ATTACHMENT (low resolution preferred) and sent directly to the American School of Doha the e-mail address listed below. Also, please note that it is important to limit the size of your SINGLE PDF to 4MB. (No photographs, color, etc.)   

For further information about the American School of Doha, please go to our website at































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Senior Associate John Ritter consults on matters of governance, planning, head and board transition, and staff development with schools all over the world.