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Luanda International School of Angola (Angola)

Appointed - Dylan Hughes
May 5, 15
Sep 1, 15

Luanda International School
Luanda, Angola

seeks a


effective August 2016


The School and the Position

An excellent opportunity arises unexpectedly as, after eight very successful years at the Luanda International School, Anthony Baron is standing down as the Director. 

Luanda International School, Angola is an Early Years–Year 13 day School that follows the IB curriculum throughout.  There are currently over 750 students on the roll and the school operates as a private not for profit association registered in Angola. The school is situated on a spacious campus in Luanda Sul, a newish suburb, south of Luanda.  Our facilities, including staff housing, are excellent. The teachers are from 24 different countries primarily though from North America and the

UK and very well qualified with a wide range of previous international experience; many of them live on site or adjacent to the school in the local housing estates. This enables a strong sense of community to develop and also allows for a range of activities on and around the campus.

There are well over 50 nationalities in the student body with the largest group being Angolans and Americans  at about 20% each of the student body.   

Over 60% of the student body have parents attached to oil industry and the Board of the School is corporate with board members appointed by the six major oil companies who are the founder members of the Luanda International School Association.  The School has a large waiting list and a new primary annex is due to open in August 2016.  The school is accredited by CIS, NEASC, is fully authorized to offer all three IB programmes and offers a Reggio Emilia programme as part of the PYP in early childhood.    The school hosted an extremely successful 8* (NEASC, CIS and all three IB programmes) accreditation visit in November.

The Board has full control and direction over the affairs of the school, including selection, appointment and evaluation of the Director, setting of tuition fees, establishing and revising school policy and overall strategic planning.  Alongside this strategic function the Board exercises trusteeship in terms of financial responsibility. The Director is the chief administrator of the school and is responsible for its organization, operation, physical facilities, educational programme, and all matters relating to the recruitment, appointment, assignment, evaluation, and promotion or dismissal of staff members. The Primary and Secondary Principals assist the Director in the administration of the school with special emphasis on strategy (action plans PYP, MYP, DP), curriculum development, teacher training and parent and student relations. Other senior administrative positions include a Business Manager, an Annex Project Manager and a Operations Manager. 

Strategic Planning

An excellent relationship between the Director and the Board has enabled quite staggering growth.  This productive collaboration alongside the ability of the Board to distinguish between strategic and operational decisions ensures good (if perhaps slightly unconventional) strategic planning.  Underpinning this process is strict adherence to the annual budget which is, given the parameters set at the strategy meeting regarding funding, a genuine exercise in bottom-up planning.  There is a team of budget holders including the two Principals and the ELC Coordinator who meet teams of teachers and other staff members to assess needs from a zero-based budget position.  These needs are derived from the various action and strategic plans and include contingencies for the “unexpected” but nevertheless commonplace external shocks experienced here in Angola.  The school has the luxury of an exceptionally sound financial position. The current income for the next financial year is well over US$30m and we project an operational surplus of close to $0.5m. On the capital side the expected income for the coming year is $7m and a predicted surplus of $3.3m.  The school produces annual budgets and also a 5-year financial plan, both of which are revisited regularly to ensure they accurately reflect all known and planned operational and capital expenditure. Close oversight is also maintained to ensure the school retains sufficient funds to cover its contractual obligations, both to staff and other parties, should the political situation in Angola deteriorate.  

It is this healthy budget that ensures a vibrant, exceptionally adaptable and effective planning process can deliver in spite of the rapidly changing fiscal and industrial landscape.  The fundamental bottom-up planning process begins at classroom level where the school’s mission, objectives and values are practiced in all curriculum delivery.  Planning for the future is thus a responsibility of all staff.  Staff who have contributed ideas invariably retain an interest in the initial plans and act as effective gatekeepers and advocates for the delivery of the plan within their own area.


The school facilities have been developed in planned phases and have been totally financed through certificate (guaranteed placement) sales.  The school has never borrowed money.  A full size air-conditioned Gymnasium and new teaching block opened at the beginning of the 2012-13 school year. These additions complement the Library completed in 2012 and an Arts Building (consisting of a theatre, specialist rooms for art, information and design technology, music and drama, along with rooms for secondary school English, humanities and world languages) and the multi-purpose hall for the primary school (all opened in 2009).  Other areas in the school now consist of 29 classrooms, art and music rooms, 2 computer labs, 3 science labs, offices, library, dining hall, clinic, 25 meter pool, training pool, tennis court and soccer field.  The resource growth and development of LIS have been nothing short of exceptional.   Yet our growth continues unabated and two state-of-the-art apartment blocks to house expatriate teachers were completed and ready for occupation last October.  Land has been purchased for a new annex (ELC to Year 3 and building is due to start in February 2015.

For further details about the school and Luanda please refer to the website:

Guiding Statements

Our Mission – the reason we exist:

Driven by the International Baccalaureate philosophy, LIS builds the skills and attitudes of each member of our community, shaping adaptable and knowledgeable individuals who meet challenges with confidence.

Our Values – the framework within which we work


  • Of thought
  • Of intent
  • Of vision


  • through providing the skills for lifelong learning
  • through a commitment to professional development and quality recruitment
  • through financial stability and planned growth


  • in academic content
  • in assessment
  • in flexible strategic planning


  • for difference
  • for our host culture
  • for our environments

Our objectives

  • To deliver the three International Baccalaureate Programmes through high-quality teaching so that the balance of skills, attitudes and knowledge attained can be transferred seamlessly to other schools.
  • To communicate clearly with the whole school community, using mother-tongue languages as appropriate.
  • To celebrate the wealth of languages spoken by members of the school community and continually to ensure that the power of language is used to enhance relationships, never to harm them.
  • To instill in all members of our community a willingness to respect and understand difference, to evaluate differing viewpoints using clear moral principles and to appreciate and focus on the commonalities shared by us all.
  • To foster a culture of learning in which all members of the LIS community are encouraged, within a safe and secure environment, to take conceptual risks that will carry us beyond our social and academic comfort zones.
  • To set continually evolving goals, within clear strategic frameworks, that will ensure the sustained progress of our students, our staff and our school.

The Position

Basic Tasks

  • To review regularly, through structured reflection, the degree of success with which the Mission, Values and Objectives of the school are being followed.
  • To provide senior leadership, strategic direction and operational management for all sections of the School in keeping with the school’s guiding principles.
  • To act as a professional adviser to the  Board on whole school issues; health and safety, educational, financial, HR and site management.  Researching and communicating all statutory and legal changes relating to immigration, HR and education.
  • Line management of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and other senior administrative posts.
  • To chair the Senior Leadership Team meetings.
  • To lead and manage projects effecting whole school issues in consultation with the SLT.
  • To have overall responsibility for promoting and safeguarding the welfare of children and young people within the school.
  • To carry out the policies approved by the Board;
  • To formulate and implement the school’s educational programme in collaboration with the Principals;
  • To ensure the efficient day-to-day operation of the school in collaboration with the Deputy Director (operations)
  • To fulfill staff recruitment and retention guidelines as laid down by the Board
  • To ensure effective communication within the school community;
  • To establish and deliver performance standards for the School
  • To liaise with the Business Manager and ensure timely preparation and submission of the annual budget to the Board for approval;
  • To achieve the financial targets set out in the approved annual budget;
  • To ensure the timely preparation of the annual financial accounts.
  • It is expected that candidates for this position will be highly qualified educators. Characteristics of the ideal person for this position would include:
  • Persistence in overcoming and removing obstacles to goal achievement.
  • A drive, commitment and sense of urgency that inspires others to achieve results.
  • Proactively approaches others with a view to engaging in dialogue and building strong working relationships.
  • Recognizes people who may be of critical importance to achievement of one's objectives and involves them to get their input.
  • Holds employees/colleagues accountable for achieving results and publicly acknowledges effective performance.
  • Likes to multi-task.
  • Demonstrates good judgment; approachable and professional; solid problem solving skills;

Qualifications and Experience

  • An outstanding track record of educational leadership;
  • A Masters Degree in Educational Leadership, Business Management or other relevant study;
  • A minimum of ten years leadership experience in schools with an international ethos;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability and desire to work collaboratively with the school community;
  • Experience in developing and implementing professional and school development;
  • Experience in managing large capital projects $10m +
  • Highly organized with excellent written English, technical and communication skills;
  • Experience in managing and enforcing service level agreements and contracts for outsourced services.

Outstanding salary and conditions of service are available to the successful candidate.  

How to Apply

LIS has contracted with Search Associates to lead this recruitment campaign. Please send applications immediately to Senior Associate Gez Hayden using 

Please send applications as a PDF attachment, no larger than 3 megabytes including any photo, exactly as follows

  • Letter of application (1 page)
  • Statement of educational philosophy (1 page)
  • Résumé (2 pages)
  • List of email, physical and phone contacts of 4 confidential referees

Important Notes

  • In the event of no suitable candidate being found the LIS Board reserves the right to employ an interim director for the academic year 2015-6 and continue with the search through 2015.
  • In the event of an outstanding candidate presenting, the LIS Board reserves the right to proceed to appointment before the stated deadline for applications.

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Bill Turner’s international teaching career has taken him to Sudan, Italy, Qatar and the UAE as well as his home country of England. His very first teaching position was in rural Sudan.