Director of Admissions and Enrollment at Branksome Hall Asia in Korea
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Director of Admissions and Enrollment
Branksome Hall Asia (Korea)

Nov 17, 22
Jan 20, 23





Branksome Hall Asia is dedicated to promoting values of innovative thinking, global social awareness, and self-sufficiency, helping students push the limits of what they can achieve. A sister school of the renowned Branksome Hall in Toronto, Canada, Branksome Hall Asia empowers over 1100 students in grades JK Prep-12 to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Branksome Hall Asia, opened in 2012 on Jeju Island, South Korea, builds upon the strong, established traditions of Branksome Hall Canada, founded in 1903, and its exemplary reputation for a liberal arts curriculum and approach to education that prepares students to be lifelong learners and leaders. 

Situated on a remarkable modern campus, Branksome Hall Asia enrolls both boarding and day students who follow the full International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum JK Prep-12 and have the opportunity to experience a wide range of programs in the arts, athletics, technology, and community service. The strength of the IB program, combined with the school’s commitment to empowering students, makes Branksome Hall Asia a truly remarkable place to live, learn and work. As a testament to its excellence, Branksome Hall Asia was awarded the highest honor presented by the ISC Research International School Awards receiving the distinction of International School of the Year Award for 2021. 


Each day, we challenge and inspire students to love learning and to shape a better world.


To be the pre-eminent educational community of globally minded learners and leaders.


Care, Collaboration, Excellence

The School

Situated on the beautiful island of Jeju, South Korea (a UNESCO World Heritage site), Branksome Hall Asia, offers the same exemplary educational program as its sister school. Recognized as one of the world’s top 10 girls boarding schools, Branksome Hall Toronto offers students an academically excellent program in tandem with unmatched commitments to global engagement and well-being. At Branksome, students are taught the skills they need to thrive in our changing world, learning how to find their own strong voices and developing as lifelong learners. 

Branksome Hall Asia, Jeju’s only fully IB international school, offers this same exemplary educational program led by highly qualified and committed teachers recruited from around the world. Students learn and live together in a state-of-the-art, world-class facility that embodies and encourages the values of intellectual inquiry, collaboration, effective communication, and strength of character. 

Both Branksome Hall in Toronto and Branksome Hall Asia share an educational philosophy based on leadership through service. Students develop the intellectual capacity and courage to lead, while cultivating a sense of empathy and understanding for others. Each fall the entire Grade 9 class from Branksome Hall Asia embarks on a three-week learning experience to its sister school, which enables all students to live and learn with their peers in Toronto. Teacher professional development and exchanges are also important elements of this global study abroad program. 



The benefits of a Branksome Hall Asia education begin in the Junior School with the IB Primary Years Program. In this division, faculty implement an international curriculum framework and are dedicated to ensuring the best possible development of each child’s total well-being. Teachers focus on creating an environment that is both academically rigorous and emotionally supportive. Through an inquiry-based approach to learning and teaching, students gain international perspectives, benefit from technology-supported instruction, and focus on their physical and emotional as well as academic and intellectual development. All courses are taught in English, with additional language studies in Korean or Chinese. 

Middle School students at Branksome Hall Asia are inspired to think reflectively as they explore a growing sense of confidence and independence, while developing critical skills as globally-minded learners and leaders. Students follow the IB Middle Years Program, which prepares them for the challenges of the Diploma Program in the Senior School. Through this program, students develop effective communication skills, intercultural understanding, and global engagement. They explore and reflect upon the complexities of the world through an interconnected program that offers expansive co-curricular and study abroad options. At this level, the program also offers robust pastoral and counseling resources. As students progress through the Middle School, they grow in confidence and independence to be curious, creative, and ethical students. 

The Senior School is currently an all-girls school and provides one of the strongest western-style college preparatory programs in Korea. In this division, the focus is on students becoming confident, capable women who are inspired to meet life’s challenges with intelligence, sensitivity, and courage. Three facets of the Senior School differentiate it from its peers: the IB advantage, a keen focus on empowering women, and the residential program. Students also meet in multi-grade council groups to reinforce relationships, promote the leadership of older students, and provide a source of peer support throughout the middle and upper school journey of each student. 

The IB Diploma Program, recognized for its excellence by colleges and universities worldwide, offers a coherent program including English, a second language, social sciences, science, math, and the arts. Technology is integrated into all areas of the curriculum and, at Branksome Hall Asia, Korean, social studies, and history are also taught in all programs. Students are encouraged to identify and pursue their passions, and they can select from a variety of elective offerings, including digital design, drama, business, psychology, and Chinese, among many others. The environment at the Senior School—and throughout Branksome Hall Asia—reinforces the development of self esteem in young students, encouraging growth of analytical skills and teamwork, inspiring students toward self-confidence, promoting STEM subjects, and celebrating diversity. Students also have some voice in their learning, helping to create robust after school program offerings. 

Student Life

Branksome Hall Asia celebrates the enthusiasm of the faculty, parents, and students whose contributions make Branksome Hall Asia a remarkable place of learning and living. Both day and boarding students enjoy a warm, welcoming community and lively campus with opportunities to explore, grow, and make new friends. 

The school’s innovative co-curricular program, CASE (Community, Action, Service, and Enrichment Activities), provides myriad opportunities to explore areas of interest in the arts, athletics, community service, and other enrichment clubs and activities. Students may participate in such artistic endeavors as ballet, Korean calligraphy, digital storytelling, symphony orchestra, and much more. They develop athletic and sportsmanship skills via a host of team sports, including badminton, volleyball, tennis, basketball, soccer, golf, swimming, cross country, track and field, and equestrian. Students develop leadership skills and become actively engaged citizens with a global outlook through various experiential service opportunities. They develop and pursue their passions and interests through clubs such as yearbook, public speaking, Environmental Protections, Red Cross Youth, and creative writing, among many others. 

As boarding students, each student gains a new family when he or she arrives at the school. Branksome Hall Asia’s purpose-built residence is designed to enable students from around the world to live together and thrive. The program provides opportunities for students to build self-efficacy, and a strong sense of family and community are paramount. Support and guidance from Teacher Dons create a safe, supportive, and enjoyable environment for students to develop and strengthen leadership skills. There is a high expectation of personal responsibility, and students and faculty alike value internationalism. A high percentage of students are Korean, with approximately 15% coming from China or from expat families of other nationalities. 

The Campus

Our Facilities

The School’s award-winning campus is surrounded by natural beauty and culture. The intentional design of the campus embodies the school’s ethos and provides a landscape for learning where the environment reflects the integration of structure and landscape. The school’s facilities include an Olympic-sized pool and ice rink, fitness center, tennis courts, golf green, and fields. Eight fully outfitted science labs and 4 spacious art studios are housed in the STEM-V Center with design studios and adjacent breakout spaces. The state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center includes a 370-seat theater, spacious studios, practice rooms, TV and recording studios, and a Black Box theater. 

Jeju Island

One of the nine provinces of South Korea, Jeju Island is known for its natural beauty and miles of seashore. A popular vacation destination, the island welcomes over 10 million visitors annually. Much of the island is a designated national park, and attracts many looking to explore its natural attractions and hike its dormant volcano. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the 700 square miles of island features extensive hiking and riding trails, as well as “the finest lava tube system of caves anywhere.”  

The island is a unique and beautiful place to work and live. At once rural and somewhat remote, Jeju is a 50-minute flight from Seoul and other major Asian cities. The air route from Seoul to Jeju is the most frequently traveled domestic route, bringing many visitors and a busy island economy for its half-million residents. Branksome Hall Asia’s modern campus blends technology with appreciation for nature, celebrating both tradition and innovation on Jeju Island.

The Position

Title: Director of Admissions and Enrollment

Reports to: Deputy Principal, Principal

Functional relationships: Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff and Strategy Team

Length of Initial Term:  2-year initial contract

Position Summary

The Director of Admissions and Enrollment oversees and directs the recruitment, admission, enrollment and re-enrollment process for the school. With strong communication and collaboration skills as well as a proven ability to build a caring rapport with students, parents, staff and faculty, the successful candidate will collaborate with a passionate and committed team, working closely with the Deputy Principal and Principal.  

Duties and Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of the Director of Admissions and Enrollment is to recruit new students, introduce new families to the school, promote the school, and liaise with consultants/parents/current students to recruit and retain students. The Director of Admissions works with all school constituencies, including faculty, administration, and parents to create and complete a process that thoroughly opens the school to prospective applicants. She/He explains the curriculum, provides opportunities for experiencing the culture of the school, and continually evaluates the effectiveness of the enrollment management program.

The Director of Admissions and Enrollment is responsible to:

  1. Work with the Principal to develop long and short-term recruitment and admissions plans and strategies.

    1. Consider strategic plan objectives as they relate to recruitment and retention.

    2. Evaluate plans and systematically assess progress.

  2. Serve as a key member of the leadership team, ensure the admission’s goals are consistent with the vision of the school: monitor trends and emerging opportunities and threats to the school’s admissions process.

  3. Develop and implement a highly personal and proactive enrollment-management program that encompasses the entire admission process from inquiry, application, assessment, and decision-making through communication of admission decisions to applicants, enrollment and re-enrollment.

    1. Develop and manage highly personalized opportunities for school-initiated communication with prospective families from the time they inquire to the time they attend.

    2. Track and move families through the admissions funnel and re-enrollment process addressing their individualized needs and requirements.

    3. Involve students, faculty, administrators and parent volunteers in the admissions process, maximizing prospective families’ exposure to all aspects of the school and their understanding of the expectations of membership in the school community.

    4. Provide the same personalized attention as necessary for families at the time of re-enrollment. (Student retention is also the responsibility of the school administrators and faculty).

    5. Evaluate the admission process (open house, interview, visit, etc.) with enrolled and non-enrolled families, faculty and administrators to identify areas of improvement and new ideas.

  4. Lead the Admissions team and provide professional leadership for each member’s particular areas of responsibility.

  5. Work in close partnership with the Director of Marketing and the full admissions and marketing teams. 

    1. Support the development of admissions materials, mailings and publications and organize events.   

  6. Oversee the admissions budget.

  7. Manage all aspects of the admission office.

    1. Maintain an admissions database that coordinates with Student Records, Registrar, and Finance Offices.  

    2. Maintain relevant statistics on all aspects of the admission and re-enrollment program. 

    3. Produce regular admission-related reports to monitor and share progress, track enrollment goals in relation to operations budget.

    4. Utilize information in the admissions database to assess and enhance conversion rates and yields from year to year. Anticipate trends.

    5. Ensure that data-based systems are in place to track and enhance the movement of applicants from the point of first contact to admission.

  8. Represent the school in an effective and passionate way and articulate its advantage to the internal school community and the public.

    1. Remain involved in the life of the school; listen and note testimonials both candid and crafted.

    2. Participate in strategic planning discussions relevant to the school’s values, mission, and goals.

  9. Plan and oversee all admission events including but not limited to tours, assessments, screening and visits, open houses, grade level coffees and orientation; research and initiate new programs to enhance visibility and accessibility.

    1. Travel, as needed, to support all outreach and admissions events.

    2. Train students, faculty, administrators and parent volunteers who participate in admissions events and activities so they are prepared and responsive.

    3. Develop relationships with admission officers at other schools to collaborate where appropriate.

  10. Enhance visibility and outreach into the external community by building and stewarding a referral network consisting of various sources including school administrators, current and past parents, alumni, community leaders and others to serve as ambassadors for the school.

    1. Visit feeder schools, local schools and relevant community groups to establish and build relationships and to promote and market the school.

    2. Engage referrers in the life of the school regularly.

    3. Inform and recognize referrers for their impact on the long-term growth of the school.

  11. Work with the Principal and Director of Business and Administration in the scholarship process.

  12. Perform other duties as assigned by the Principal.

Experience and Qualifications

  • Experience in education is mandatory; experience in admissions is an asset

  • Familiarity with international school within the Korean context, and/or IB is preferred

  • Demonstrate excellence in interpersonal skills with a range of constituents (parents, students, teacher, administrators)

  • Strong communication, organizational and coordination skills

In addition to the above qualifications and experience, we are seeking a leader that is HUMBLE, GRACIOUS AND KIND. 


Compensation for this position will be commensurate with the responsibilities of the position and is competitive globally. Benefits include furnished housing, annual travel, and health care.


How to Apply

Interested and qualified candidates should submit ONE electronic .pdf file to, by January 20, 2023 with the following materials included:

  • Formal cover letter for the position

  • Current resume

  • List of 3 references with name, title, phone number and email address

Applicants are encouraged to apply as early as possible, as Branksome Hall Asia reserves the right to close the selection process at any time.

School Address and Contact Information

Branksome Hall Asia

234 Global Edu-ro

Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo City

Jeju, Korea, 63644

Telephone: +82.64.902.5000

Fax: +82.64.902.5481



Did You Know…?

Search Associates responds to Child Protection recommendations with substantial changes to their candidate application. These changes will help us gather the most complete candidate profile possible, making the evaluation/hiring process for international schools more efficient and effective.