Director of Learning Technology at KIS International School in Thailand
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Director of Learning Technology
KIS International School (Thailand)

Dec 15, 22
Jan 16, 23


Director of Learning Technology

KIS is seeking a leader to start in 23-24 who is flexible, positive, and truly passionate about best practices in educational technology leadership.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter, CV, and three references to no later than 

Friday, January 16, 2023. Please indicate "Director of Learning Technology" on the Subject Line.

Title:  Director of Learning Technology

Vision: “Inspiring Individuals”

Our Mission: To offer a challenging and dynamic international education that inspires and supports students in developing the knowledge, skills, and characteristics to take responsible action for the betterment of their local and global communities.

Our Core Values: 

Strive for understanding 

Nurture passion in self and others 

Take action ethically

Create a caring and inclusive community


The school is licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education and is an active member of the International Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT). We are a member of AISAA (Asian International School Athletics Association) and participate in a range of sports and cultural activities.

Job Description

The mission of KIS is to offer a challenging and dynamic international education that inspires and supports students in developing the knowledge, skills, and characteristics to take responsible action for the betterment of their local and global communities. 

The Director of Learning Technology is responsible for the day-to-day educational leadership of technology at KIS within the spirit of the school‘s Vision, Mission, and Core Value Statements. The Director of Learning Technology provides strategic direction for technology in the curriculum, teaching and assessing for learning as well as the  operational systems across the programmes and throughout the school.

As such the Director of Learning Technology is responsible for the following tasks:

Educational Technology Leadership

In conjunction with the Head of School, develop, promote, and maintain a technology plan linked to strategic objectives to ensure the ongoing enhancement and integration of technology systems within the classroom and across the school.

Promote the use of technology in the school.  Be available and/or delegate department assistance regarding the use of technology by giving constructive feedback on the teaching and delivery of the programme and services, observing, and holding informal and formal meetings, workshops and training sessions with the staff.

Inspire the technology team and the broader faculty community to model and support best practices in technology integration and instructional design and practice.

In coordination with the Director for Teaching and Learning, lead and optimize the use of technology toward teaching and learning.

Ensure the Head of School and the Principals are informed of all new information and happenings related to the developing  technology and innovation structure and programmes.

Identify, develop, and oversee digital tools for collecting and managing data (eg. student achievement data over time)  in support of a data-driven school culture.

Prepare feasibility studies for any new technology or innovation initiative and provide rationale against stated strategic direction.

Stay abreast of new developments in technology by attending technology learning conferences, participating in online educational communities, reading current technology literature, and testing new hardware and software.

In coordination with the Director for Teaching and Learning, ensure adequate education and professional development for faculty, staff, students, and parents in the use of new educational and communication technologies.

Teaching and Learning

In conjunction with the Director for Teaching and Learning, Review and expand the use of technology and innovation to support teaching and learning across the whole curriculum.

In coordination with the Director for Teaching and Learning, develop the computer and technology curriculum for the whole school; provide guidance and support in facilitating the programme.

In coordination with the Director for Teaching and Learning, lead the Technology Committee meetings taking place each year.

Establish strong partnerships with members of the faculty to develop and implement dynamic classroom projects involving technology integration.

In coordination with the Director for Teaching and Learning, provide a culture of assistance within the Technology department to assist teachers in developing their teaching and assessment practices and improve their implementation and understanding of the curriculum.

Coordinate Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) and other digital assessments tools.

Keep up to date with new and relevant educational developments and share appropriately with the leadership, faculty and staff.

Share current research and trends in educational technology, pedagogy, and learning.


Provide leadership and direction in the effective use of instructional and operational technology, technology services planning, organization, administration and evaluation as well as the integration of new and emerging technologies.

Develop, manage, and supervise the deployment of IT infrastructure, hardware, network, and systems, academic and operational, including daily tech support

Ensure that the use of devices and softwares are in line with the school’s overall educational vision, mission, and strategic plan.

Prepare and manage the annual budget for the Technology department, to include the procurement of devices and hardware, and the allocation of resources.

Review technology resources and be responsible for the purchasing of educational software for each division in conjunction with members of the Senior Leadership Team. 

Develop review processes to evaluate, select, and purchase technology and systems to support learning and communication; make recommendations ahead of the procurement process.

Develop and maintain a cycle for the purchase of software and hardware across the school.

Oversee the regular and accurate inventory of technology items (both hardware and software) at KIS.

Maintain a secure and robust technology architecture to include continuous improvement to network and applications.

Manage the help desk and work order system to ensure high-quality and timely technical support for school personal and, when requested by the Head of School, members of the school community (i.e. KISPA).


Internal communication 

Ensure open communication at all levels and act as a liaison between departments and academic divisions of the school.

Oversee student information systems, structures, and usage in collaboration with Principals.

Be responsible for ensuring that faculty, staff, students, and parents are sufficiently well informed about ongoing and proposed developments in the Department of Learning Technology.

External Communication

Maintain an active presence in the local, regional, national and international educational technology communities. Promote KIS International School within these communities and as a presence in the worldwide international school network.

Participate in promotional and professional activities both within Thailand and internationally.

Communicate with and assist in the preparation of accreditation reports, applications, and re-accreditation processes. 

Parent and Community Communication

Communicate and update the school community through the various KIS communication channels.

Assist the Head of School and Principals in dealing with issues & parent questions relating to technology and the school network resources. 

Leverage department support in the participation, support, and promotion of school events including Back-to-School Night, Concerts, Sporting events Day, International Day, Book Week, etc. 

In conjunction with the senior leadership team, organize and coordinate appropriate workshops for parents and community.

Provide guidance to the community regarding safe online practices and positive online presence.

Personnel Management and Staff Development

Lead and empower the Department of Learning Technology to implement new technologies and innovations, support learning, and develop infrastructure and systems across the school.

Ensure all members of the Department of Learning Technology are familiar with the KIS School Vision, Mission Statement and Core Values. 

Ensure all members of the Department of Learning Technology are familiar with the KIS Child Protection Protocol and follow the KIS Code of Conduct. 

Ensure all Department of Learning Technology staff are familiar with, and are able to access, the relevant  policies, job descriptions, and handbooks

Support all members of the department in fulfilling their job descriptions.

Facilitate biweekly department meetings.

In coordination with the HR Sr. Manager, hire Department of Learning Technology staff through interviews and reference collection. 

Oversee and assist in the facilitation of the staff professional goals programme and professional portfolio development; meet with staff annually to discuss progress.

Conduct staff appraisals as outlined in the appraisal policy.

Documentation and Other Administrative Responsibilities

Lead the school’s transition to a new Student Information System (SIS), and a new Learning Management System (LMS) as per strategic directives.

Oversee and update the consistent wording of all technology-related documentation in policies, agreements, procedures and handbooks across the school.

Propose new policies related to the safe use of technology systems and system security.

Ensure that a safe and appropriate filing and retrieval system is maintained for documents of all licensed and legal software used at the school.

Ensure that KIS-published technology-related materials are appropriate and congruent with the school’s mission and core values.

Adhere to, further develop, and report regularly to the Head of School on the relevant action plans stated in the KIS Strategic plan.

In coordination with the KIS Data Protection Executive, ensure and maintain confidentiality relating to the school technology and network resources.

Coordinate with schoolwide leadership & contractors regarding technology infrastructure/systems improvement & expansion.

Coordinate with schoolwide leadership for the smooth transition to any technology and innovation changes and initiatives.

About KIS

Throughout our history, a sense of place and balance have been hallmarks of the school. The facilities, academic and extracurricular programs, and teachers have been instrumental in nurturing the school as a warm, friendly, and supporting environment for not only students, but for our community as well.

KIS was established in 1998 and was one of the first PYP schools in the world. We are proud to be the only school in Bangkok to offer all four IB Programmes (PYP, MYP, DP & CP) exclusively and all students in Grade 11 and 12 take courses resulting in an IB Diploma or Certificate. 

With approximately 750 students and a teacher to student ratio of less than 1:8, our students are known and valued as individuals, creating a strong sense of community.

Our campus is a welcoming and vibrant community comprised of 25,000 square meters. Although the school is near Bangkok’s city center, our location enables unobstructed views and expansive greenery. There are three pools, multiple playgrounds, covered sports courts, indoor air-conditioned sports hall, an open grassy field, a zip line, maker spaces, music, art and dance studios, an auditorium, theater and audibox, a brand new diploma program lounge, state-of-the-art technology labs, libraries, and much more.

KIS IB results are consistently strong in all programs due to a challenging, well- balanced and differentiated learning framework.

Strategic Plan 2020 - 2026

During the 2019-2020 school year, KIS International School began the process of creating its next strategic plan. It outlines an ambitious and exciting strategic vision for the school through the framework of five strategic elements. It is entitled, 

“Inspiring Individuals...Inspiring Learning,” highlighting the fact that the plan is unequivocal in its focus on student learning, and moving KIS to be a consummate learning school.

KIS aspires to be the premier IB school in Bangkok emphasizing high-quality teaching and choice, and driven by personalized, sequenced, authentic learning in a world seeing increasingly diverse and unique learners. Our eventual size between 975-995 students will allow us to be large enough to have a reputable place as a “learning school” without equal in the city. The five Strategic Areas of the plan identify major goal areas that will help the school realize its vision.


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