Director of Teaching and Learning at YueCheng Education in China
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Director of Teaching and Learning
YueCheng Education (China)

Feb 24, 21


YCE Job Description

Title: Director of Teaching and Learning

Role Description / Working Relationships:

YueCheng Education’s Director of Teaching and Learning empowers member YueCheng Education (YCE) constituents with the implementation of educational research findings into practical classroom practices. The work of the Director of Teaching and Learning builds YCE’s reputation as a leader of progressive values-based education.

Responsible to YueCheng Education’s Chief Academic Officer, the Director of Teaching and Learning is a key member of the YCE central office academic team.  As an experienced pedagogical leader and specialist in the development of future-focused curricula, the Director of Teaching and Learning is tasked with the development, implementation and oversight of curriculum, teaching and learning and assessment in all YCE school divisions. Working closely in collaboration with the heads of each YCE school, the Director of Teaching and Learning drives the creation of future-oriented educational programs consistent with the guiding statements of the constituent institutions and YCE.

Job Goal: To lead the implementation, development, direction, review and evaluation of curricula ensuring that YCE educational objectives are aligned to national and international practices, yielding the highest standards of student achievement and instructional excellence.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Work to support and advise the heads of each school and institute on all matters regarding teaching, learning and the student experience to develop and maintain the reputation for academic excellence.

2. Providing vision and leadership in the development of an integrated future-orientated curriculum (including but not limited to):

  • Competencies and learning outcomes articulated and codified
  • Course outlines and syllabi
  • Guidelines and frameworks for content delivery
  • Guidelines and frameworks for assessment and reporting methods

3. Supporting the YCE constituent leaders in implementing curricula associated with future focused pedagogy.

4. Promote understanding and the use of the Chinese curriculum reform; Demonstrates knowledge of the contexts driving relevant national policies and requirements.

5. Actively leading the professional learning of YCE teachers in innovation in teaching, learning and student experience through training materials, direct instruction, mentoring & coaching.

6. Keep abreast of current trends and developments in education and initiate professional development opportunities as appropriate, and as related to the school’s strategic plan.

7. Using evaluations and data in the evaluation of curriculum and instruction effectiveness and recommending improvement goals.

8. Identifying and leading teams of teachers who will assist in curriculum development based on systematic review and analysis.

9. Provide vision and leadership in YCE successfully aligning with local and international accreditation standards.

10. Contributing to other dissemination activities through presenting at conferences and seminars, the preparation of media-related and web-related materials, and engagement in social networking activity as required.

Key working relationships

  • Reports to the YCE Chief Academic Office
  • Liaise with leadership and teaching staff of YCE institutes to help coordinate curriculum development and implementation


Additional qualifications, skills and experience required.  Successful candidates will…

  • champion the YCE mission, strategic plan and goals;
  • hold a post graduate degree in Education or the equivalent in professional qualifications;
  • have in-depth, current knowledge and understanding in the area of education;
  • have significant first-hand experience implementing future-focused pedagogy;
  • have a high level of analytical and problem-solving capability;
  • be able to translate complex information into practical classroom application;
  • run engaging presentations/ workshops at conferences;
  • embrace living and working in China;
  • have the inter- and intrapersonal skills necessary as a highly functioning collaborative team member.

Remuneration package

The attractive salary is commensurate with the seniority of the position. The benefits package includes furnished housing, medical insurance, annual home leave airfare for employee and family, excellent professional development opportunities, and the benefit of belonging to a highly engaged educational team within a warm, caring and innovative community.

An expatriate parent of school-age children will be granted up to two full-fee discounts on places at the YueCheng Courtyard Kindergarten (KG age) or at Beijing City International School, depending on the child’s age and subject to student enrolment criteria and availability.

YueCheng Education central office employees follow the YCE working calendar (estimated 197 annual working days – dependent on the national holiday schedule.)


If you wish to apply for this important leadership position, please send a letter of application and resume / CV as soon as possible to the YCE HR department, at the following address:

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by Skype and shortly thereafter finalist candidates will be invited to Beijing to visit with the school, along with spouse, if applicable. The names of professional referees will be asked to be submitted prior to interview in Beijing.


Application deadline          open

Start date                             Aug-Dec 2021



The purpose of YueCheng Education (YCE) is to provide a future-oriented education for the children of Chinese and expatriate families living in Beijing. Founded on a passion to challenge and empower young people to live fulfilling and productive lives, YCE opened Beijing City International School ( in 2005. With the support of the YueCheng Education Research Institute (YERI), this innovative school has provided the bedrock for YCE to extend its not-for-profit services to a wider community. The Learning Frontier ( provides specialist support for children with learning and developmental needs, and the recently opened Reading Frontier ( inspires in children a passion for reading for life. The Courtyard Kindergarten ( will open its doors in October 2019, and two further schools will be opened within the next three years. The strength of YCE lies in the quality of its international and Chinese staff, and the mutual support extended between the different but complementary institutions.

YCE MISSION - YueCheng Education’s mission is to enrich and enhance learning by empowering its member institutions.

YCE VISION - YCE is an educational pioneer of integrated, value-based programs, that inspires passionate, forward-thinking learners committed to the benefit of all.

YCE VALUES - We believe that

  • continuous learning empowers growth
  • community strengthens us
  • embracing diversity enriches us
  • each individual has value
  • when we serve, it benefits all

YueCheng Education Research Institute – as the academic research and professional training arm of YCE, YueCheng Education Research Institute (YERI) leads research to enhance the educational programs offered by the other constituents of YCE and provides professional development workshops and other professional support for them. It also provides extensive training opportunities for other international, private and national schools in Beijing. Current areas of attention include research and training for the BCIS leadership and faculty as they pioneer the integration of the school’s inquiry-based curriculum with the China national education standards.

The relationship between YERI and the YCE leadership and faculty is one of collaborative symbiosis: YERI provides research and professional development for the YCE leadership and faculty who are, in turn, a major resource in support of the work of YERI. 

Beijing City International School (BCIS)  - is a non-profit private school that was founded in 2005. Located in Beijing’s Central Business District, Beijing City International School (BCIS) lives by its motto: Empowering and Inspiring through Challenge and Compassion. With the approval of the Education Committee of Chaoyang District, Beijing, BCIS acts as a pilot school offering educational reform and innovation through international educational practices that incorporate 15 grades of schooling, from pre-school to Grade 12. The language of instruction at BCIS is English and all of the students also study Chinese, either as a mother tongue or an additional language.

Based on creatively and authentically implementing the Chinese national curriculum, the school curriculum consists of a pre-school program, compulsory education program (Grades 1 to 9), and high school program (Grades 10 to 12), all accredited and authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization. Additionally, BCIS has created an alternative pathway to graduation through our IDEATE program at Grades 11 and 12, which is fully accredited. The school is also accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). As a member of the East Asia Regional Council of Schools (EARCOS), the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS) and the International Schools Athletic Conference, Beijing-Tianjin (ISAC), the school is an active participant in various activities among the member schools and communities.

The value and strength of the BCIS community comes from the unity and the contributions of a rich and diverse tapestry of the individuals and groups within it. Students, parents, faculty members and support staff are bound together by the mission and motto, working together to achieve the goals, and building a community of empowered and compassionate people acting for the good of all.

More information about BCIS can be found at

The YueCheng Courtyard Kindergarten opened its doors in October 2019. It is a not-for profit kindergarten using a dual language platform, located in Shuang Qiao district, Beijing. The Courtyard Kindergarten welcomes students from the age of one and a half years through to the end of Kindergarten. The exceptional staff are recruited both locally and internationally, motivated by a passion for learning, and for working with young children. The Courtyard Kindergarten creates a warm and caring community, dedicated to ensuring the highest quality outcomes for all of the children in the school.

The Courtyard Kindergarten’s guiding statements describe who the learners will become. These are organized as Learning Impacts, Learning Principles and the Approach to Learning. The program is based on a well-researched curriculum specifically developed for the YueCheng Education Kindergartens. It is designed to be developmentally appropriate, offering significant growth opportunities for children as they progress along the continuum of learning. The Courtyard Kindergarten is a play-based kindergarten, utilizing investigative play as the vehicle for exploration and learning, connected to the curriculum outcomes.

More information can be found at

The YueCheng Parkside Kindergarten - is located in Tongzhou district, Beijing next to a sprawling tree-filled public park. The Parkside Kindergarten will open its doors in August 2021.  The Parkside Kindergarten shares the guiding statements, curriculum and practices of the Courtyard Kindergarten.

Reading Frontier (RF) - The purpose of the Reading Frontier (RF) is to nurture in students a passion for reading and to teach the skills and habits required to maintain this passion throughout life. The program is intended for students aged four to twelve.

RF is an innovative inquiry-based program in which students are motivated to channel their natural curiosity through the guided investigation of topics of great personal interest. In this way, students harness the power of reading to enhance their critical and creative thinking skills. At the end of the program each student applies their new learning by presenting a creative project of their choice.

More information about RF can be found at

The Learning Frontier (LF) - provides personalized guidance and support services for children and families in China. Bilingual specialists in mental health, education and learning, applied behavior analysis, speech and language and occupational therapy work as a multidisciplinary team to help families better understand the growth and development of children and how to help each child live up to their potential in school and in life. The Learning Frontier team also provides training opportunities for educators so that they can be better partners to children and families.

More information about LF can be found at


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