Elementary School Principal at American School of Brasilia in Brazil
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Elementary School Principal
American School of Brasilia (Brazil)

Nov 20, 20
Dec 11, 20


American School of Brasilia


The American School of Brasilia (known as EAB in reference to the Portuguese version of the school's name, Escola Americana de Brasilia) is seeking an Elementary School Principal to serve our students and community beginning in August 2021. The school is looking for an experienced educational leader who is an innovative, visionary, risk taker while also being collaborative, approachable, and

student-centered. Our new Elementary School Principal needs to be the lead learner in this division.


In addition, those who apply should have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and at least five years leadership experience preferably in a well-established international school setting.


Further details regarding the American School of Brasilia and the Elementary School, in particular, may be found on the school website: eabdf.br


The initial deadline for applications is December 11, 2020 however should we be able to make a decision on an outstanding candidate before that date, applications will close.


Applications should include a cover letter, philosophy of education, a full and detailed résumé and the names and contact information of a minimum of three references including those who have served as supervisors and be sent to: ltait@eabdf.br


Our Mission: Learners inspiring learners to be inquisitive in life, principled in character and bold in vision.

 Our Vision: To positively impact the world through excellence in academics, activities, art, leadership and service

Our School

The American School of Brasilia (EAB) is the premier international school in Brazil's capital city, Brasilia. The progressive nature of the school is bound by not only history but also by a community that embraces an ambitious mission and what it seeks to achieve and how to ensure future-ready young people. EAB is a school that is living an extraordinary purpose with strategic targets that speak of disciplined action, effort, resources and energy. Voices across the community are consistent about school direction and the confident climate that surrounds the school's future.


The school's loftiest aspirations call everyone to work together, inspire the best in teaching and learning, to be academically inquisitive, people of character, and to share a bold vision for a better world. At EAB, everyone is a learner, as the Mission states. The vitality of the School's guiding statements is the subject of how students and teachers describe day-to-day life. Around a table students agree that " we form close bonds, we have our differences, but at the same time we share a common identity as learners within this school and community." Teachers say "We want to offer our students all we can to ensure an intimacy in how children learn".

EAB is a school likened to a small village where everyone supports and accounts for one another. It is also a place that wishes to approximate the world and to remain truly international in character.

The American School of Brasilia is fully accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS), Middle States Association (MSA) as well as the Ministry of Education of the Federal District. The school is an authorised IB World School (IBO). EAB is the only school in Brasilia that offers combined US, Brazilian and International Baccalaureate diplomas. As should be expected of a school in such a place, it is EAB alumni and those graduating in the future who will be leaders of Brazil.


Framed by its Five Pillars of Learning: academics, activities, arts, leadership and service, the school is poised to expand the physical spaces to accommodate growth and change. EAB is the model of wholeness in learning. It is genuinely thoughtful and self-conscious about its parallel history to the new Brazil. Students, teachers, staff and the parent community know how to give back through service and helping EAB young people get outside the classroom walls and beyond themselves as learners to inspire and share the goodness of EAB with others. EAB lives its Mission and is focused on continual improvement.


Job Description

 American School of Brasilia (EAB)

Job Description: Lower School Principal


Seeks: Lower School Principal (Grades K3-5) Effective: November 2020 http://www.eabdf.br/



The American School of Brasilia is seeking an exceptional educational leader for the position of Lower School Principal to begin July 2021. The Lower School Principal is a key member of EAB’s Leadership Team.


Organization: A Board of Directors, composed of at least 7 and at most 11 members with 2-year terms, governs the School. The board is self-perpetuating, with a standing committee responsible for nominating and training prospective candidates. The U.S. Ambassador appoints one member. Membership in the association is conferred to parents who elect to pay the annual association fee. The School is administered by a Head of School, three Principals, a Brazilian Program Director, a Director of Teaching and Learning, and a Business Manager.


Curriculum: The American School of Brasilia offers three (3) Diploma Programs: U.S., Brazilian, and International Baccalaureate (IB) all accredited through a K3-Grade 12 program based on a comprehensive college-preparatory curriculum taught in English to students of all nationalities. EAB’s goal is to produce life-long learners who integrate the character and learner traits throughout their time at EAB. Challenged to think creatively and critically, to communicate openly, to strive for excellence, and to grow academically and socially, our atmosphere fosters honesty and integrity as students develop their self-worth and potential.


Facilities: The School occupies a 5-acre campus with a panoramic view of Lake Paranoa. There are several interconnected buildings containing 45 classrooms, 4 science laboratories, 4 computer laboratories, a makerspace, a library, and a center for the arts. A cafeteria and a separate snack bar provide lunch and snacks after school. An official-size soccer field, a fully equipped gymnasium, an additional covered basketball court, two outdoor courts, and two elementary playgrounds enhance the physical plant facilities.


The Lower School Principal is the Learning Leader for the Grades K3-5 program and a key member of EAB’s Educational Leadership Team. The Principal provides leadership and management towards fulfilling the school’s mission, vision, and strategic plan with a focus on curriculum, instruction, supervision, evaluation, support of personnel, budget and facilities management, professional development, and communication.


Preferred Qualifications

  • Advanced degree in Educational Administration or Leadership
  • Educational administrative certification
  • At least 3-5 years as a teacher and 3-5 years as a successful lower school principal or administrator in an international school setting
  • Ability to effectively connect with diverse local and international populations through excellent written, verbal, and listening skills
  • Demonstrated experience in engaging parents in the educational process
  • Experience with standards-based curriculum design and assessment
  • Commitment to high academic standards and instructional practices through inquiry-based learning and differentiation practices
  • Experience supervising faculty and facilitating professional development
  • Commitment to student and staff wellness
  • Experience collecting, storing, and analyzing data used to improve student learning
  • Commitment to a whole-child educational experience through service learning, athletics, arts, environmental, and leadership co-curricular program
  • Student-centered, collaborative decision-maker guided by research, best practices, and mission
  • Demonstrated leadership that is transparent, process-oriented, and decisive, which is both results and people-oriented
  • Organized, efficient, and detail-oriented manager who effectively prioritizes and delegates
  • Skilled in leading collaborative change processes through the building of strong relationships, empowerment of teams, and implementation of a strategic vision
  • Committed to integration of technology to improve communication, instructional practices, and professional development
  • Knowledge of the workshop model approach to literacy and mathematics

Preferred Characteristics

  • Approachable
  • Collaborative
  • Community Builder
  • Compassionate
  • Critical thinker Innovative
  • Passionate
  • Personable
  • Positive
  • Reflective
  • Resilient
  • Sense of humor

Performance Responsibilities*

 Instructional Leadership

  • Communicates a clear vision and associated school-improvement strategies to all stakeholders
  • Develops and seeks the expertise of teacher leaders to improve school effectiveness through distributive leadership
  • Supports the development of curriculum and improvement of instruction in junction with the Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Actively ensures the five pillars of EAB’s educational program are effectively implemented: academics, arts, leadership, service learning, and activities

School Climate

  • Engages students, staff, parents, and the community to create and sustain a positive and safe learning environment through shared decision making and effective communication
  • Support the maintenance of the Character Counts! program.

Human Resources

  • In conjunction with the Head of School, hires, orients, and mentors teachers
  • In conjunction with the Deputy Head of School for Learning, provides time, resources and structure for meaningful professional development that meets both teacher needs and school goals

Instructional Supervision

  • Monitors and evaluates teacher performance and establishes clear strategies and support structures towards ongoing development

Organizational Management

  •  Manages both short-term and long-term planning associated with day-to-day school operations

Communication and Community Relations

  • Communicates with colleagues, students, parents, and the greater community in an effective, clear, and proactive manner

Professionalism and the Principal

  • Positively enhances school culture by personally modeling EAB’s core values: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.

Student Achievement

  •  Monitors student performance and supports instructional improvement strategies within the context of a continuous improvement plan that is guided by student achievement data

Did You Know…?

Director of School Relations David Cope's career has taken him to Europe, Africa, North and Central America, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.