Executive Head at ADvTECH Group Crawford Schools in South Africa
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Executive Head
ADvTECH Group Crawford Schools (South Africa)

Nov 3, 20
Nov 30, 20


At ADvTECH, we aim to BUILD and grow a high-quality organisation in education, training and placement that is widely recognised for passionate commitment and success in enriching people's lives and future.

We aim to GROW a reputation for our ability to make a real difference to the people we serve, for our connectedness and partnerships with African and global markets and players, for the relevance, quality and usefulness of our offerings, and for the enterprising and agile way in which we tackle our task.

We will ACHIEVE this by focusing on our customers and taking a lead from our markets, by our innovative approach, especially in harnessing the power of technology, and by striving for excellence and sustainability in all we do

We invite qualified, progressive and passionate people to join our team. Individuals who are relentless in pursuing excellence, who present themselves with energy and vigour, and who are dissatisfied with the status quo will find a career home with us at ADvTECH.


CrawfordSchools™ offer a progressive, premium-level non-traditional, co-educational and non-denominational education from grade 000 – Grade 12 with an emphasis on maximising the potential of every student.

Master teachers focus on academic rigour, extension and innovation in a culturally diverse and intellectually challenging environment, ensuring global competitiveness and tertiary access on graduation. Cultural, sporting and extramural activities further develop interpersonal skills, leadership, and confidence. Different to other schools – distinct, unique approach to relationships and academic delivery. Superb quality service, customer focus, personalised, forward-thinking market leaders.

“Every Child a Masterpiece”

We invite qualified, progressive and passionate Educators to join our team. Individuals who are relentless in pursuing excellence, who present themselves with energy and vigour, and who are dissatisfied with the status quo will find a career home with us at CrawfordSchools. 


Crawford International

Phase / Department

Pre-Primary, Preparatory and College

Job Title

Executive Head

Line Manager

Managing Director




1. Key Purpose Statement

Reporting to the Brand Managing Director, the role of the Executive Head is to execute the Brand strategy by providing leadership and guidance to the academic and support staff across three schools (Pre-primary, Prep and college) to drive both commercial and academic success. The incumbent will effectively position their campus for sustainable growth as a preferred supplier of private education so as to maximise the return on investment for all stakeholders: students, parents, staff and shareholders.

The Executive Head will lead the resources under their control to provide and engaging and productive teaching and learning environment for students and teachers. He/she will partner with the central academic team to build and maintain a strong reputation for academic excellence, innovation in pedagogy and an operationally efficient entity.

2. Principal Accountabilities

Management of Campus commercials]

  • Compiles the campus preliminary and annual budgets, keeps track of monthly spend and drives an ethos of creating value for the customer by reducing waste.
  • Actively monitors the key financial KPIs and makes informed decisions on shifting the levers that key inputs into these measures in order to achieve targets. Eg. Paycost ratios, EBIT etc.
  • Supervises the effective management of the continuous debt collection process; including the age analysis of the debt. Enables the Head of Schools to manage the relationship with the parent but is responsible for enforcing suspension of the students where necessary.
  • Signs off all quotes, CAPEX requisitions, cheques and fee credits.

Execution of Academic Strategy

  • Executes the academic policies and procedures for all academic and support staff and drives the effective implementation of new Group and Brand policies.
  •  Oversees the timetabling process and ensures that there are sufficient resources (e.g. classrooms, teachers) available to accommodate students.
  • Analyses the academic results across campuses to ensure the quality of the academic offering remains superior. Where issues arise, contribute to the problem solving by driving the development of robust plans to remedy these. Eg. Summer school, winter school etc.

Creating Brand Awareness in the Community

  • Liaises directly with the Brand Marketing and Sales Manager to position the campus as a priority to the brand agenda. Understands the unique brand proposition and ensures all students and staff live this brand on campus.
  • Engages in word of mouth marketing for the school
  • Identifies media opportunities and leverages school accomplishments for publication in the local press
  • Forecasts registration targets for new students and academic staff as well as for roll-over students and actively involves oneself in all open days.
  • Coordinates all communications to the customer to ensure one voice, one message and one tone is delivered.
  • Monitors the Net Promoter Score to understand the trends and creates plans to resolve issues outlined by parents and students in collaboration with the marketing team and the school’s leadership teams.
  • Liaises directly with parents in appropriate fora to support the Principal and create brand awareness. Contributes to regular parent newsletters as an opportunity to drive the brand culture.
  • Plans and hosts events involving the community and other schools. E.g. hosts subject-related workshops for surrounding schools, sports days etc.
  • Oversees the registration process and the graduation process, ensuring they are aligned to the unique selling proposition of the brand.
  • Ensures that the overall impression of the campus is aligned with the brand promise and that the customers (parents and students) understand this.
  • Monitors student retention / exits, completes diagnoses to unpack reasons for leaving and creates plans to address these issues.

Human Capital Management

  • Leads and guides the school leadership teams by creating alignment across all schools in all areas, with a specific focus on the brand message.
  • Ensures that academic and support staff roles and responsibilities are clarified, and performance objectives are set.
  • Manages and conducts performance reviews in accordance with polices and procedures and takes corrective action where necessary. Provides continuous feedback to leadership teams.
  • Ensures that a management succession plan is implemented with focused development drive for identified individuals.
  • Builds a pro-active environment where the academic and support staff can take responsibility for results.
  • Leads the Growth culture by examples and drives the establishment of this by targeting staff growth- both teachers and management.
  • Manage strategic Human Resources in accordance with policies, procedures and legal requirements.
  • Monitors staff labour turnover across the campus, unpacking reasons for leaving and ensuring issues are resolved appropriately.
  • Ensures that employment equity targets are achieved through true transformation.

Facilities Management

  • Effectively allocate resources across the campus (including IT)
  • Maintains overall accountability for the identification of risks and hazards and ensures precautionary measures are taken to keep everyone on campus safe and secure.
  • Enforces the requirements of the OHS Act and oversees compliance
  • Assumes overall responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of students, staff and visitors
  • Maintains overall accountability for the identification of risks and hazards and ensures precautionary measures are taken to keep everyone on campus safe and secure.


The successful incumbent will have an undergraduate degree (NQF level 7) and PGDE or B. Education degree. Ideally, they should have a post graduate qualification (NQF 8) in Management Policy Development or Curriculum Development. SACE certification is a requirement, as is a minimum of 8 years teaching and learning experience with 5 years in Management. Computer literacy is a requirement, and it is expected that the incumbent will become proficient in the ADvTECH academic system quickly. In addition, they will possess:
  • Demonstrated planning and organisation skills with superior detail orientation
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills with excellent written and verbal abilities and with professional presentation skills
  • A proven track record of managing professional relationships with maturity and high EQ
  • The incumbent must present themselves professionally and in alignment with the brand message.
  • Professional time management is a minimum requirement of the role.

Demonstrated evidence of the ability to think critically and problem solve appropriately

 A solid level of achievement in the following competencies is required: 

Commercial Aptitude

Understanding the bigger picture and all the facets incorporated into leading a school.

Strategic Thinking

Ability to create strategic plans that sets the school up for a sustainable future.


Understanding how to translate strategic plans into day-to-day executable activities.

Customer Orientation

Patience and understanding of what parents and students want and need, and how best to facilitate these.

Collaborative Relationships

Respect for peers and the ability to build collaborative partnerships with other senior leaders, vendors, suppliers and customers.

Decision Making

Ability to make data-rich, informed decisions, and proactively taking advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Capability Building

Ability to coach and provide feedback and guidance. The ability to actively develop others and have difficult conversations as needed.

Performance Leadership

Unites people behind a strong vision and leads the team in executing on goals and achieving stretch objectives.

Interpersonal Effectiveness

Aware of how their actions impact others. Ability to influence others and build relationships.


3. Training

  • ADvTECH Principal Development Programme (PDP)
  • Mentorship Programme
  • Schools Strategy, Policies and Procedures           

4. Application Instructions

We are ideally looking for a South African citizen, or someone with a valid work permit for South Africa. The incumbent must have experience living and working in more than one country. The ideal candidate will be interested in a global career. To make an application, a CV and cover letter should be sent to GroupHR@advtech.co.za for the attention of Vanessa Crawford.

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Harry Deelman was at various times headmaster of schools in a fascinating foursome of global cities: Buenos Aires, Rome, Dubai, and Bangkok.