Founding PYP Head of School at Stellar World School in India
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Founding PYP Head of School
Stellar World School (India)

Nov 18, 21
Jan 15, 22

Founding PYP Head: Stellar World School

  1. Background Information:

Universal Education is India’s leading formal education services organisation with over 50  institutions across nine cities in India and the UAE. Starting in 1968, the group is currently providing quality education to more than 40,000 students. The Universal Group has three  International Curriculum schools and now intends to build a chain of IB Continuum Schools, Stellar World School.


  1. Stellar World School:
    1. Purpose: Stellar exists to develop Life Literate Learners. Stellar believes that schools should prepare learners for life, not just for success in school. Stellar aims to empower all learners to become curious, resilient, and global citizens, armed with life literacy skills to adapt and unearth the opportunities in this ever-evolving world.
    2. Location: Our three campuses are strategically set in the most desirable areas of Mumbai - Bandra, Andheri, and Goregaon, to serve the community of discerning, evolved, and involved parents.
    3. Values:
      1. Learner Centric: Focus on the learner and the possibilities.
      2. Collaborative: Drive engagement rather than instructions.
      3. Holistic: Develop the whole child. Not just the academic aptitude but also the social, emotional, and physical needs of each child.
      4. Risk-taking: We create a learning atmosphere conducive to risk-taking—a place where students are encouraged and comfortable in taking risks.
      5. Catalytic: Spark the will to learn. And the desire to explore.
    4. Launch details :
      1. Academic Year 22-23:The school will start with PYP ( Nursery to Grade 4) and add MYP and DP / CP in the next few years.
      2. AY 22-23: Planned intake is 300 per school, so 900 across all three schools.
      3. The admissions for AY 22-23 have already started.


  1. Who are we looking for:

Stellar World School seeks highly qualified teaching and learning leader to serve as Founding PYP Head for each of the three schools. The school is looking for an academic leader with expertise in starting an IB school, building teams and implementing the PYP program. The ideal candidate will be a dynamic and progressive educator who engages with the work through a Learner-Centred lens. This person will embrace the school’s purpose and values and provide leadership, knowledge, and inspiration for our students, faculty, and parent community. The candidate must possess experience and in-depth knowledge of recent research in education, including all aspects of the Primary Years Programme. Ideally, S/he should have some familiarity with other IB and national programs to support our community better. S/he must demonstrate a positive and flexible attitude towards the job, providing active and dynamic leadership and support. The position directly reports to the Group Director and works with the Central Academic Team. S/he is responsible for implementing the academic and non-academic program within the primary school in alignment with the overall goals and policy. The academic session will begin on Aug 22. The suitable candidate is expected to join anytime before June 2022; the earlier, the better.


  1. Responsible for:
    1. Leadership
      1. Working with the Central Academic Team to share pedagogical leadership and ensure curriculum development within the PYP
      2. Advising relevant Leadership Teams on curriculum development and needs within the PYP
      3. Identifying and prioritising focus areas for curriculum development and developing an action plan, in line with the recommendations arising from program evaluation visits
      4. Informing relevant leadership teams of current educational research and program updates
      5. Positively supporting school change and direction
      6. Attending, and where appropriate leading, curriculum meetings, standard planning times, and other meetings as required
      7. Supporting developing leaders such as Grade level leaders and subject coordinators
      8. Coordinating and managing all aspects of the IB PYP authorisation requirements
    2. Curriculum
      1. All matters relating to the development of the written, taught and assessed curriculum
      2. Promoting and supporting consistency across classrooms
      3. Ensuring that teaching staff have access to and are familiar with all curriculum documents and policies and pertinent IB PYP publications
      4. Working with all teachers within the PYP to encourage and ensure appropriate, meaningful, and manageable collaboration across the curriculum
      5. Ensuring all PYP teachers are familiar with and confident in using the PYP planning documents and processes.
      6. Coordinating and planning meetings to facilitate the development of the Programme of Inquiry, promote team planning, and a spirit of professional collaboration.
    3. Professional Development (PD)
      1. Planning staff development and training with the Central PYP Head and any other relevant leadership teams
      2. Identifying program-wide PD needs and developing an action plan to ensure that needs are systematically met
      3. Organising external consultants to support curriculum development when appropriate
      4. Following up on in-school PD provided by visiting consultants
      5. Supporting teachers in writing and implementation of Stellar curriculum documents through both formal and informal professional development
      6. Serving as a mentor to beginning teachers, particularly those unfamiliar with the IB PYP
      7. Providing model demonstration lessons, team teaching, and peer coaching to improve implementation of the curriculum
      8. Working with the Central PYP Head to ensure a cohesive approach to PD
    4. Communication
      1. Keeping relevant leadership members informed of PYP developments.
      2. Communicating curriculum issues to the Central PYP Head
      3. Establishing communication with the IB office and addressing matters relating to the development and implementation of the Primary Years Programme
      4. Circulating all relevant information received from the IB
      5. Liaising with the Admissions Office and Communications Department to ensure appropriate literature for prospective parents and the school’s website.
      6. Organising curriculum workshops for parents on the PYP
      7. Reporting regularly to the teaching staff and broader community, the significant developments and achievements of the Primary Years Programme
      8. Meeting with parents
    5. Documentation and Resource management
      1. Working with teachers and the Central PYP Head in the ordering resources appropriate to the continuing implementation and development of the PYP
      2. Ensuring curriculum documents are updated and easily accessible to relevant parties
      3. Keeping a record of workshop attendance and school visits
      4. Working with relevant leadership teams and curriculum groups to review, revise, and document written curriculum
      5. Working in collaboration with the Central PYP Head to ensure that all requirements and procedures set by the IB concerning the Programme are adhered to

  1. The ideal candidate should have:
    1. 5-7 years of experience as a PYP leader
    2. Background in developing the curriculum and implementing the PYP program in a startup school
    3. Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Native English speakers preferred
    4. Background in building collaborative teams and creating academic and administrative processes
    5. Have experience in leading the  Primary School accreditation processes with the IBO
    6. Have experience in creating a vibrant and engaging parent community
    7. Have experience in developing and implementing effective admission, retention, promotion, and graduation procedures.
  1. Contract and compensation details:
    1. Stellar offers a competitive salary package that is commensurate with the level of responsibility of the PYP head.
    2. Contract type:  A 3-year contract with possible extension
    3. Benefits:
      1. Health and travel insurance
      2. PF contribution
      3. Taxes
      4. Freight allowance
      5. Annual flights of the home country ( PYP head + qualifying dependents)
      6. Accommodation (2 BHK, fully furnished)
      7. Visa fee
      8. Car provision
      9. Professional development allowance
  1. Application process: 

Candidates are encouraged to submit their documents as soon as possible for our review. The Stellar search committee reserves the right to close the search process earlier should the right candidate emerge. The recruitment process is as follows.

a.     The Group Director will interview candidates who move forward in the paper screening process.

b.     Finalists will be interviewed by the Chairman, Academic Head, and members of the Central Academic Team.

c.     Application deadline: 15th January 2022


Interested candidates should send their letter of interest along with their CV and reference list by  email to: Ms.  Pranjal Vankudre at

Did You Know…?

Senior Associate Nick Kendell has worked in Asia, Australia, and Africa as an educator and administrator.